OSRS How to Get to Varlamore for the First Time


The Kingdom of Varlamore, also dubbed the Shining Kingdom, is located in Zeah, a continent situated far west of the mainland across the Western Sea. Among Zeah's three principal regions, which include the Kingdom of Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands, Varlamore stands as a significant entity. Its sheer size and unique characteristics distinguish it as one of the largest kingdoms in Gielinor. Notably, Varlamore's isolation from the rest of the mainland contributes to its distinct identity. This geographical separation has fostered a rich and independent culture within the kingdom, setting it apart from its counterparts. Varlamore's prominence in Zeah's landscape underscores its importance within the broader world of Gielinor, making it a compelling destination for adventurers and explorers seeking to uncover its secrets and treasures.


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How to Get to Varlamore

To reach Varlamore for the first time in the game, you need to complete the quest "Children of the Sun." Once you have completed this quest, follow these instructions:

1. After completing "Children of the Sun," head outside the east gate of Varrock and look for Regulus Cento. Regulus Cento will be waiting for you outside the east gate of Varrock.

How to Get to Varlamore

2. Speak to Regulus Cento. He is the one who will take you to Varlamore and guide you on your journey to the kingdom's capital, Civitas illa Fortis.

3. Regulus will take you to Civitas illa Fortis via quetzals, large birds that act as mounts in the region.

It's important to note that this is the only way to access Varlamore initially. Once you have visited Varlamore for the first time, other methods of access in the game may become unlocked. Good luck on your journey to Varlamore!