OSRS - Berserker Pure Overview

A Berserker Pure, often referred to simply as a "zerker," is a specific account build in the game characterized primarily by its Defence level. Typically, a Berserker Pure will have a Defence level of 45, which allows them to equip the iconic Berserker Helm. This item is crucial for maximizing offensive capabilities while maintaining a relatively low Defence level.

One of the defining features of a Berserker Pure historically has been its ability to achieve all the necessary requirements to obtain Barrows gloves while keeping Defence at its minimum. Barrows gloves are widely considered one of the best-in-slot gloves for melee combat and require completing the long and challenging Recipe for Disaster questline. This quest typically necessitates certain Defence levels, but a Berserker Pure aims to meet these requirements while minimizing Defence as much as possible.

In essence, the Berserker Pure sacrifices defensive capabilities for enhanced offensive power, making it a popular choice for player-versus-player (PvP) combat situations where dealing damage quickly is paramount. This build often focuses on maximizing strength and attack levels while keeping Defence low to optimize combat effectiveness.

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  90     60       99       45       94        99       52        91

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Quests and Minigames

Strategically completing quests is pivotal in maximizing combat skills without overshooting desired stats in the game. By carefully selecting quests, players can maintain a Defence level of 43 while accessing a plethora of content and optimizing their combat effectiveness. This guide outlines essential quests that provide significant experience rewards in Attack and Strength, ensuring players can train efficiently and avoid unwanted Defence gains.

1. Monkey Madness I: This quest serves as a prerequisite for completing Recipe for Disaster and Monkey Madness II. Upon completion, players gain the ability to wield Dragon Scimitars, a coveted weapon in many account builds. It's crucial to select the Strength and Hitpoints experience option after finishing the quest to optimize character progression.

2. Dragon Slayer I: Essential for unlocking full completion of Recipe for Disaster and Dragon Slayer II, this quest grants players the ability to wear rune platebodies, a significant armor upgrade.

3. Nature Spirit: A prerequisite for completing Recipe for Disaster, this quest is necessary for progressing further in the questline.

4. The Fremennik Trials: Required for accessing Lunar Diplomacy, this quest unlocks various helmets such as the berserker, farseer, archer, and warrior helmets, offering diverse combat options.

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5. Heroes' Quest: Another prerequisite for completing Recipe for Disaster, this quest is essential for advancing in the quest series.

6. Between a Rock...: This quest fulfills Wilderness and Fremennik diary requirements, unlocking additional content and benefits.

7. What Lies Below: Necessary for Varrock diary completion, this quest opens up opportunities for Varrock-related tasks and rewards.

8. A Soul's Bane: A Varrock diary requirement, completing this quest contributes to diary completion and unlocks associated benefits.

9. In Search of the Myreque: Required for Morytania diary completion and as a prerequisite for Sins of the Father, this quest is integral to progressing in Morytania-related content.

10. In Aid of the Myreque: Another requirement for Morytania diary completion and Sins of the Father, this quest advances the Myreque storyline and unlocks associated content.

Minigames and Miniquests

1. Barbarian Assault: For Fighter Torso

2. Fight Caves & Inferno: For Fire Cape or Infernal Cape

3. Mage Arena 1 & 2: For Mage Arena Cape

4. Pest Control: For full Void

5. Warrior’s Guild: For Rune Defender

How to Training Combat Stats

Training a Berserker Pure involves focusing on maximizing Strength and Attack levels while also attaining a Magic level of 94 for Vengeance. Here are some effective training methods typically employed by Berserker Pures:

1. Strength Training (90-99):

- Rock Crabs: Located in Rellekka, Rock Crabs provide low Hitpoints, making them ideal for training Strength.

- Nightmare Zone: Utilize Dharok's set for maximum damage output in Nightmare Zone, a popular AFK training method for Strength.

2. Attack Training (60-99):

- Rock Crabs: Similarly, Rock Crabs are suitable for training Attack, allowing for balanced leveling.

- Slayer Tasks: Completing Slayer tasks not only grants experience but also provides diverse combat encounters and rewards. Leaf-bladed weapons can be utilized for increased efficiency.

3. Magic Training (94):

- High-Alchemy: Training Magic through high-alchemy can be both profitable and efficient. Players often alch while training other combat skills.

- Splashing: Utilize low-level spells such as Curse or Weaken to "splash," effectively gaining Magic experience while AFK.

4. Weaponry and Gear:

- Dragon Scimitar (level 60 Attack): One of the most commonly used weapons due to its high attack speed and strength bonus.

- Abyssal Whip (level 70 Attack): Offers a fast attack speed and is often paired with a Dragon Defender for increased accuracy.

- Leaf-bladed Weapons: Particularly useful during Slayer tasks against certain monsters such as Turoths and Kurasks due to their increased accuracy and damage bonuses.

5. Slayer Training:

- Slayer tasks offer a balanced approach to combat training and can be particularly beneficial for Berserker Pures due to their focus on melee combat.

- Utilize Slayer-specific equipment such as the Slayer helmet and black mask for increased damage and accuracy against assigned monsters.