OSRS How to Use the Falconry Technique


Falconry is a hunting technique requiring a Hunter level of 43. With this technique, hunters can capture three different types of kebbits using a gyr falcon. Upon spotting a kebbit within the falconry area, hunters can click on it to send their falcon in pursuit. If successful, the falcon will catch the kebbit, and the hunter must retrieve both the falcon and any drops from the catch. A yellow arrow indicates the falcon's location with its prey. Failure to retrieve the falcon promptly will result in it returning to the falconer, leaving the prey behind. While inside the falconry area, hunters can speak with Matthias to retrieve their falcon at no additional cost, although no experience is gained for lost prey.

 Faconry Technique

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How to Get the Gry Falcon?

For a fee of 500 coins, hunters can rent a gyr falcon and a falconer's glove from Matthias at the Piscatoris falconry area. Both hands must be free for falconry, meaning no items can be equipped in the weapon, shield, or gloves slots (although the ring slot can be occupied). Alternatively, hunters can invest 500,000 coins into Matthias' operation, allowing for subsequent falcons to be used for free.



The kebbits respawn relatively quickly, providing efficient training opportunities. However, competition from other falconers can reduce training speed. While the success rate is supposedly unaffected by proximity, running towards the target before catching it may improve success. Falcons travel at a fixed speed, making it harder to predict when they will reach the target if it is far away. Additionally, failed attempts result in a quicker return of the falcon to the hunter, affecting training time. Success rate also depends on the player's Hunter level.

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Piscatoris Falconry Area

The only place where you can do this activity will be in the Piscatoris Falconry Area, which is of course next to the Piscatoris Hunter area.

Piscatoris falconry area

How to Get Piscatoris Falconry Area

Teleport outside the entrance to Piscatoris by using a Piscatoris teleport scroll.

Teleport inside Piscatoris using a Western Banner 3 or 4.

Players can use the fairy ring code "a.k.q" and run east to get to this area.

Hunter creatures

It goes without saying that each of these creatures are found within the Piscatoris Falconry area.

Hunter LvlCreature
43 Spotted kebbit
57 Dark kebbit
69 Dashing kebbit