OSRS How to Customize Your Combat Dummy

Do you want to add a personal touch to your house in the game? Customizing your Combat Dummy is the perfect solution! Follow these simple steps to bring your house to life with a unique anddistinctive touch

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How to Create a Combat Dummy

The first thing you need to do is create a Combat Dummy. Access the combat room space in your house and construct it with a Construction level of at least 48. Make sure you have a hammer and a saw in your inventory, as well as the materials that will be provided to you. Upon completion, you will receive 660 Construction experience points.

 Teak plank5 5,085
 Bolt of cloth4 3,600
 Bucket of sand5 125
 Total cost 8,810
 Combat dummy1N/A

Undead Combat Dummy

Once you have your Combat Dummy, you should upgrade it by turning it into an Undead Combat Dummy. This version acts as an undead, demonic creature, and as a Slayer task target. Players can use it to assess their maximum damage against monsters while using a salve amulet, black mask/slayer helmet, or demonic weapons. This upgrade adds a strategic dimension to combat training, allowing players to optimize their performance against specific enemies.

Undead Combat Dummy

How to create it:

The Undead Combat Dummy can be constructed in the combat dummy space of the combat room in a player-owned house. Upgrading the combat dummy to an Undead Combat Dummy requires 53 Construction and grants 220 experience when built. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to construct it. Additionally, the black mask used in construction must not have any charges; charged black masks can be uncharged by right-clicking.

 Combat dummy1N/A
 Black mask1 725,656
 Bucket of slime4N/A
 Total cost 725,656
 Undead combat dummy1N/A

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Once you have the Undead Combat Dummy, you will need one more upgrade. This time, you'll need to add a Gold Leaf to it, while having a hammer and a saw in your inventory. With the Ornate undead combat dummy you have at your disposal the possibility of customizing it in the way you like the most.

 Undead combat dummy5N/A
 Gold leaf4 134,735
 Total cost 134,735
 Ornate undead combat dummy1N/A


The Ornate Undead Combat Dummy can be right-clicked to switch to another variant of the dummy, which requires additional items (unnoted if applicable) to be able to select a specific variant. Once the required items are consumed, players are free to swap to that dummy without additional cost.

ImgVariant DummyRequired ItemsFunction
Ornate undead combat dummyNo additional itemsActs as an undead, a demon, and a Slayer monster.
Ornate wilderness combat dummy500 revenant etherActs as a monster in the Wilderness.
Ornate kalphite combat dummy10 ensouled kalphite headsActs as a kalphite.
Ornate kurask combat dummy1 kurask head or stuffed kurask headActs as a monster that can only be damaged by leaf-bladed weapons.
Ornate vampyre combat dummy20 vampyre dustActs as a vampyre.
Ornate dragon combat dummy1 Vorkath's head or Vorkath's stuffed headActs as a draconic monster. Despite Vorkath also being undead, the dragon combat dummy does not function as such.