OSRS - Efficient Method to Farm Clue Scrolls (Hard)


In this guide, we'll outline an efficient method to farm Clue Scrolls (Hard), saving gold along the way. Head to the Wilderness and battle Hellhounds for their high drop rate of these valuable items. Equip yourself adequately and bring necessary supplies for Wilderness challenges. With patience and determination, accumulate Hard Scrolls without overspending. You can use this method to farm other clue scrolls such as mediums, changing only the monster that will drop it.


In addition to meeting the requirements to complete the Clue Scrolls (Hard), for this method you will need the following:

- A Cannon.
- About 300-400 cannonballs.
- A Ring of Wealth (i).
- Some type of armor that provides prayer bonuses, such as the Initiate.
Note: Remember that you'll be in the Wilderness, levels 22-20, so it's advisable not to bring equipment you're not willing to lose.
- A couple of prayer and combat potion.

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Our destination will be the Wilderness Slayer Cave, which has two entrances:

1. Level 18 Wilderness: west of Larran's small chest.
2. Level 29 Wilderness: southwest of the Silk Chasm.

There are several ways to get there:

- Teleporting to the Ferox Enclave and running east to the level 18 entrance.

- Teleporting to the Corporeal Beast and running east to the level 18 entrance.

- Using a teleport to the Wilderness crabs and running west to the level 29 entrance.

- Using a Burning Amulet to reach the Chaos Temple and running north to the level 18 entrance.


Wilderness Slayer Cave

Once inside the Wilderness Slayer Cave, head to the area inhabited by the Hellhounds, who will be the providers of the Clue Scroll (Hard). It's imperative to set up the Dwarf Multicannon and equip the Ring of Wealth (i), as it significantly increases the chance of obtaining the Clue Scrolls 1/32.

Wilderness Slayer Cave

When you obtain the Clue Scroll (Hard), simply head to the bank of your choice and drop it, as with the recent update to Clue Scrolls, they can remain on the ground for up to an hour before disappearing. This makes it possible to return to the Wilderness Slayer Cave to get another Clue Scroll (Hard) and repeat the process, offering new opportunities to obtain them without resorting to expensive methods such as opening Impling Jars.

drop clue scroll hard