OSRS - Recommended Gear for ToA

By now, the vast majority of players are familiar with the Tombs of Amascut (ToA), and many assume that participating in this raid requires the most advanced equipment available on the market. While this premise has some merit, the reality is that many players start with more affordable gear than anticipated. In this guide, we aim to demonstrate how to progressively upgrade gear and identify priority pieces to achieve mastery over the formidable bosses of the Tombs of Amascut.

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Melee Gear 

This setup holds paramount importance within the raid, as Melee capabilities are likely to prove indispensable throughout the entirety of the encounter. For Tombs of Amascut (ToA), the initial gear setup deemed "cheapest" and most accessible should ideally include:

- Serpentine Helm Serpentine Helm
- Bandos Chestplate Bandos Chestplate
- Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Dagger/Dragon Dagger

While this may seem like a substantial initial investment, it aligns with the rigorous demands of the ToA raid. The only negotiable component within this gear selection is the Bandos Chestplate, which can be substituted with either a Guthan’s Platebody or Torag’s Platebody if deemed overly expensive. Alternatively, if commencing with more economical armor, postponing the subsequent upgrades is advisable.

With sufficient funds, it is recommended to replace the Abyssal Dagger and Dragon Dagger with the Zamorakian Hasta. Subsequent upgrades should then prioritize acquiring the Ghrazi Rapier, ultimately culminating in the acquisition of the best-in-slot melee weapon, the Fang of Osmuten.

Once again, the primary focus is on augmenting damage output against raid bosses. Accordingly, the early acquisition of a Bandos chest plate can be deferred. Enhanced weaponry will considerably facilitate subsequent ToA farming endeavors.

Upon optimizing melee damage potential, it is advisable to substitute the Serpentine Helm for a Neitiznot Faceguard. When switching helmets, ensure provision for mitigating poison effects during the Kephri encounter, while avoiding excessive inventory encumbrance.

The ultimate objective of melee gear progression culminates in attaining a Full Torva set. Beyond conferring robust defensive attributes, this ensemble significantly amplifies damage-dealing capabilities. However, due to its exorbitant cost, immediate acquisition may not be feasible for financially constrained players. The optimal setup for the encounter would thus comprise:

- Osmumten’s Fang Osmumten’s Fang
-  Avernic Defender
- Torva Helm Torva Helm
- Torva Platebody Torva Platebody
- Torva Platelegs Torva Platelegs
-  Ferocious Gloves
- Primordial boots Primordial boots

Although the complete Torva set commands a steep price, it represents the pinnacle of potential and efficacy in melee combat scenarios.

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Magic Gear

While Magic assumes a lesser role compared to other combat types within ToA, investing resources into optimizing a Magic-focused build remains worthwhile. Here's the ideal setup to strive for:

- Tumeken's Shadow Tumeken's Shadow
- Elidinis’ Ward Elidinis’ Ward
- Ancestral Hat Ancestral Hat
- Ancestral Robe Top Ancestral Robe Top
- Ancestral Robe Bottom Ancestral Robe Bottom
- Barrows Gloves Barrows Gloves

Initiating with a cost-effective yet effective ensemble, a full Mystic Set paired with a Trident of the Seas constitutes an accessible starting point, requiring only a modest investment. Subsequently, priority upgrades should target the acquisition of an Occult Necklace to augment Magic damage output. Notably, the Occult Necklace offers a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio, providing significant bonuses for Magic damage.

The subsequent upgrade entails securing a Tormented Bracelet, further enhancing Magic damage modifiers. Following this progression, focus shifts towards acquiring a complete Ahrim’s Set, culminating in the attainment of the Ancestral Set, representing the ultimate armor ensemble for ToA magic builds.

Weapons assume a lower priority within gear progression. Post-Trident of the Seas utilization, emphasis should be placed on acquiring the Sanguinesti Staff. Directly transitioning to Tumeken’s Shadow constitutes a significant budget leap and is ill-advised within the context of ToA gear progression. Protracted reliance on the Trident of the Seas may ensue, impeding overall progress.

Notably, strategies involving Bursting or Barraging are not recommended for ToA encounters. Instead, focus should be directed towards acquiring the Sanguinesti Staff. This pre-emptive recommendation serves to dissuade players from pursuing the Kodai Wand or Master Wand for switches, as such strategies prove inefficient against ToA bosses.

Regarding off-hand selection, prioritization of Elidini’s Ward over the Book of the Shadows is advised. Opting for the fortified version is advantageous if feasible, although not imperative for effective performance.

Range Gear 

The trajectory for range gear closely mirrors that of the melee build. Commencing with the Serpentine Helm, progression leads towards acquiring the Neitiznot Faceguard, with the Torva Helm representing the ultimate aspiration. Notably, the Serpentine Helm remains a steadfast investment throughout the entirety of ranged progression.

Weaponry initiates with the Dragon Crossbow, recognized for its cost-effectiveness and respectable power output during the initial phases of the ToA raid. Subsequent upgrades entail transitioning to an Armadyl Crossbow, then advancing to a Bow of Faerdhninen (c). The pinnacle achievement remains the acquisition of the Twisted Bow, renowned for its unparalleled ranged damage potential against the vulnerable adversaries encountered within the Tombs of Amascut Raid.

Remaining gear components commence with the Armadyl set, which may be later upgraded to a Crystal set contingent upon available resources. Presently, the Masori Set stands as the epitome of ranged armor efficacy, boasting superior Ranged attack and overall ranged bonuses. However, its acquisition presents a formidable challenge, requiring both Level 80 Ranged and Level 30 Defence proficiency. A comprehensive setup entails:

- Twisted Bow Twisted Bow
- Masori Mask Masori Mask
- Masori Chaps Masori Chaps
- Masori Body Masori Body
-  Ferocious Gloves
- Primordial boots Primordial boots

While the entirety of this ensemble necessitates considerable investment and effort, its attainment serves to significantly alleviate the challenges encountered within the Raid. For those seeking a more economical alternative or prioritizing defensive attributes over ranged attack bonuses, substitution of the Masori Body with Armadyl Armor presents a viable solution.