OSRS Large Meat Pouch


The large meat pouch is a valuable item designed to conveniently store up to 28 pieces of meat obtained from hunting creatures. Crafted with a skillful touch, these pouches are indispensable for hunters and adventurers alike.

Large Meat Pouch

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Here's everything you need to know about them:

- Crafting Recipe: To fashion a large meat pouch, one must possess a Crafting skill level of 65. The process involves upgrading a small meat pouch with 3 sunlight antelope fur. This meticulous crafting endeavor awards 60 Crafting experience upon completion.

ItemQuantity Cost
 Small meat pouch1N/A
 Sunlight antelope fur3 864
 Thread0.2 2.20
 Total Cost 866.20
 Large meat pouch1N/A


- Important Note: When upgrading a small meat pouch to a large one, it's crucial to be aware that the process will overwrite the existing meat storage. Any items contained within the small pouch will be replaced by the new storage capacity of the large pouch. Therefore, exercise caution to avoid unintentional loss of items.

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- Inventory Management: It's worth noting that the inventory of the large meat pouch is shared across all pouches owned by the player. This means that creating multiple pouches does not increase the overall meat storage capacity. Should you possess multiple pouches and decide to dispose of any extras, be mindful that all contents within the inventory and bank will be removed.

The large meat pouch stands as a testament to the ingenuity of craftsmen and the practical needs of adventurers in the realm of hunting. With its efficient design and reliable storage capacity, it remains an essential tool for those seeking to stockpile their meat supplies during their expeditions.