OSRS - Possible New Weapons

The Jagex team has launched a survey directed at the player community to determine the rewards they would like to receive after completing the quest "While Guthix Sleeps." Among the proposed rewards are new Demonbane weapons, which can be crafted from a special material called Tormented Synapse.

Unlike other items that are obtained through NPCs, these weapons will require players to put in effort to gather the necessary materials to craft them. This initiative aims to foster participation and engagement within the community, making the process of obtaining rewards more interactive and rewarding.


Firelight emerges as our premier Demonbane weapon, marking a significant upgrade from the formidable Arclight. A departure from its predecessor, this fiery blade eliminates the need for charging with Ancient Shards. Instead, crafters will enhance a fully charged Arclight with the elusive Tormented Synapse, alongside requiring a mastery of 74 Smithing.

Enhanced with heightened Stab and Slash Accuracy, Firelight maintains the formidable 70% increased Accuracy and Damage bonuses found in its predecessor. Moreover, it refines Arclight’s Special Attack, significantly diminishing the Strength, Attack, and Defence of demons by 15% of their base level +1, and non-demons by 5% of their base level +1 a notable 5% improvement over the Arclight!

With Firelight in hand, adversaries such as the Abyssal Sire and Cerberus will succumb effortlessly. The journey to crafting this blade promises to be rewarding, making Firelight an indispensable asset to any adventurer.


Scorching Bow

Prepare to rain down fiery arrows upon your foes with the Scorching Bow, a formidable composite bow crafted for the relentless pursuit of demons. With 74 Fletching skill and the elusive Tormented Synapse, you'll fashion this new weapon boasting 124 Ranged Accuracy and 40 Ranged Strength.

Embrace the might of this weapon as it grants you a formidable advantage. The Scorching Bow offers a significant 30% increase in Accuracy and Damage against demons, ensuring your strikes land with devastating precision. Its Special Attack, a menacing ability, binds your adversary for 5 ticks while dealing 1 bonus damage. Should your target be a demon, the binding effect intensifies, immobilizing them for 20 ticks and amplifying the bonus damage to 5.

While serving as a commendable alternative to the Bow of Faerdhinen without the need for Crystal Armour, the Scorching Bow truly shines in its ability to outperform its predecessor against demons specifically.

Scorching Bow

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Ignited Staff

With a skillful crafting level of 74, you'll have the prowess to synthesize the Ignited Staff using the elusive Tormented Synapse! Unlike its counterparts in Ranged and Melee, this staff, tailored for the arcane arts of Magic, operates with a unique twist.

Rather than providing a direct damage augmentation against demons, the Ignited Staff boasts the ability to autocast combat spells from the Arceuus Spellbook. While this may seem modest at first glance, the true potential of this weapon is unlocked when paired with Demonbane spells, doubling their efficacy.

Moreover, the Ignited Staff features a formidable Special Attack, accessible exclusively while wielding the Arceuus Spellbook and targeting a demon. Activating this Special Attack unleashes the highest available Demonbane spell upon your target. Should the spell prove fatal, you'll experience a rejuvenation, with 25% of your Special Attack energy restored, and a swift reduction of 3 in the delay before your next attack.

In essence, the Ignited Staff embodies the essence of Death Charge, with an enticing additional flourish!

Ignited Staff

Burning Claws

As the legendary Dragon Claws persist within the Chambers of Xeric, we sought to introduce a new reward that captures the same exhilaration as obtaining the original Claws.

Enter the Burning Claws, poised to fill the void in the realm of Melee spec weapons, offering a middle ground between the budget-friendly Dragon Dagger and the exorbitantly priced Dragon Claws. Functioning akin to their esteemed predecessors, these claws harbor an additional fiery prowess. With each strike, there exists a chance to inflict Burn upon your target. Once afflicted, the target endures 10 damage over 40 ticks (1 damage every 4 ticks), with the potential to stack up to five times.

With the Burning Claws in hand, unleash relentless fury upon your adversaries, leaving a trail of scorching devastation in your wake!

Burning Claws