OSRS At First Light Quest Guide


Learn about the role of the Hunter Guild and unlock higher tier rumours.

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Required Quests:

Children of the Sun

Eagles' Peak

Required Skills:

Hunter 46 Hunter

Herblore 30 Herblore

Construction 27 Construction

Required Items:


Box trap


2 jerboa tails (obtainable during quest)


Stamina potions

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Guildmaster Apatura at the Hunter Guild.

Start Point

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1. Speak to Guildmaster Apatura: Visit the Hunter Guild located in the building with the oven. Look for Guildmaster Apatura and inquire if she requires any assistance. She will inform you that Guild Scribe Verity may need help.

Guildmaster Apatura.png

2. Find Verity: Head to the Burrow, the underground pub of the guild. Access it via the stairs inside the large tree. Look for Verity behind the counter.

3. Speak to Verity: Verity will introduce you to the guild's rumors system and express concern about Fox, who left without informing anyone of his whereabouts. Verity will mention that Wolf had tasked Fox with making repairs to Kiko's bed, the grey cat nearby.

4. Talk to Wolf: Approach Wolf and inquire about Fox's whereabouts. Wolf will inform you that she asked Fox to repair Kiko's bed and suggests that Fox may be gathering materials for it.

5. Distract Kiko: Wolf will provide you with a toy mouse. Wind it up and use it on Kiko to distract the cat.

Toy mouse detail.png

6. Inspect Kiko's Bed: While Kiko is distracted, attempt to check the cat bed. You'll discover that it's made of fluffy fur, with a small bit of it cut off.

7. Speak to Wolf Again: Return to Wolf and inform her of your findings. She'll speculate that Fox has likely gone to Outer Fortis to meet a contact who stocks good quality fabrics. She guesses that Fox might be hunting pyre foxes along the way.

Fortis exterior.png

Items Needed: Box trap, hammer

8. Locate Fox: Head towards the Avium Savannah mining site, situated southeast of the guild. You'll find Fox injured on the southeast side of the crevice there. He'll inform you that he was attacked and cannot move. To aid his recovery, he requires two plants for a poultice and a jerboa tail to hold them together.

Injured hunter.png

 Locate Fox

9. Gather Materials for Poultice:

- First Plant: West of the crevice, look for a brownish leafy bush. Pick a smooth leaf from it.

First Plant

- Second Plant: Near the western end of the Locus Oasis, find a brownish rough-looking bush. Pick a sticky leaf from it.

Second Plant

- Jerboa Tail: Use a box trap to catch an embertailed jerboa nearby.

Note: Ensure you catch two, as one will be needed later.

Jerboa Tail

10. Craft the Poultice: Combine the smooth leaf, sticky leaf, and one jerboa tail to create a makeshift poultice.

Makeshift poultice detail.png

11. Return to Fox: Give the poultice to Fox, who will feel better. He reveals that he was attacked and knocked unconscious during a hunt, unable to identify the attacker. However, he requests that you deliver a fur sample to someone named Atza to acquire the fur needed for Kiko's bed.

12. Find Atza: Atza can be found in one of the buildings southeast of the South gate of Civitas Illa Fortis. Look for a building with a pile of hunter equipment in the middle. Set up the equipment pile for Atza, who will then provide you with the trimmed fur.

Find Atza

13. Deliver the Fur to Fox: Take the fur back to Fox, who will ask you to inform Wolf and Verity that he's recovering. He also requests that you repair Kiko's bed and deliver his report to Verity.

Items Needed: Needle, jerboa tail

1. Deliver Fox's Report: Return to the Hunter Guild and head to the Burrow pub. Deliver Fox's report to Verity.

2. Repair Kiko's Bed: Use the needle and jerboa tail to repair Kiko's bed as requested.

3. Speak to Guildmaster Apatura: Finally, speak to Guildmaster Apatura to conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

Congratulations! Quest Completed!