OSRS New Quetzal Transport System


The Quetzal Transport System serves as a vital method of transportation within the realm of Varlamore. This innovative system plays a crucial role in facilitating swift and efficient travel for inhabitants and adventurers alike. Central to this system is the majestic quetzal, a magnificent bird renowned for its grace and agility.

Players, during the "Twilight's Promise" quest, are bestowed with the unique privilege of owning their own quetzal named Renu. This feathered companion becomes their loyal ally and an indispensable mode of transportation throughout their journey within Varlamore.

With Renu at their side, players gain access to the Quetzal Transport System, granting them the ability to traverse vast distances with ease. Whether embarking on epic quests, exploring diverse landscapes, or simply navigating bustling cities, Renu serves as a reliable means of transport, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

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How to Build Landing Site

To build a Landing Site in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) after completing "Twilight's Promise," players need specific materials.

Landing Site.png

Here's a breakdown of the materials required:

ItemQuantityGE Price
Quetzal feed.png Quetzal feed10Coins 10000.png 5,770
Limestone brick.png Limestone brick3Coins 10000.png 1,203
Soft clay.png Soft clay4Coins 10000.png 448
 Total costCoins 10000.png 7,421
Quetzin.png Landing Site1N/A

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Currently, there are eight landing sites in total within the game, four of which need to be constructed by players before they can be utilized. These landing sites serve as crucial waypoints for transportation within the Varlamore. Here's a list of the landing sites:

Civitas illa Fortis (Built):

Civitas illa Fortis

Hunter Guild (Built):

Hunter Guild

Sunset Coast (Built):

Sunset Coast 

The Teomat (Built):

Sunset Coast

Fortis Colosseum (Unbuilt):

Fortis Colosseum

Outer Fortis (Unbuilt):

Outer Fortis

Colossal Wyrm Remains (Unbuilt):

Colossal Wyrm Remains

Cam Torum entrance (Unbuilt):

Cam Torum entrance