OSRS Lunar Spellbook: Utility Spells Guide


Lunar Spellbook: Utility Spells Guide OSRS

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), among the variety of spellbooks available, the Lunar Spellbook stands out for its array of practical and useful spells. Below, we'll delve into the utility spells it offers and how they can benefit you in your adventures.

Lunar spellbook - OSRS Wiki

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Bake Pie icon (mobile).png Bake Pie

The Lunar spell "Bake Pie" offers a magical solution for cooking pies automatically and without the risk of burning them. This enchantment allows players to cook each pie in their inventory one by one, provided they have the required Cooking level (boosts may be used). Each pie cooked with this spell grants the usual Cooking experience. It requires one set of runes per pie cooked. Additionally, using this spell aids in completing the elite Varrock Diary task that requires baking a summer pie. It's an essential tool for those seeking convenience and efficiency in OSRS cooking, ensuring delicious results without the traditional effort.

Spell cost: 1Astral rune.png 4Water rune.png 5Fire rune.png

Bake Pie.gif

Geomancy icon (mobile).png Geamancy

Geomancy is a lunar spell in Old School RuneScape that grants players insight into the status of every farming patch across Gielinor, excluding those utilized during quests, along with compost progress. Upon casting the spell, an interface reveals detailed information about the player's farming patches, including:

1. Crop Type
2. Growth Stage
3. Patch Protection Status
4. Patch Compost Status
5. Patch Water Status
6. Available Yield or Minimum Yield

This comprehensive overview empowers players to make informed decisions regarding their farming activities, aiding in efficient crop management and maximizing yields. Geomancy proves invaluable for players striving for mastery in the agricultural pursuits of the game.

Spell cost: 3Astral rune.png 3Nature rune.png 8Earth rune.png


Cure Plant icon (mobile).png Cure Plant

The Cure Plant spell in Old School RuneScape effectively restores a diseased Farming patch, although it cannot revive one that has perished from disease, unlike Resurrect Crops. To utilize this spell efficiently, players often opt for an earth staff or a plethora of earth runes, as the cost-effective alternative of a plant cure potion from a local farmer is available for a mere 25 coins.

This spell awards 91.5 Farming experience and requires completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest to access. When cast on various targets, distinct messages are conveyed. Attempting to use it on a healthy patch, compost bin, weeds, or an empty patch results in specific responses tailored to the circumstance. Notably, using Cure Plant on a deceased plant humorously prompts the message, "It says 'Cure' not 'Resurrect'," emphasizing its limited scope in remedying agricultural ailments.

Spell cost: 1Astral rune.png 8Earth rune.png

Cure Plant.gif

NPC Contact icon (mobile).png NPC Contact

NPC Contact is a versatile magic spell found within the Lunar spellbook in Old School RuneScape. With its aid, players can converse with various NPCs scattered across Gielinor without the need for direct physical interaction. However, access to this spell necessitates completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest.

Upon casting NPC Contact, a user-friendly interface materializes, presenting a selection of NPCs available for communication. Once a choice is made, the required runes are expended, experience is earned, and the chosen NPC is promptly contacted.

Furthermore, players can conveniently re-establish contact with the last NPC spoken to using a right-click option on the spell's icon in their spellbook. It's worth noting that certain NPCs may have additional prerequisites, such as completed quests, to facilitate contact, indicated by a grey outline if uncontactable.

However, it's essential to recognize that utilizing NPC Contact for conversing with individuals pertinent to Treasure Trail clue requirements doesn't progress one's trail. Direct interaction with such individuals is imperative for trail advancement, bypassing the spell's functionality for this purpose.

Spell cost: 2Air rune.png 1Cosmic rune.png 1Astral rune.png

NPC Contact.gif

Humidify icon (mobile).png Humidify

Humidify is a versatile spell in Old School RuneScape that efficiently fills all empty water-carrying vessels in a player's inventory with a single cast. This includes buckets, fishbowls, jugs, vials, watering cans (including Gricoller's can), unwatered saplings, waterskins, bowls, and clay. However, it curiously excludes empty cups. Each casting of Humidify yields 65 experience points, irrespective of the number of vessels filled.

Notably, Humidify serves additional purposes beyond basic hydration. In the Chambers of Xeric, it extinguishes the wall of flames during encounters with Great Olm, and in the Kharidian Desert, it refills waterskins without the need to harvest cacti. To access this spell, completion of the Dream Mentor quest is required.

Maximizing experience per hour with Humidify involves strategic placement of a fishbowl to optimize casting efficiency, similar to High Level Alchemy. It's recommended to bind spellbook and inventory switches to convenient keys, such as "F1" and "F6," for seamless transitions. Notably, while Humidify provides consistent experience, alchemy remains a more cost-effective option for profit.

Regarding saplings, Humidify presents an alternative method for cultivating them, offering potential profitability compared to direct purchases from the Grand Exchange. By planting seeds in filled plant pots and casting Humidify to water them, players can cultivate saplings efficiently. It's prudent to test market viability with a single sapling before committing to large-scale cultivation due to the initial capital investment and seed buying limits.

In summary, Humidify stands as a versatile spell with multifaceted applications, from mundane inventory management to profitable sapling cultivation, offering players diverse opportunities for efficiency and profit in their RuneScape adventures.

Spell cost: 1Astral rune.png 1Fire rune.png 3Water rune.png


Hunter Kit icon (mobile).png Hunter Kit spell

The Hunter Kit spell, found within the Lunar spellbook in Old School RuneScape, conjures a convenient hunter kit filled with essential items for aspiring hunters. Accessible at level 71 Magic and requiring completion of the Dream Mentor quest, this spell is a boon for those venturing into the realm of hunting.

The kit comprises eight items tailored to aid fledgling hunters, including the noose wand, butterfly net, bird snare, rabbit snare, teasing stick, unlit torch, box trap, and impling jar. While these items offer utility for novice hunters, their significance diminishes for seasoned hunters familiar with obtaining equipment through conventional means.

Notably, attempting to cast the spell with either a hunter kit or a full set of its contents in one's inventory prompts a curious game message, questioning the necessity of creating another kit when the player already possesses all requisite Hunter equipment.

With each cast of the spell yielding a net profit of 640 coins when utilizing a staff of earth and selling the kit's items, it presents a modest avenue for financial gain alongside its practical utility. Despite its limited appeal to experienced hunters, the Hunter Kit spell remains a valuable asset for newcomers embarking on their hunting endeavors in Gielinor.

Spell cost: 2Astral rune.png 2Earth rune.png

Hunter Kit.gif

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Spin Flax icon (mobile).png Spin Flax

Spin Flax, a Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, requires a Magic level of 76 to cast. This spell transforms flax into bow strings, processing five flax per cast and granting 75 Magic experience. Additionally, it awards 15 Crafting experience per flax spun, reaching a maximum of 75 Crafting experience per cast. The spell operates on a cooldown of one cast every 5 game ticks.

Players can expect experience rates of approximately 80,000 Crafting and 80,000 Magic experience per hour. With flawless execution, the maximum achievable experience rate peaks at 90,000 Crafting and 90,000 Magic experience per hour.

Efficiently utilizing Spin Flax enables the production of around 6,000 bowstrings per hour. Assuming the use of a staff providing air runes and the conversion of five flax per cast, each casting of Spin Flax yields a profit of 87 coins.

This spell serves as a lucrative method for skill training and profit generation, particularly for players seeking to advance both their Magic and Crafting abilities simultaneously while also accumulating wealth through bowstring production.

Spell cost: 1Astral rune.png 2Nature rune.png 5Air rune.png

Spin Flax.gif

Superglass Make icon (mobile).png Superglass Make

Superglass Make, a powerful Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, revolutionizes glassmaking by instantly converting sand and soda ash, seaweed, giant seaweed, or swamp weed in the player's inventory into molten glass, all without the need for a traditional furnace. Notably, sand buckets are fully consumed in the process, with empty buckets not returned to the player.

This spell boasts a remarkable 30% bonus yield, resulting in 1.3 molten glass per pair of raw materials or 1.6 molten glass when utilizing giant seaweed. Furthermore, in addition to granting Magic experience, Superglass Make rewards players with 10 Crafting experience per sand bucket utilized.

Access to this spell requires completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest, marking it as a milestone achievement for players seeking to maximize efficiency in glass production. With its streamlined process and generous yield, Superglass Make stands as a cornerstone for both glassmaking prowess and skill advancement in the realms of Magic and Crafting alike.

Spell cost: 2Astral rune.png 6Fire rune.png 10Air rune.png

Superglass Make.gif

Tan Leather icon (mobile).png Tan Leather

Tan Leather, a Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, grants players the ability to tan up to 5 hides in their inventory without incurring the usual costs associated with NPC tanning services. However, access to this spell requires the completion of the hard tier of the Fremennik Diary.

Unlike similar Lunar Spells, such as Plank Make, Tan Leather does not automatically process the entire inventory of hides. Instead, players must manually cast the spell for each batch of hides.

With efficient timing, players can tan approximately 8,000 hides per hour using this spell, yielding around 130,000 Magic experience. Additionally, Tan Leather serves as a profitable method, making it an attractive option for players seeking to earn money.

Furthermore, players can toggle between tanning cowhide into either soft leather or hard leather by right-clicking the spell icon, offering flexibility in leather production. This versatility further enhances the appeal of Tan Leather as a valuable tool for both skill training and financial gain.

Spell cost: 1Nature rune.png 2Astral rune.png 5Fire rune.png

Tan Leather.gif

String Jewellery icon (mobile).png String Jewellery

String Jewellery, a level 80 Lunar Magic spell, offers a convenient method for stringing amulets without the need for a ball of wool. This spell operates at a swift pace, taking only 1.8 seconds per amulet strung, and rewards players with 4 Crafting experience and 83 Magic experience per amulet.

Upon activation, String Jewellery meticulously strings each amulet in the player's inventory one by one, granting experience for each successful stringing. This spell is renowned for its efficiency and reduced clicking compared to other Magic training methods like High Alchemy.

With focused attention, String Jewellery can yield over 130,000 experience per hour or around 1,500 casts. When maximum concentration is applied, experience rates can peak at around 160,000 experience per hour or approximately 1,900-2,000 casts.

String Jewellery isn't limited to standard amulets; it can also be used to string Salve amulets, unstrung symbols, and unstrung emblems, further expanding its versatility.

Completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest is a prerequisite for accessing this spell. However, it's essential to note that the rune cost of String Jewellery is based on the number of amulets strung, not the number of casts made. Therefore, using this spell with a mud battlestaff and a full inventory of unstrung amulets will consume astral runes at a rate of one cast per amulet.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that String Jewellery's effectiveness is hampered by interruptions such as walking around or interacting with other players or NPCs, making it most efficient when performed with minimal disruptions.

Spell cost: 2Astral rune.png 5Water rune.png 10Earth rune.png

String Jewellery.gif

Magic Imbue icon (mobile).png Magic Imbue

Magic Imbue, a Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, simplifies the process of crafting combination runes by temporarily removing the need for opposing talismans, lasting for 12.6 seconds per cast. After casting Magic Imbue, players can craft combination runes by using the corresponding opposing runes on the Runic altar. For instance, to create lava runes at the Earth Altar, players would use fire runes on the altar following the spell's activation.

This spell can be cast once every 12.6 seconds (21 game ticks) and requires pure essence to be present. While Magic Imbue doesn't increase the standard 50% success chance when crafting combination runes, it streamlines the process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. However, for a guaranteed 100% success rate, players still require a binding necklace.

Using a steam battlestaff or mystic steam staff significantly reduces the cost of casting Magic Imbue, making it more economical to craft combination runes, especially for runes with expensive talismans. Additionally, this spell facilitates crafting dust, smoke, and mist runes at the Air Altar outside Falador, due to its proximity to a bank.

Furthermore, Magic Imbue can be cast even without being at an altar, providing Magic experience. This feature offers a useful method for training Magic concurrently with other skills such as Agility, Mining, or Hunter, yielding approximately 23,000 experience per hour. To maximize efficiency, players are advised to use a staff that provides runes, such as the steam battlestaff or staff of water and tome of fire, to reduce spell costs by up to 70 coins per cast.

Spell cost: 2Astral rune.png 7Fire rune.png 7Water rune.png

Magic Imbue.gif

Fertile Soil icon (mobile).png Fertile Soil

Fertile Soil, a Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, empowers players to enrich any targeted farming patch with supercompost, granting 87 Magic experience and 18 Farming experience with each cast. To access this spell, completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest is mandatory.

For those in possession of the ash covered tome, an enhanced version of the spell becomes available, enabling the treatment of patches with ultracompost. To activate this feature, players must cast the spell while carrying two volcanic ash in their inventory, which are then consumed. The ash covered tome can be acquired from Petrified Pete's Ore Shop for 40,000 Volcanic Mine reward points.

Similar to traditional composting methods, Fertile Soil can be applied to a patch before or after planting seeds and at any growth stage, offering flexibility in farming management. This spell streamlines the process of soil enhancement, providing a convenient means of optimizing crop growth and yield for RuneScape agriculturalists.

Spell cost: 2Nature rune.png 3Astral rune.png 15Earth rune.png

Fertile Soil.gif

Plank Make icon (mobile).png Plank Make

The Plank Make spell in Old School RuneScape requires a Magic level of 86 and completion of the Dream Mentor quest. It allows players to convert one log, typically processed at a sawmill, into a plank of the same type at a cost of 70% of the usual fee charged by the sawmill operator.

Plank Make can be cast once every three game ticks, or 1.8 seconds. With optimal efficiency, including banking time, players can cast up to about 1,850 Plank Makes per hour, resulting in approximately 166,000 Magic experience gained per hour. While some players may use Plank Make to generate profit by creating planks, it is primarily utilized as a method to train Magic, offering faster experience rates compared to casting High Level Alchemy.

Additionally, players have the option to enable auto-casting of the spell, allowing for automatic conversion of planks every 3.6 seconds. This method requires minimal effort and can yield up to 90,000 Magic experience per hour. Plank Make's versatility makes it a popular choice among Magic trainers seeking efficient experience gains with varying degrees of effort.

Spell cost: 2Astral 1Nature and coins

Plank Make.gif

Recharge Dragonstone icon (mobile).png Recharge Dragonstone

Recharge Dragonstone, a powerful Lunar spell in Old School RuneScape, demands a Magic level of 89 and the completion of the hard Fremennik Diary to cast.

This enchantment revitalizes any amulet of glory, combat bracelet, and skills necklace, restoring them with 4 charges each. Notably, while the latter two items can only be recharged after the completion of the Legend's Quest, the amulet of glory can be recharged immediately.

It's crucial to note that Recharge Dragonstone is not capable of charging the ring of wealth. For this specific item, players must seek the Fountain of Rune located deep within the Wilderness.

This spell stands as a valuable asset for adventurers, ensuring that their cherished amulets remain charged and ready for use during their journeys across Gielinor.

Spell cost: 1Soul rune.png 1Astral rune.png 4Water rune.png

Recharge Dragonstone.gif

Spellbook Swap icon (mobile).png Spellbook Swap

Spellbook Swap, a Lunar spell accessible after completing Dream Mentor, grants players the ability to seamlessly transition to another spellbook they have access to and cast one spell from it. Upon casting, players are presented with a selection of spellbooks they can choose from. Upon selection, the runes for the chosen spell are consumed, experience is awarded, and players have a two-minute window to cast one spell from the chosen spellbook. After casting one spell or when the time limit expires, players return to the Lunar spellbook.

This spell finds utility in various scenarios, such as combining teleport spells from different spellbooks or occasionally performing High Alchemy on valuable drops from Slayer monsters. It also extends the offensive capabilities of the Lunar spellbook, albeit with reduced frequency. However, casting it in combat should be approached with caution, as it incurs a brief delay that may disrupt attacks or healing.

With a demanding Magic requirement of 96, Spellbook Swap is exclusively available to highly experienced players. It is commonly employed for activities involving numerous teleports across Gielinor, such as farm runs and Treasure Trails. Moreover, in boss encounters, it facilitates access to Lunar utility spells like Boost Potion Share and Vengeance, enhancing efficiency alongside thralls and Ancient Magicks.

Overall, Spellbook Swap stands as a versatile tool in the arsenal of high-level players, offering strategic flexibility and enhancing gameplay efficiency across a range of activities in RuneScape.