OSRS - 1 Defence Pure Overview

A one-defence pure is a specialized combat build in certain online role-playing games, particularly popular for player-versus-player combat scenarios. These characters intentionally refrain from training their defense skill in order to maximize their damage potential while maintaining a lower overall combat level.

By focusing solely on offensive combat stats such as Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, and sometimes Prayer, one-defence pures aim to deal significant damage to opponents while keeping their combat level relatively low. This strategy is especially effective against opponents wearing lower to medium-tier armor, as their high offensive stats provide an advantage.

However, one-defence pures face challenges in sustained fights, as their lack of defense means they take damage more consistently and are more vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, training combat skills can be riskier for them, as monsters will deal more damage over time.

Despite these drawbacks, one-defence pures enjoy several advantages. They have access to high-level weapons or spells that similarly leveled players with higher defense may not have, giving them a competitive edge in combat.

The combat levels of one-defence pures can vary widely, ranging from around 50 to 90. Players can choose to allocate their combat skill levels differently, prioritizing certain stats over others, as long as they keep their defense skill at level one to maintain their status as a one-defence pure.

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How to Start

When embarking on the journey of creating a one-defence pure, meticulous planning from the outset is crucial to ensure the desired outcome. The initial decisions made will significantly influence the effectiveness and versatility of the character within its chosen combat bracket.

One of the primary considerations is selecting the desired variation for the character. This may involve focusing solely on either Magic or Ranged combat, or alternatively, prioritizing specific Attack levels to wield powerful weapons. For instance, aiming for 50 Attack to wield a granite maul, 60 Attack for access to dragon weapons, or even 75 Attack to wield formidable godswords.

Additionally, players may opt to incorporate Prayer into their build, aiming for at least 25 Prayer to unlock the Protect Item prayer, which can prove invaluable in certain situations.

It's important for players to be mindful of how certain actions, such as completing quests, can impact their character's progression. Quest rewards may inadvertently raise certain combat stats, potentially conflicting with the intended build. Therefore, careful consideration and planning are necessary to avoid unintended stat increases.

How to Training Combat Stats

Training Magic

Training Magic effectively is vital for both completing essential quests and enhancing combat capabilities in PvP scenarios. Achieving specific Magic levels unlocks powerful spells like Ice Barrage at 94 Magic and Fire Surge at 95 Magic, which are invaluable for controlling opponents and dealing significant damage.

There are various methods for training Magic, each with its own advantages and considerations. One approach involves utilizing Hitpoints (HP) methods, such as bursting, where players cast area-of-effect spells like Ice Burst or Ice Barrage in multi-combat areas to damage multiple targets simultaneously. This method not only trains Magic but also increases Hitpoints experience concurrently.

Alternatively, players can opt for non-HP methods, such as splashing, teleporting, and alching. Splashing involves repeatedly casting spells that do not deal damage, allowing players to gain Magic experience without gaining Hitpoints experience. Teleporting spells provide convenience and efficiency in traveling across the game world, making them useful for both practical purposes and training. Alching involves using the High Alchemy spell to convert items into coins, providing Magic experience while also potentially yielding a profit.

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Training Melee

Training Melee skills efficiently is essential for one-defence pures to maximize their damage output in combat. Questing is a particularly effective method for quickly gaining Attack and Strength experience, accelerating early leveling and providing a solid foundation for further training.

Several quests offer significant Attack and Strength experience rewards, making them ideal for one-defence pures:

- "Vampyre Slayer" grants 4,825 Attack experience (free-to-play).

- "Tree Gnome Village" rewards 11,450 Attack experience.

- "The Grand Tree" provides 18,400 Attack and 7,900 Agility experience, along with 2,150 Magic experience.

- "Waterfall Quest" yields 13,750 Attack and 13,750 Strength experience.

- "Death Plateau" awards 3,000 Attack experience and grants access to climbing boots.

- "Fight Arena" offers 12,175 Attack experience.

Completing these quests alone can result in a substantial amount of Attack and Strength experience, potentially boosting a character to level 45 Attack and level 30 Strength directly from level 1.

However, due to the limitations of effective armor for one-defence players, training areas available are somewhat restricted. Common melee training targets like Hill Giants and Moss Giants can be challenging for one-defence pures due to their low defense and the constant need for healing, making sustained training difficult.

For members, AFK (away from keyboard) training at locations like rock crabs in Rellekka, sand crabs along the southern coast in Hosidius, and ammonite crabs on Fossil Island after completing the Bone Voyage quest can be viable options. These creatures have low maximum hitpoints and high hitpoints, allowing players to train melee skills relatively safely and efficiently.

Training Ranged

Training Ranged effectively involves utilizing safespots to minimize damage taken while maximizing experience gained. One popular method is using the dwarf multicannon, which provides fast Ranged experience while minimizing Hitpoints experience.

There are numerous locations suitable for Ranged training, especially in pay-to-play areas. For specific guidance, pay-to-play Ranged training resources can be referenced to tailor training methods to individual preferences and goals.

When utilizing chinchompas (or chinning) for Ranged training, it's essential to avoid accepting Daero's training from the "Monkey Madness I" quest when returning to Ape Atoll. Instead, use the right-click "Travel" option to avoid engaging in dialogue with him, preventing any unwanted experience gains.

Training Prayer

Training Prayer can significantly enhance a one-defence pure's combat capabilities, providing access to powerful overhead prayers and other beneficial effects. While some players may choose to maintain level 1 Prayer to keep their combat level low, others opt for higher Prayer levels to utilize more advanced prayers.

Common Prayer levels for one-defence pures include:

- Level 1 Prayer: Maintains a low combat level.

- Level 44 Prayer: Unlocks overhead protection prayers such as Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Magic, offering significant defensive benefits in combat.

- Level 45 Prayer: Grants access to Eagle Eye, increasing Ranged accuracy.

- Level 52 Prayer: Unlocks Smite, which drains opponent's Prayer points with successful attacks, potentially reducing their defensive capabilities.

- Level 55 Prayer: Grants access to Preserve, extending the duration of stat-boosting effects.

Quests offer a convenient way to train Prayer while also providing additional rewards and content. Several quests award Prayer experience and are feasible to complete on a one-defence pure:

- Rag and Bone Man I
- Making History
- Recruitment Drive
- The Restless Ghost
- Priest in Peril
- Mountain Daughter
- Ghosts Ahoy
- Another Slice of H.A.M
- Rag and Bone Man II
- The Great Brain Robbery
- Rum Deal
- Spirits of the Elid
- Swan Song

Best Quest

For one-defence pures, completing certain quests can yield invaluable rewards that enhance their combat capabilities or provide useful items. Here's a breakdown of some quests and the rewards they offer:

1. Horror from the Deep: God books Unlocks God books, which provide passive bonuses when wielded in the shield slot.

2. Mage Arena I: God capes Grants access to God capes, which offer significant magic bonuses.

3. Desert Treasure I: ancient spellbook Unlocks Ancient Magicks spellbook, containing powerful offensive spells.

4. Curse of the Empty Lord miniquest: Ghostly robes Rewards Ghostly robes, which offer prayer bonuses.

5. Recipe for Disaster (5 subquests): Mithril gloves Completing certain subquests grants access to Mithril gloves, offering strong offensive and defensive bonuses.

6. Animal Magnetism: Ava's accumulator Rewards Ava's accumulator, which automatically retrieves ammunition, improving ranged efficiency.

7. Death Plateau: Climbing boots Grants access to Climbing boots, providing modest strength and defense bonuses.

8. Lost City: Dragon dagger Unlocks the ability to wield the Dragon dagger, a powerful melee weapon with a special attack.

9. Monkey Madness I: Dragon scimitar Rewards the Dragon scimitar, one of the best one-handed melee weapons available to one-defence pures.