OSRS Best High Alch Items


The High Level Alchemy spell, or high-level alchemy, is a valuable tool for OSRS players looking to turn items into gold. This magic is especially useful for generating profits by buying items on the Grand Exchange. The effectiveness of this spell relies on selecting the right items to alchemize, thus maximizing the profit gained.

When considering the best items to use with High Level Alchemy, it's important to take into account the market price of Nature runes, as this will determine the profitability of each alchemy. Some of the most popular items include rune items such as rune armor and rune weapons, which typically offer significant profit compared to the cost of the Nature rune required for the spell.

In addition to rune items, battlestaves are also an excellent option for alchemy, as their value is considerably higher than the cost of the Nature rune required for the spell. Dragonhide armor and Magic longbows are also popular choices among players looking to make profits through alchemy.

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List Items


Below is a curated list of items that yield the highest profit margins when using the High Level Alchemy spell, organized from highest profit to lowest:

ItemGE PriceHigh AlchProfitLimit
Torag's platebody 0.png Torag's platebody 0165,926168,0001,97515
Dragon med helm.png Dragon med helm58,08060,0001,8218
Gold locks.png Gold locks17,56819,2001,5338
Amulet of the damned (full).png Amulet of the damned (full)33,18234,8001,5198
Ancient ceremonial boots.png Ancient ceremonial boots22,41024,0001,4918
Ancient ceremonial top.png Ancient ceremonial top58,44060,0001,4618
Ancient ceremonial gloves.png Ancient ceremonial gloves22,47624,0001,4258
Ancient ceremonial legs.png Ancient ceremonial legs46,50548,0001,3968
Dragon battleaxe.png Dragon battleaxe118,661120,0001,24070
Ancient ceremonial mask.png Ancient ceremonial mask28,74330,0001,1588
Torag's hammers.png Torag's hammers94,75096,0001,15115
Rock-shell plate.png Rock-shell plate37,77339,0001,12870
Dragon platelegs.png Dragon platelegs160,783162,0001,11870
Dragon plateskirt.png Dragon plateskirt160,801162,0001,10070
Dragon longsword.png Dragon longsword58,86160,0001,04070
Torn prayer scroll.png Torn prayer scroll46,86748,0001,0345
Verac's brassard 0.png Verac's brassard 0166,869168,0001,03215
Verac's flail 0.png Verac's flail 094,87896,0001,02315
Light frame.png Light frame28,92730,0009748
Mystic lava staff.png Mystic lava staff25,92827,0009738
Lava battlestaff.png Lava battlestaff9,13110,2009708
Shield left half.png Shield left half64,93366,00096850
Dragon halberd.png Dragon halberd148,979150,00092270
Red d'hide body.png Red d'hide body5,7636,73887670
Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide body7,1318,08885870
Leaf-bladed sword.png Leaf-bladed sword39,86440,80083770
Rune halberd.png Rune halberd37,48038,40082170
Skeletal bottoms.png Skeletal bottoms23,09824,00080370
Silver locks.png Silver locks10,62211,5207998
Red d'hide body (t).png Red d'hide body (t)5,8786,7387618
Rune kiteshield.png Rune kiteshield31,79232,64074970
Skeletal top.png Skeletal top26,17627,00072570
Broken dragon hasta.png Broken dragon hasta36,61737,44072470
Zamorak plateskirt.png Zamorak plateskirt37,57838,4007238
Mystic robe top.png Mystic robe top71,19072,000711125
Dragon dagger.png Dragon dagger17,19718,00070470
Blue dragon mask.png Blue dragon mask5,2116,0006904
Adamant platebody (h1).png Adamant platebody (h1)9,2069,9846798
Rune longsword.png Rune longsword18,42819,20067370
Adamant platebody (h3).png Adamant platebody (h3)9,2159,9846708
Blue d'hide body.png Blue d'hide body4,8565,616661125
Rune spear.png Rune spear11,73512,48064670
Rune hasta.png Rune hasta11,75612,48062570
Adamant platebody (h5).png Adamant platebody (h5)9,2649,9846218
Rune platelegs.png Rune platelegs37,68338,40061870
Adamant platebody (h2).png Adamant platebody (h2)9,2679,9846188
Adamant platebody (h4).png Adamant platebody (h4)9,2689,9846178
Rune full helm.png Rune full helm20,41121,12061070
Ancient plateskirt.png Ancient plateskirt37,69438,4006078
Rune platebody.png Rune platebody38,29639,00060570
Flamtaer hammer.png Flamtaer hammer5,2986,00060340
Mystic robe bottom.png Mystic robe bottom47,31548,000586125
Rune dagger(p+).png Rune dagger(p+)4,1214,80058070
Rune pickaxe.png Rune pickaxe18,52219,20057940
Bandos platelegs.png Bandos platelegs37,73138,4005708
Dragon mace.png Dragon mace29,34730,00055470
Karil's crossbow 0.png Karil's crossbow 095,35096,00055115
Verac's flail.png Verac's flail95,35096,00055115
Rune chainbody.png Rune chainbody29,35530,00054670
Rune 2h sword.png Rune 2h sword37,75838,40054370
Proselyte tasset.png Proselyte tasset5,3586,00054370
Mystic robe top (light).png Mystic robe top (light)71,36972,00053270
Red d'hide body (g).png Red d'hide body (g)6,1126,7385278
Rune sq shield.png Rune sq shield22,41723,04052470
Green dragon mask.png Green dragon mask5,4006,0005014
Rune plateskirt.png Rune plateskirt37,80438,40049770
Blue d'hide body (t).png Blue d'hide body (t)5,0225,6164958
Splitbark gauntlets.png Splitbark gauntlets2,4063,00049570
Dragon scimitar.png Dragon scimitar59,42460,00047770
Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe24,38424,96047770
Adamant platebody.png Adamant platebody9,4249,984461125
Hosidius scarf.png Hosidius scarf5,4476,0004544
Mystic hat (light).png Mystic hat (light)8,4599,00044270
Rune cane.png Rune cane8,1008,6404414
Adamant shield (h3).png Adamant shield (h3)2,7303,26443570
Rune axe.png Rune axe7,1507,68043140
Mithril 2h sword.png Mithril 2h sword1,0341,560427125
Adamant spear(p).png Adamant spear(p)7241,248425125
Rune sword.png Rune sword11,95912,48042270
Blood essence.png Blood essence59,48460,000417500
Red d'hide chaps.png Red d'hide chaps2,5923,10841770
Adamant plateskirt (t).png Adamant plateskirt (t)3,3333,8404088
Red spiky vambraces.png Red spiky vambraces1,6542,160407125
Crier hat.png Crier hat2,4963,0004054
Ancient crystal.png Ancient crystal149,498150,000403250
Armadyl platebody.png Armadyl platebody38,50339,0003988
Rune med helm.png Rune med helm11,02511,52039670
Steel platebody.png Steel platebody7111,200390125
Adamant spear.png Adamant spear7671,248382125
Mithril platebody.png Mithril platebody2,6403,120381125
Mystic gloves.png Mystic gloves5,5226,000379125
Adamant longsword.png Adamant longsword1,4431,920378125
Rune dagger.png Rune dagger4,3234,80037870
Adamant kiteshield.png Adamant kiteshield2,7913,264374125
Runite crossbow (u).png Runite crossbow (u)9,2299,70037210,000
Rune mace.png Rune mace8,1708,64037170
Spined body.png Spined body4,2104,68037170
Blue d'hide vambraces.png Blue d'hide vambraces1,3311,800370125
Adamant 2h sword.png Adamant 2h sword3,3723,840369125
Crier coat.png Crier coat2,5333,0003684
Red d'hide vambraces.png Red d'hide vambraces1,6932,16036870
Green d'hide body.png Green d'hide body4,2254,680356125
Blue d'hide chaps.png Blue d'hide chaps2,1432,592350125
Mystic gloves (light).png Mystic gloves (light)5,5536,00034870
Enchanted hat.png Enchanted hat8,5549,0003478
Granite longsword.png Granite longsword18,75619,20034570
Mystic water staff.png Mystic water staff25,08025,50032118,000
Dragon sq shield.png Dragon sq shield299,582300,00031970
Mystic air staff.png Mystic air staff25,08325,50031818,000
Black d'hide vambraces.png Black d'hide vambraces2,1782,59231570
Adamant shield (h2).png Adamant shield (h2)2,8533,26431270
Mithril pickaxe.png Mithril pickaxe37378030840
Redwood shield.png Redwood shield361768308125
Ballista spring.png Ballista spring29,59430,0003078
Rune boots.png Rune boots7,0957,50030670
Adamant platelegs.png Adamant platelegs3,4413,840300125
Adamant chainbody.png Adamant chainbody2,4812,880300125
Adamant shield (h5).png Adamant shield (h5)2,8673,26429870
Mithril platelegs.png Mithril platelegs1,1671,560294125
Combat bracelet.png Combat bracelet12,23212,62429310,000
Magic shield.png Magic shield378768291125
Mithril kiteshield.png Mithril kiteshield9431,326284125
Mystic earth staff.png Mystic earth staff25,12625,50027518,000
Adamant axe.png Adamant axe39576827440
Adamant shield (h4).png Adamant shield (h4)2,8943,26427170
Adamant pickaxe.png Adamant pickaxe1,5531,92026840
Steel plateskirt.png Steel plateskirt234600267125
Adamant platebody (t).png Adamant platebody (t)9,6189,9842678
Mystic fire staff.png Mystic fire staff25,13625,50026518,000
Rune scimitar.png Rune scimitar14,99815,36026370
Proselyte hauberk.png Proselyte hauberk6,8387,20026370
Ballista limbs.png Ballista limbs29,64330,0002588
Water battlestaff.png Water battlestaff8,9459,30025618,000
Mystic robe bottom (light).png Mystic robe bottom (light)47,64748,00025470
Onyx bolts (e) 5.png Onyx bolts (e)8,6509,00025111,000
Adamant full helm.png Adamant full helm1,7722,112241125
Mithril longsword.png Mithril longsword440780241125
Red dragon mask.png Red dragon mask5,6616,0002404
Mithril plateskirt.png Mithril plateskirt1,2251,560236125
Air battlestaff.png Air battlestaff8,9699,30023218,000
Adamant hasta.png Adamant hasta9201,248229125
Runite limbs.png Runite limbs9,2739,60022810,000
Mithril sq shield.png Mithril sq shield609936228125
Earth battlestaff.png Earth battlestaff8,9749,30022718,000
Rune plateskirt (t).png Rune plateskirt (t)38,07638,4002258
Adamant plateskirt.png Adamant plateskirt3,5193,840222125
Combat bracelet(4).png Combat bracelet(4)12,30412,62422110,000
Fire battlestaff.png Fire battlestaff8,9819,30022018,000
Adamant med helm.png Adamant med helm8341,152219125
Steel 2h sword.png Steel 2h sword284600217125
Mithril chainbody.png Mithril chainbody8591,170212125
Inoculation bracelet.png Inoculation bracelet1,2321,53620510,000
Abyssal bracelet.png Abyssal bracelet(5)2,2212,52020010,000
Yew longbow.png Yew longbow52776814218,000