New Zone in Ravendawn: Frost Steppes

New Zone in Ravendawn: Frost Steppes

Scholars have long puzzled over the fate of the humans who once inhabited Ravendawn before Lucien's arrival. Despite doubts about their existence, discoveries of ancient ruins and tombs adorned with human carvings suggest a legacy that defies explanation. The Frost Steppes, secluded by the formidable Forsaken Mountains to the south and the ominous Fields of Despair to the north, offer a potential answer to these mysteries.

Shielded from Ravencrest's influence, the Frost Steppes remain largely untouched, guarded by hordes of vampires and demons that deter all but the most daring explorers. Amidst this isolation, the resilient Yornish people endure, their existence confirmed with the establishment of Frostbite, the northernmost outpost by the Ravenscouts.

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News of the enigmatic Yornish sparks a race to establish contact, driven by the promise of abundant resources and formidable adversaries within the Frost Steppes. While some see profit in exploiting these riches, others view it as an opportunity to extend the influence of the Dawn to untouched lands. Rumors hint at challenges to Ravencrest's expansion from the east.


Yet, amidst southern politics, the Yornish remain indifferent to outsiders and their agendas. They value strength of will and deeds over silver and honeyed words. Those who seek to impose their will upon them will find themselves met with ice and blood.

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"What do these outsiders know of the Wild Steppes, where mammoths reign supreme over beasts and men alike? Nothing."

"What understanding do they possess of the Albino Forest and the snow-laden Elderwoods, where ancient trees crush intruders beneath boulders for disturbing their sanctity? Nothing."


Despite the dangers and the riches to be gained, those most excited are the adventurers who could not join Lucien’s expedition. The Ravenscouts have been rallied and call upon all those with fire in their hearts to expose the secrets of the Frost Steppes into the light of the Dawn.