Last Epoch - Top Classes Builds

In the fast-paced world of Last Epoch, each year brings forth new strategies and approaches to master the game's challenges. The community has identified a series of builds that stand out for their effectiveness and versatility. These combinations of skills and equipment enable players to tackle the dangers of the world of Eterra with confidence and style. From the fierce power of the Primalist to the cunning of the Rogue, each class has its own set of builds that offer exciting ways to play and triumph in Last Epoch.

Hydrahedron Runemaster

Hydrahedron Runemaster

The Hydrahedron Runemaster build unleashes a spectacular display on the battlefield, raining fiery octahedrons that engulf foes in flames. By combining Lightning and Fire Runes, this Runemaster exclusive summons the potent Hydrahedron, reducing enemies to ashes. 

Generating Lightning Runes with Runebolt and Fire Runes with Flame Rush, the build offers robust defensive buffs and significant Damage Reduction through Flame Ward. Additionally, Frost Wall adds DPS and grants Flame Ward to allies. 

Operating efficiently without Unique items, enhancements like the Box of Hydrae and Fundamental Criterion significantly amplify its power. 

Perfect for all game content, including Hardcore challenges, this build excels in visuals, endgame scalability, engaging gameplay, and solid defense with mobility. 

Ideal for players who enjoy rotation gameplay, mastering Rune management, and melting bosses with flaming turrets. 

To maximize efficiency, continuously cast Runebolt to generate Lightning Runes and trigger buffs. Hold Flame Rush until 2 Fire Runes accumulate, summoning a Hydrahedron. Strategically position Frost Wall for buffs and defensive purposes. 

Defensively, activate Flame Ward preemptively, regenerate mana efficiently with Runebolt, and seek out items like Fundamental Criterion and Box of Hydrae for optimal performance. 

For increased DPS, consider switching to an Exalted Staff and adjust the Passive Tree accordingly. Lastly, aim for Legendary Strands of Souls and acquire Experimental Traversal Cooldown Recovery on Potion Use for added effectiveness.

Squirrel Beastmaster

Squirrel Beastmaster

The Squirrel Beastmaster commands not just a pack of wolves but a scurry of rage-infused squirrels, instilling fear and awe in their wake. With Herald of the Scurry, this build transforms Summon Wolves into Summon Squirrels, doubling their numbers and enhancing their potency. Core to its strategy is Fury Leap to ignite the fray, Spirit Wolves with Swipe, Summon Frenzy Totem, and Warcry for potent buffs. 

Thriving with Uniques like The Fang, Julra's Obsession, Ribbons of Blood, and Bastion of Honour, this build excels in fantastic DPS, insane single-target burst damage, and fast clearing, making it perfect for players who enjoy minion builds and controlling an army of angry squirrels. 

For the Low Life variant, items like Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living, Boulderfists, Cleaver Solution, and specific belt and amulet combinations maximize effectiveness.

Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster

Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster

The Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster charges into battle wielding the formidable Frost Claw as its primary skill. Each swift cast unleashes a barrage of projectiles, homing in on targets and inflicting damage alongside freezing effects. With a relentless offensive onslaught and protective Ward accumulation, this build revolves around ailment-based mechanics, scaling Frostbite and Cold Damage Over Time.

Supported by tankiness and crowd control from permanent Reowyn's Frostguard and on-demand Flame Ward, this setup doesn't rely on specific Unique items but benefits significantly from Snowdrift and Frostbite Shackles. With a crucial Sceptre for managing mana cost, the Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster excels in all game content, including Hardcore challenges.

Ideal for players who enjoy builds with insane damage, high clearing speed, and near-immortal tankiness, this setup offers an enjoyable one-button playstyle and Ward-based mechanics. Farming specific Uniques and items enhances its power, ensuring a thrilling gameplay experience in Last Epoch.

Explosive Ballista Falconer

Explosive Ballista Falconer

The Explosive Ballista Falconer wreaks havoc on the battlefield with explosive traps and ballistae that rival the force of the Big Bang. Its constant barrage triggers devastating explosions, annihilating any opposition. 

Crucial for mana sustain, Explosive Trap's cost becomes negligible, while Dive Bomb adds burst damage. Mobility and utility are provided by Smoke Bomb, Falconry, and Decoy. 

Achieving -8 Throwing Attack Mana Cost is essential for effectiveness, with unique items like Melvern's Writ, Peak of the Mountain, Death Rattle, Woven Flesh, and Apogee of Frozen Light greatly boosting damage output. Foot of the Mountain and Cradle of the Erased enhance tankiness. 

This standout build excels in AoE, damage, and defense across all content, making it perfect for players who enjoy zoom and boom, minions-adjacent, high APM builds with rewarding gameplay. 

Utilize Explosive Trap for explosive ballista attacks, Dive Bomb and Falcon Strikes for priority targets, and Decoy defensively. Farm specific Uniques and items to maximize effectiveness, and welcome to the explosive blast zone of Last Epoch!

Wraith Necromancer

Wraith Necromancer

The Wraith Necromancer harnesses the terrifying power of Summon Wraith and Summon Volatile Zombie, unleashing an unending army of minions onto the battlefield. Through forbidden knowledge of the dead, this build wreaks havoc with fire projectiles and explosive devastation, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

To play this build, 2 Adorned Immortal Idols with Chance for Summon Wraith are needed to summon a Flame Wraith, fortunately easily obtainable. Dread Shade significantly boosts Summon Wraith's damage, while Drain Life generates mana when cast on summoned wraiths. Decent mobility and utility come from Transplant.

While not reliant on specific Unique items, Aberrant Call, Logi's Hunger, Julra's Obsession, and Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros elevate performance significantly.

Exceptionally powerful, this build conquers all content, excelling in safe playstyle, insane single-target damage, fantastic scaling, and great AoE clearing. Ideal for those who enjoy minion builds and commanding a formidable undead army, the Wraith Necromancer is a formidable choice for swiftly defeating bosses.

Dive Bomber Falconer

Dive Bomber Falconer

The Dive Bomber Falconer unleashes devastation with a pet Falcon, dealing immense damage across a wide area. Perfect for swiftly farming maps, this build boasts excellent AoE capabilities and excels in single-target damage, thanks to Dive Bomb's high added damage effectiveness.

Consistently use Bow Explosive Trap to boost your Falcon's damage with Ranger's Mark, granting a chance to enhance your Falcon with +1 Melee Damage. As traps detonate, your Falcon gains penetration through Sky Signal. Cooldown Recovery Speed enhancements from Free Lofting Bird, United Assault, and Coordinated Assault enable frequent Dive Bomb usage.

While not reliant on specific Uniques, Falconry synergizes well with Talons of Valor and Mourningfrost. Deploy Explosive Traps to stack Melee Falcon Damage as you land Critical Strikes. Falcon's prowess scales through Trained to Hunt, Go For the Eyes!, and Exposed Weakness.

An outstanding build for any content, Dive Bomber Falconer excels in clearing Monolith Echoes swiftly and delivers immense single-target damage against bosses. If you enjoy commanding a pet Falcon and swift map-clearing, Dive Bomber Falconer is an excellent choice.

Torment Warlock

Torment Warlock

The Torment Warlock harnesses dark energies to summon seeking Spirits from a Chthonic Fissure, inflicting Torment on enemies. Torment, a potent Curse, deals Necrotic Damage over Time, making foes wither under its relentless assault. Embrace the forbidden techniques of the Warlock and watch your enemies succumb to decay.

While Torment is the primary source of Damage, this build incorporates various Necrotic Skills. Spirit Plague inflicts Damage while offering Buffs and Utility, and Profane Veil complements Wandering Spirits for increased Damage and survivability. Additionally, Transplant provides excellent mobility.

No specific Uniques are required for this build to operate effectively, but transitioning to the Low Life variant necessitates Exsanguinous. Immolator's Oblation, paired with Maehlin's Hubris, amplifies Damage significantly, while Ashes of Mortality bolsters tankiness. Noteworthy Uniques like Boneclamor Barbute and Omnis further enhance capabilities.

In summary, the Torment Warlock excels as a Damage over Time specialist, capable of tackling all content, including Hardcore mode. If you seek a powerful Necrotic caster with exceptional AoE and survivability against formidable foes, this build offers an ideal choice.