OSRS - Rebalance of Skilling

Jagex has undertaken a rebalance in the skills of agility, thieving, mining, and slayer, which brings a significant amount of changes to the gameplay. Here, we present the most relevant aspects that this update has brought forth.

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1. Agility Courses:

The primary and most significant change received by Agility is that all agility courses have been buffed, increasing the experience granted by each, thus making them more appealing. Below is the experience table provided by Jagex:

LvlCourseApprox XP/hrApprox
New XP/hr
1Draynor Village Rooftop Course9,00010,000
1Shayzien Basic Course8,75010,000
1Gnome Stronghold Agility Course9,25010,000
20Al Kharid Rooftop Course9,36012,000
30Agility Pyramid

(Note: while the access requirement is only 30 Agility,
it's typically not worth starting at 30 since failure rates decrease dramatically as your Agility increases up to 75)
30Varrock Rooftop Course13,00014,000
35Barbarian Outpost Agility Course18,20018,200 + 5,000 Strength XP/hr
45Shayzien Advanced Course28,00030,000
50Falador Rooftop Course27,20035,000
70Pollnivneach Rooftop Course52,30052,300 + Better Marks of Grace than Seers' Village
70Pollnivneach Rooftop Course with Desert Hard DiaryN/A60,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Seers' Village
72Running up to Floor 3 in the Hallowed Sepulchre66,700~71,700
80Rellekka Rooftop Course55,00055,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Pollnivneach
80Rellekka Rooftop Course with Fremennik Hard DiaryN/A65,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Pollnivneach
82Running up to Floor 4 in the Hallowed Sepulchre76,000~81,000
90Ardougne Rooftop Course62,30070,000


2. Marks of Grace:

The Marks of Grace now spawn in the following courses, expanding players' options for acquiring them beyond the usual locations:

- Tree Gnome Stronghold
- Shayzien Basic
- Shayzien Advanced
- Barbarian Outpost
- Ape Atoll
- Werewolf
- Dorgesh-kaan

This inclusion aims to diversify player experiences and provide broader avenues for obtaining Marks of Grace.

3. Shortcuts:

Improvements have been made to the traversal speed of shortcuts, enhancing the efficiency of Agility by reducing the time it takes to traverse them. Additionally, new shortcuts have been introduced, including:

- Taverley Wall jump shortcut towards the tree patch (66 Agility).
- Pollnivneach Stepping Stones across the river towards Nardah (71 Agility).
- Barrows Wall jump over its western wall, facilitating quicker access from Burgh de Rott (72 Agility).
- Stepping Stone shortcut across a stretch of lava East of the Wilderness Chaos Temple (72 Agility).
- Two tunnel shortcuts in the Wilderness Slayer Caves (77 Agility).
- North-eastern corner of Shilo Village Rock Climb shortcut (79 Agility).
- Waterbirth Isle Tunnel shortcut, from the first Rock Crab room to the final room before the Dagannoth Kings' chamber (81 Agility).
- Asgarnia Ice Dungeon Tunnel shortcut from the ladder into the main Skeletal Wyvern area (82 Agility).
- Crandor Rock Climb shortcut from the isle's peak to its southern side (84 Agility).
- Waterbirth Isle Rock Climb shortcut, south of the Waterbirth Isle Teleport's location, allowing players to bypass bringing a Pet Rock and Rune Thrownaxes (85 Agility).
- Viyeldi Caves shortcut from the main room, enabling players to bypass 'skill checks' once Legends Quest is completed (96 Agility).

These additions streamline gameplay and provide players with more efficient traversal options.

4. Brimhaven Agility Dungeon:

In the Brimhaven Agility Dungeon, adjustments have been made to streamline the experience and provide more rewarding gameplay:

- Easy, medium, and hard obstacles have been consolidated, with standardized fail rates within each tier.

- Players now receive Agility XP, an Agility XP Ticket (scaling with every 10 Agility levels), and an Agility Store Voucher with each tag on a dispenser, eliminating the need to tag two pillars consecutively for tickets.

- On Brimhaven Worlds (specifically W385), the first player to tag a dispenser after the highlighted pillar change will receive a shout-out in chat.

- Agility XP Tickets can be redeemed from Pirate Jackie the Fruit's revamped shop for a fixed 345 Agility XP each, no longer scaling with the quantity handed in.

- Those holding 'old' Agility Tickets can access the 'old' shop for spending.

- Agility Store Vouchers allow the purchase of non-XP rewards, including Graceful recolours, providing players with the opportunity to obtain both XP and items.

- Amylase Packs can be acquired from the shop for 60 Agility Store vouchers.

- Logging out within the arena now returns players to the entrance hut for convenience.

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1. Pickpocketing:

In the realm of pickpocketing, significant adjustments have been made to enhance player experience:

- Gnomes now boast a reduced pickpocket failure rate and offer an uncommon chance to yield Medium Clue Scrolls.

- Paladins similarly feature a decreased pickpocket failure rate and offer a rare chance to procure Hard Clue Scrolls.

- Heroes have also seen a reduction in pickpocket failure rates, now presenting a very rare opportunity to obtain Elite Clue Scrolls.

- Notably, all these Clue Scrolls are subject to rate increases from their corresponding Combat Achievement tiers.


2. Core Mining Changes

Significant adjustments have been made to mining mechanics, aimed at enhancing player engagement and efficiency:

- Clue Geode rates have been boosted by approximately 30% across all tiers.

- Amethyst Veins now yield 2-3 Amethyst before depletion, providing players with increased returns.

- Access to the Gem Mine now only necessitates the completion of the Medium Karamja Diary, streamlining entry requirements.

- Improved messaging has been implemented regarding the usage of an Uncharged Amulet of Glory within the Gem Mine.

- Mining Gloves have been revamped to increase their desirability, with each tier offering a guaranteed number of rock saves based on the tier of gloves and rocks mined.

- The scope of Mining Gloves now encompasses Iron, Coal, Gold, and Silver, with each providing a single rock save.

- Superior Mining Gloves extend their benefits to Adamant and Mithril ores, offering one rock save for these and two for lower-tier ores.

- Expert Mining Gloves cater to Amethyst and Runite mining, providing one rock save for these, two for ores covered by Superior Mining Gloves, and three for Iron, Coal, Gold, and Silver.

- The pricing of Mining Gloves has been adjusted as follows: Mining Gloves - 40 Unidentified minerals, Superior Mining Gloves - 100 Unidentified minerals, and Combining the Gloves - 40 Unidentified minerals.

- Additional prime mining locations for Sandstone and Granite have been introduced to enrich players' mining experiences.

2. Motherlode Mine

Significant updates have been implemented in the Motherlode Mine to optimize player experience and efficiency:

- Veins on the lower floor now endure between 23-27 seconds, while those on the upper floor last between 36-40 seconds, enhancing mining productivity.

- Coal now grants experience when obtained from Pay Dirt, resulting in a notable XP boost particularly on lower levels where coal occurrence is frequent.

- The Hopper now features a maximum capacity of 108 Pay Dirt, replacing its previous deposit functionality.

- Players can unlock the Super Hopper for 50 Nuggets, enabling depositing from the upper floor.

- The requirement for accessing the upper floor has been lowered to 57 Mining, facilitating progression.

- Achievement Diary tasks now only necessitate wearing the Helmet instead of the entire outfit, streamlining completion requirements.

- A warning system has been implemented to alert players when their sack and 'about to be cleaned dirt' exceed sack capacity.

- The interface has been updated to display remaining room in the Sack, enhancing resource management.

3. Volcanic Mine:

Enhancements have been made to solo trips, rendering them more feasible and enjoyable:

- Variability in vent destabilization during solo runs has been reduced, promoting smoother experiences.

- The Mining Outfit has been incorporated into the Volcanic Mine Reward Shop, providing players with an additional incentive.

- The previous requirements of Kudos and reward claim have been eliminated, allowing for easier access to rewards.

4. Blast Mine:

Recent updates have revitalized the Blast Mine area, accompanied by several adjustments to improve player experience:

- The Blast Mine area has undergone a visual rework, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

- Experience gains have been boosted by approximately 10% across all activities within the Blast Mine.

- The price of Dynamite has been reduced, making it more accessible to players.

- The explosion radius of Dynamite has been decreased by 1 tile, providing better control over mining operations.

- The despawn timer for Blasted Ore has been extended, allowing players more time to collect resources.

- Sack capacity has been increased, enabling players to carry more resources per trip.

- A new reward from the Kebos Elite Diary grants a 10% increase in the chance to obtain higher-tier ores, offering additional incentives for completion.

5. Zalcano

- Players can now conveniently toggle between resource and XP rewards by speaking to Rhiannon.

Opting to toggle resources 'Off' does not affect eligibility for unique and pet rewards.

XP rewards have been calibrated to provide an approximate rate of 50,000 XP per hour.


Slayer, a long-standing favorite among players, is set to receive notable improvements:

- Slayer Masters now offer a new dialogue option enabling task cancellation post-assignment, provided the player has the required points.

- Storing tasks with the Task Storage unlock is now free of charge.

- Sourhogs are now exclusively assigned by Spria.

- Fever Spiders now feature a minimal loot table, retaining their valuable Kwuarm drops, maintaining their distinct usefulness.