OSRS Adamant Seeds Guide


Adamant seeds are a unique botanical wonder renowned for their mystical properties. These seeds, when planted, possess the remarkable ability to sprout vibrant flowers almost anywhere they are sown, imbuing the earth with their colorful bloom. Obtained as rare loot from the treacherous zombie pirates and their elusive lockers, adamant seeds hold a coveted place in the realm of adventurers and gardeners alike.

Upon being planted, these seeds enact a curious phenomenon, guiding the player's movement with an unseen force. If space permits, the player will be nudged one square eastward by the magical energy of the growing flowers. However, should an obstacle obstruct this path, the flowers will tenaciously seek alternative routes, first attempting movement to the west, then south, and finally north. 

Adamant seeds

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Once the flowers have blossomed to their full splendor, players are presented with a captivating array of hues, each more enchanting than the last. With nine distinct colors to choose from, the picking of these blossoms becomes a delightful pastime in itself, adding a touch of whimsy to any adventurer's journey.

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In the perilous domain of the Wilderness, adamant seeds emerge as valuable assets in the arsenal of PvP enthusiasts. Their unique property of compelling movement proves invaluable in combat situations, particularly when a player finds themselves ensnared by frosty enchantments. As a strategic counterpart, mithril seeds offer a contrasting maneuver, compelling the user to move in the opposite direction from their adamant counterparts, providing tactical flexibility in the heat of battle.

However, not all employ adamant seeds for noble pursuits. Some mischievous souls wield these seeds as tools of disruption, utilizing them to hinder players engaged in the delicate arts of Hunter and Firemaking. By obstructing the placement of traps and fires with their burgeoning flora, these mischief-makers sow chaos and frustration among their unsuspecting prey.