OSRS Sunfire Rune the New Rune


Sunfire runes represent a distinctive category of runic inscription crafted through the amalgamation of fire runes, sunfire splinters, and either pure or daeyalt essence at a Shrine of Ralos. The process demands a proficiency of at least level 33 in Runecraft, with the output multiplying at level 49 and reaching a triple yield at level 98.

Distinguished as a superior iteration of the conventional fire rune, the impact of offensive fire spells is significantly heightened. Each successful hit with such spells guarantees a minimum damage output equivalent to 10% of the player's maximum hit. However, it's worth noting that non-combat spells cannot substitute sunfire runes for fire runes.

Sunfire rune

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How to Create the Sunfire Rune

To create Sunfire Runes, you'll need to have both pure essence, fire runes, and sunfire splinters in your inventory. Head to one of the Shrines of Ralos scattered throughout Varlamore. Once there, simply use the fire runes on the altar. For each Sunfire Rune created, it will consume one fire rune fire rune, one pure essence pure essence, and one sunfire splinter sunfire splinter.

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Shrines of Ralos Location:

Shrines of Ralos are altars to Ralos that can be found across Varlamore.

Shrines of Ralos Location


Furthermore, the versatility of sunfire runes extends to their transformative potential. By combining 100 sunfire runes with burnt pages, searing pages are produced. These searing pages, when applied to a tome of fire, confer upon it the same potent effect, amplifying its capabilities.

searing page