OSRS How to Store Furs from Hunter Creatures

If you're looking to optimize your hunting expeditions without needing to return to the bank as often during your Hunters' Rumours, a key solution is to use a Large fur pouch. These pouches allow you to store the hides of the hunted creatures, giving you the freedom to extend your hunting runs by reducing the need for multiple storage trips.


Large fur pouches are essential items for avid hunters seeking to efficiently store their valuable furs. Capable of accommodating up to 28 furs collected from hunting creatures, these pouches are crafted with precision and skill.

Large fur pouches

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Crafting a large fur pouch requires a Crafting level of 65. The process involves upgrading a medium fur pouch with 3 kyatt fur, which not only enhances its capacity but also provides valuable Crafting experience, totaling 60 points.

ItemQuantity Cost
 Medium fur pouch1N/A
 Kyatt fur3 2,727
 Thread0.2 2.20
 Total Cost 2,729.20
 Large fur pouch1N/A

Note: Don't forget to have your Needle in inventory

It's worth noting that the inventory of a large fur pouch is shared among all fur pouches in possession. Therefore, creating multiple pouches won't increase fur storage capacity. In fact, should you decide to dispose of any additional pouches while having multiple in your inventory, all contents stored within them, both in your inventory and bank, will be lost.

For hunters navigating the wilderness in search of prized furs, large fur pouches serve as indispensable tools, optimizing storage space and organizational efficiency.