OSRS Scar Essence Mine Guide


The Scar Essence Mine, nestled within the Scar, serves as a haven for amalgamations. Accessible post-Desert Treasure II, adventurers can venture into this domain through the Catalytic Guardian within the Temple of the Eye. From there, a path to the east leads to a series of precarious jumps across stepping stones, culminating in a passage to the south-east.

Miners skilled at level 64 Mining can extract tainted essence chunks from the amalgamations, which are then processed by the Ventriculus, an abyssal extractor. This yields a variety of extracts, enhancing the yield of specific rune types for each regular essence utilized.

While the mine may not offer financial gains for seasoned players, it holds immense value for high-level ironmen. The extracts produced by the Ventriculus empower these ironmen to craft runes in unprecedented quantities, especially sought-after types like chaos, death, blood, and soul runes.

Unlocking access to the third stepping stone requires completing Desert Treasure II, specifically reaching the point where all three passages within the Scar are disturbed. This accomplishment signifies a pivotal step towards fully harnessing the resources within the Scar Essence Mine.


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How to Get

In order to reach Scar they must be teleported by the Catalytic Guardian which is located in the Temple of the Eye where the Guardians of the Rift minigame takes place.

Catalytic Guardian

Catalytic Guardian

Catalytic Guardian Location:

Catalytic Guardian Location:

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Once you find yourself in Scar you will only have to follow this small path, cross the small agility obstacles and you will be in the Scar essence mine


Players have the option to utilize the Ventriculus by depositing tainted essence chunks into its openings. Each chunk contributes five tainted essence, which can then undergo two distinct processes:

1. Essence Cleaning: Tainted essence can be purified through the essence orifice, where two tainted essence are converted into one noted pure essence. This method offers a lucrative opportunity for players, potentially yielding up to 10,000 pure essence per hour with full concentration. Notably, this process incurs no associated costs.

2. Runic Extracts: Alternatively, players can opt for acquiring runic extracts via the extract orifice. However, this avenue necessitates the prior deposit of a certain amount of coins into Hagus' coffer, the exact sum contingent on the desired extract type. Each extract procured mandates the presence of one tainted essence stored within the Ventriculus.

ExtractCost (Coin)Runes
Warped1,250 Air,  Mind,  Water,  Earth,  Fire,  Body
Twisted                 6,000 Mist,  Dust,  Mud,  Smoke,  Steam,  Lava,  Cosmic, Chaos,  Sunfire
Mangle12,000 Nature,  Law,  Astral,  Death
 Scarred24,000 Blood,  Soul,  Wrath