OSRS How to Teleport to the Hunter Guild


The basic quetzal whistle serves as a convenient teleportation tool, whisking players away to the entrance of the Hunter Guild, located conveniently beside the Quetzal Transport System landing site. However, its usage is limited within the confines of the wilderness, extending only to level 20.

Basic quetzal whistle

Crafting this whistle is a straightforward process. Simply access the right-click menu and select the "Craft" option while in possession of a basic quetzal whistle blueprint, alongside willow logs and a knife in your inventory. Initially, these blueprints are generously provided by Soar Leader Pitri upon the completion of 10 Hunters' Rumours. Subsequent acquisitions will require a modest payment of 500 coins.

Basic quetzal whistle blueprint

The basic iteration of the whistle boasts a capacity of 5 charges. However, for those seeking extended use, an upgrade is available in the form of an enhanced quetzal whistle, capable of holding up to 20 charges. Furthermore, for the forgetful adventurer, the "Rumour" option on the whistle provides a helpful reminder of their current Hunters' Rumour, ensuring they stay on track with their quests.

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In the realm of hunting, the longevity of a quetzal whistle's charges is vital for seamless navigation. To recharge these indispensable tools, hunters must journey to Soar Leader Pitri armed with not only the whistle but also select raw meats harvested from hunter creatures. The quantity of charges bestowed upon the whistle is contingent upon the type of meat presented.

It is imperative to note that the raw meat must be physically present within the player's inventory. Banknotes or meats stowed away in meat pouches will not suffice for the charging process.

Although adventurers may possess multiple quetzal whistles in their inventory, only the first whistle will undergo charging. Furthermore, the recharging procedure will persist until the whistle reaches full capacity, consuming raw meat along the way. Any surplus charges beyond the maximum capacity of the whistle will unfortunately be forfeited.

In essence, mastering the art of charging quetzal whistles is a strategic endeavor, ensuring hunters are equipped with the necessary provisions for their wilderness expeditions.

Soar Leader Pitri: Is an NPC found at the top of the large tree in the Hunter Guild.

Soar Leader Pitri

Tier of quetzal whistle: Each tier of quetzal whistle store an increasing number of charges.



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Meat: The amount of charges provided are dependent on the type of meat given:

 Raw wild kebbit1
 Raw barb-tailed kebbit1
 Raw larupia1
 Raw graahk2
 Raw kyatt2
 Raw pyre fox2
 Raw dashing kebbit3
 Raw sunlight antelope3
 Raw moonlight antelope3