Last Epoch Respec Guide


Respec in Last Epoch provides players with the flexibility to adapt and refine their builds without the need to create a new character from scratch. This feature acknowledges the evolving nature of gameplay and the possibility that initial choices may not always align with our expectations or evolving strategies.

Whether it's adjusting skill allocations, redistributing attribute points, or exploring different skill combinations, respeccing empowers players to experiment, fine-tune, and optimize their characters according to their preferences and playstyle. This freedom encourages creativity and innovation, fostering a dynamic gaming experience where players can continually refine their builds to meet new challenges or pursue different approaches.

Ultimately, respeccing enriches the gameplay experience in Last Epoch by promoting exploration, experimentation, and adaptation, ensuring that every player has the opportunity to tailor their character to their unique vision and preferences without the constraints of irreversible decisions.

Last Epoch Respec Guide

How To Respec Passive

To respec the Passive points allocated in your Passive Grid in Last Epoch, follow these steps:

1. Visit a Respec NPC: Head to any major town, such as the End of Time, and locate the Respec NPC. You can find them by looking for the brain icon on the mini-map.

Visit a Respec NPC

2. Interact with the Respec NPC: Once you've found the Respec NPC, interact with them. You'll be presented with various options related to respeccing your character.

3. Select Respecialize Mastery Point Allocations: Choose the option that allows you to respec your Mastery Point allocations. This will bring up your Passive Point Grid for your main class.

4. Remove Passive Points: In the Passive Point Grid, you'll see the nodes where you've allocated points. Select any of these nodes to remove the allocated point. Keep in mind that removing a point will cost you some gold. The amount of gold required depends on the current level of the passive node.

Select Respecialize Mastery Point Allocations

5. Consider Restrictions: Note that you need to have at least 20 Passive points allocated in your main class Grid before you can assign points to your Mastery Grid. Therefore, you can't remove main class passives below 20 total points if you still have points allocated to your Mastery Grid.

6. Allocate Points Elsewhere: After removing Passive points from your grid, you're free to allocate them elsewhere in your Passive Grid to experiment with different builds or optimize your character according to your playstyle.

Guide on Modifying Skill Specialization

To respec skill specializations in Last Epoch, follow these steps:

1. Open the Skills Menu: Navigate to the Skills menu in the game interface.

choosing to remove skill points or despecialize the flame reave skill for respec

2. Select the Skill: Choose the specific skill you want to modify from the list of available skills.

3. Access the Specialization Tree: Once you've selected the desired skill, access its specialization tree. This tree typically displays different branches representing various aspects or enhancements of the skill.

4. Choose the Respec Option: Look for the Respec option located at the top right corner of the skill's specialization tree interface.

Choose the Respec Option

5. Select Respec or Despecialize: Within the Respec menu, you'll have two options:

Select Respec or Despecialize

- Remove Allocated Skill Points: This option allows you to remove individual skill points from the specialization tree. When you remove a skill point, your skill's level will decrease by one if it's currently above the minimum skill level. You'll need to continue using the skill to level it up again and regain the skill point.

- Despecialize Skill: Choosing this option will completely reset the skill's specialization, allowing you to select a new specialization path for the skill. This option essentially wipes out all previously allocated skill points, providing a fresh start for specialization.

6. Confirm the Respec: After selecting the desired respec option (either removing individual points or despecializing the skill), confirm your decision to proceed with the respec.