OSRS How to Training Prayer in Varlamore


Training Prayer in Varlamore has undergone a significant shift with the advent of a new method, notably the sacrifice of Blessed Bone Shards at the Libation Bowl within the Teomat Monastery.

This practice, conducted in a sacred and reverent setting, entails offering the blessed bone fragments into the libation bowl as a means of honoring the gods and strengthening one's spiritual connection. The Teomat Monastery has become a focal point for such training, where devotees dedicate time to this ritual as part of their path toward greater devotion and spiritual empowerment.

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What is Blessed Bone Shards

Blessed Bone Shards serve a crucial role in the sacrificial rituals conducted at the Libation Bowl within the Teomat Monastery, as mentioned earlier. To perform these sacrifices, the libation bowl must first be filled with jugs of blessed wine, and the participant must possess a minimum of 2 prayer points. Each Blessed Bone Shard sacrificed grants 5 Prayer experience, a value that can be increased to 6 per shard by substituting regular blessed wine with a jug of blessed sunfire wine.

How to Obtained

These sacred artifacts can be acquired through various activities throughout Varlamore. One method involves breaking down sun-kissed bones and blessed bone statuettes. Additionally, mining calcified rocks and blessing bones at the exposed altar are also viable means of obtaining Blessed Bone Shards. These activities not only contribute to the acquisition of these valuable items but also play a significant role in the spiritual development of practitioners within the realm of Varlamore.

1. Breaking Down sun-kissed Bones: This are a type of blessed bones obtained from the Lunar Chest in Neypotzli, or from hunters' loot sacks rewarded by completing Hunters' Rumours.

Breaking Down sun-kissed Bones

2. Calcified Rocks: Are found in the Cam Torum Mine. Rather than ore, mining the rocks will yield blessed bone shards.

3. Blessing bones: Breaking down blessed bones with a chisel requires first blessing the bones at the exposed altar, found south of the Teomat.

4. Breaking Down Blessed Bone Statuettes: This are items that may occasionally be obtained from stealing valuables.

Breaking Down Blessed Bone Statuettes

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What is Exposed altar

The Exposed Altar stands as a relic of ancient reverence, dedicated to Ralos, and nestled atop the step pyramid at the summit of Ralos' Rise, situated just south of the Teomat. It offers a sacred space where players possessing a Prayer level of 30 or higher can engage in profound spiritual practices.

What is Exposed altar


One of the primary functions of the Exposed Altar is to enable the blessing of bones dropped by various monsters, transforming them into Blessed Bone Shards, essential components for sacrificial rituals and spiritual advancement. Additionally, practitioners can use the altar to bless jugs of wine, turning them into the revered Blessed Wine, or elevate the potency of Sunfire Wine into Blessed Sunfire Wine, both imbued with divine significance.


Exposed altar location

What is Libation Bowl

The Libation Bowl, a sacred vessel imbued with spiritual significance, becomes accessible for training Prayer starting at level 30. Devotees utilize this bowl as a focal point for their devotional practices within the realm of Varlamore.

To commence the training, practitioners fill the bowl with jugs of blessed wine, a process that enables them to make offerings in the form of Blessed Bone Shards. Each shard sacrificed yields 5 Prayer experience, with an enhanced gain of 6 experience per shard if the bowl is filled with jugs of blessed sunfire wine. It's worth noting that every offering necessitates the expenditure of two prayer points, a resource that can be replenished at the Shrine of Ralos located in the southern building.

A single jug of blessed wine is adequate to fill the libation bowl, providing enough capacity for 400 blessed bone shards to be sacrificed. During each action, up to 100 blessed bone shards can be offered, resulting in a cumulative experience gain of 500 with blessed wine (or 600 with blessed sunfire wine). This systematic approach allows practitioners to systematically advance their spiritual prowess while honoring the divine through their dedicated rituals at the Libation Bowl.


Libation Bowl location

Jug of Blessed wine and Jug of blessed sunfire wine

1. A jug of blessed wine is an item created by blessing a jug of wine at the exposed altar found south of the Teomat, requiring level 30 in Prayer. It is used in the process of sacrificing blessed bone shards at the libation bowl, where one jug can sacrifice 400 shards; players will also need 2 prayer points for each sacrifice.

A jug of blessed wine

2. A jug of blessed sunfire wine is an item created by using two sunfire splinters on a jug of wine whilst having a pestle and mortar in the inventory. Sunfire splinters cannot be added to a jug of blessed wine. Is an item created by blessing at the exposed altar found south of the Teomat.

A jug of blessed sunfire wine

Step by Step

1. Obtain Components: First, ensure you acquire both the Blessed Bone Shards and either the Jug of Blessed Wine or the Jug of Blessed Sunfire Wine. You can obtain Blessed Bone Shards through various activities in Varlamore, while the jugs of blessed wine can be acquired similarly.

2. Prepare the Libation Bowl: Once you have the necessary components, head to the Libation Bowl at the Teomat Monastery. Fill the bowl with the sacred wine you've obtained. Remember, one Jug of Blessed Wine is sufficient to fill the bowl.

3. Perform Sacrifices: Once the Libation Bowl is filled, begin sacrificing your Blessed Bone Shards one by one. Each sacrifice will grant prayer experience, depending on whether you're using Blessed Wine or Blessed Sunfire Wine.

4. Maintain Prayer Points: Ensure you have enough prayer points to perform the sacrifices. If you run out of prayer points, remember you can recharge them at the nearby altar, located in the southern building of the monastery.