OSRS - Types of Account Builds

In the following guide, we'll show you all the account builds that exist in OSRS and that you can encounter in the game. This is entirely guided by each player's preferences, so you don't have to feel obligated to adhere to the rules of each one.

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Main accounts

Main accounts, commonly known as mains, are the primary accounts in OSRS with no skill or quest restrictions. They are trained across all skills, allowing them to achieve the highest combat and total levels among all build types. Mains can reach up to a combat level of 126 and a total level of 2,277 across all skills. These accounts serve as versatile characters capable of engaging in various activities within the game, from combat to skilling and questing. Their flexibility makes them popular choices among players who seek to experience all aspects of Old School RuneScape without limitations on skill development or quest progression.

2277 total level OSRS by Justin-K-s-1 on DeviantArt

Ironmen accounts

Ironmen are players who engage in the in-game Ironman Mode, which prohibits them from trading with other players. This restriction adds significant challenge to obtaining certain items, often due to their rarity. However, ironmen can pursue any account build and achieve maximum combat and total levels similar to main accounts.

Other game modes within Ironman include ultimate and hardcore. Ultimate ironmen are unable to utilize banks, while hardcore ironmen lose their status upon their first non-safe death.

It's important to note that ironmen don't receive combat experience when attacking other players, except for basic magic experience from casting spells. This absence of experience gains enables them to create optimized combat pure accounts that remain static in level through player-versus-player activities. Despite not being able to pick up loot, ironmen can acquire and destroy or transfer loot keys.

Ironmen accounts

Pures accounts

Pures are accounts tailored for player-versus-player (PvP) combat and associated activities. They often limit specific combat skills like Defence, Prayer, or Attack to maximize damage output within their corresponding combat level brackets. Although this specialization can diminish their effectiveness in player-versus-monster (PvM) endeavors, they excel in PvP situations compared to standard accounts of similar levels. Pures prioritize offensive capabilities over defensive skills, allowing them to deliver significant damage while maintaining a lower combat level. This strategic approach enables pures to compete more effectively in PvP scenarios, where precise combat skills and efficiency are paramount.

Types of Pures


1. One-defence pure: One-defence pure, the most renowned type of pure, is crafted exclusively for player-versus-player (PvP) combat engagements. The concept revolves around bolstering offensive statistics while keeping Defence levels minimal, thereby maintaining a lower overall combat level. This strategic approach grants them an advantage over opponents of comparable combat levels. One-defence pure accounts exhibit a diverse range of levels, with many falling within the 50-90 combat level spectrum. By emphasizing offensive capabilities and eschewing defensive skills, these pures excel in PvP scenarios, where precision and agility often determine the outcome. They leverage their specialized training to dominate PvP encounters, establishing themselves as formidable adversaries in the competitive landscape of Old School RuneScape.

75 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      1 Defence

99 Ranged     52 Prayer

99 Magic     88 Combat level

2. Obsidian pure: An Obsidian pure, also known as an "obby mauler," "mauler," or "strength pure," specializes in utilizing weapons that rely solely on Strength to wield, such as the dragon warhammer or obsidian maul, hence the name. By maintaining an Attack level of 1, these pures significantly reduce their combat level. While typically featuring a Defence level of 1, variations with higher Defence levels do exist, notably aiming for 60 Strength along with 60 Defence to optimize the effectiveness of obsidian armor with the obsidian maul.

Despite their focus on melee combat, obsidian pures can utilize accurate ranged attacks to initiate combos, although there's a risk of overleveling the Ranged skill, resulting in a Ranged-based combat level. This limitation arises from the fact that Ranged training is capped at approximately two-thirds of the sum of Attack and Strength levels. 

1 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      1 Defence

67 Ranged     31 Prayer

67 Magic     61 Combat level

3. Defence pure: A Defence pure is an account archetype focused on maintaining a low combat level while prioritizing an exceptionally high Defence level over Attack or Strength. However, due to their weak offensive capabilities, opponents often have ample time to escape from Defence pures, and their high Defence can be perceived as frustrating by others. Consequently, Defence pures are rarely viewed as viable for player killing. Historically, their PvP combat strategy revolved around utilizing the Dragonfire shield's special attack in combination with poison to defeat opponents. Additionally, Defence pures formerly relied on venom damage from the Serpentine helm until its mechanics underwent changes. Despite their limitations in player-versus-player scenarios, Defence pures showcase the effectiveness of a specialized defensive approach within the intricate dynamics of OSRS.

1 Attack     66 Hitpoints

Strength      75 Defence

Ranged     1 Prayer

Magic     35 Combat level

4. 13 Defence pure: The 13 Defence pure opts for slightly enhanced defensive capabilities at the cost of a minor reduction in offense. These accounts unlock access to valuable items and utilities like fairy rings, the slayer helmet, and specific diary rewards. Notably, the Defence levels in these builds typically stem from the 2,000 Defence experience earned upon completing the Nature Spirit quest. This quest serves as a prerequisite for Fairytale II (unlocking the Fairy ring transportation system) and a subquest of Recipe for Disaster. Completion of this subquest grants access to adamant gloves, offering slightly superior bonuses compared to the combat bracelet. While sacrificing some offensive potential, the 13 Defence pure compensates with strategic utility and defensive advantages within the realm of Old School RuneScape.

75 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      13 Defence

99 Ranged     52 Prayer

99 Magic     91 Combat level

5. Initiate pure: An Initiate pure, with 20 Defence, capitalizes on the Prayer and Defence bonuses offered by initiate armor. This specialized gear provides a significant defensive boost, enhancing the effectiveness of prayers during combat and streamlining training efforts. Compared to their 1 Defence counterparts, Initiate pures typically boast higher combat levels. Additionally, they enjoy the advantage of equipping armor with substantial magic bonuses, such as mystic robes and enchanted robes. This combination of defensive prowess and magical capabilities allows Initiate pures to excel in combat scenarios while maintaining strategic versatility. Through careful selection of gear and utilization of their enhanced defensive attributes, Initiate pures carve out a unique niche in the dynamic landscape of Old School RuneScape.

75 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      13 Defence

99 Ranged     52 Prayer

99 Magic     91 Combat level

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6. Clan pure: A Clan pure is tailored for multicombat PvP battles among pure clans, focusing on specialized combat strategies. These accounts typically range from 1 to 25 Defence, aligning with the conventions of pure clan combat where Defence levels of up to 25 are commonly accepted. With 25 Defence, clan pures gain access to additional gear such as infinity robes and frog-leather armor, expanding their tactical options beyond those available to 20 Defence counterparts.

Unlike other pures that restrict Attack and Prayer levels, clan pures often prioritize maxing out all combat skills, including Attack and Prayer. This comprehensive approach provides them with a significant advantage against rival pures in combat scenarios. While unable to access high-level prayers like Piety due to the 70 Defence requirement, a high Prayer level enhances their survivability during free-to-play wars and strengthens their resistance against Smite.

99 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      25 Defence

99 Ranged     99 Prayer

99 Magic     107 Combat level

7. Rune pure: A Rune pure is a specialized account that maintains 40 Defence, enabling the use of rune armor and other offensive-oriented equipment such as fighter torsos, rune defenders, or various tiers of d'hide bodies. This Defence level is also a prerequisite for completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest, granting access to the powerful Vengeance spell.

Rune pures are particularly favored in free-to-play PvP environments due to their ability to utilize the highest available armor tier while maintaining a low combat level. To further optimize their combat efficiency, many free-to-play rune pures cap their Attack level at 40 to wield rune weapons, effectively reducing their combat level even further. As a result, Rune pures often fall within the combat level range of 70 to 100, striking a balance between offensive capability and combat level optimization within the competitive landscape of Old School RuneScape.

60 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      40 Defence

99 Ranged     44 Prayer

99 Magic     91 Combat level

8. Berserker pure: A Berserker pure, often referred to as a "zerker" or "zerk," closely resembles a rune pure with one key difference: they maintain 45 Defence, granting access to equipment like the berserker helm or fighter hat. These items offer superior stat bonuses compared to the rune full helm, enhancing the pure's combat effectiveness. Additionally, the 45 Defence requirement enables them to complete all subquests of Recipe for Disaster, culminating in the acquisition of Barrows gloves, considered some of the best gloves in RuneScape.

In terms of their combat skills, Berserker pures typically maintain levels similar to those of rune pures, prioritizing offensive capabilities while balancing Defence for optimal gear usage. This specialization allows Berserker pures to excel in combat scenarios, wielding powerful equipment and boasting formidable combat prowess within the competitive realm of OSRS.

60 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      45 Defence

99 Ranged     55 Prayer

99 Magic     94 Combat level

9. Void pure: A Void pure capitalizes on the combat bonuses offered by Void Knight armor to deliver formidable maximum hits in combat scenarios. These pures primarily focus on Ranged combat due to the exceptional damage output of weapons like the rune crossbow, magic shortbow, dragon knives, or heavy ballista, complemented by the enhanced damage and accuracy boosts provided by the Void Knight armor set. While less common, Melee-based and Magic-based Void pures also exist, although they are not as prevalent.

One notable advantage of this pure build is its minimal wealth risk compared to other pures. Void Knight armor is untradeable, and rune kiteshields can be rendered untradeable through Construction and Crafting methods (heraldic kiteshields). While their Defense stats are comparable to those of rune or berserker pures, Void pures typically have lower Melee levels, resulting in slightly lower combat levels overall. Many Void pures fall within the combat level range of 70 to 100, showcasing their prowess within the competitive.

42 Attack     99 Hitpoints

42 Strength      42 Defence

99 Ranged     55 Prayer

99 Magic     90 Combat level

10. Magic pure: A Magic pure, often a one-defence pure, specializes predominantly in Magic. These pures excel in low-level PvP combat due to the fixed maximum damage of most spells regardless of Magic level, coupled with the ease of training Magic without gaining Hitpoints experience. Typically, these pures utilize Ancient Magicks or the Flames of Zamorak spell with a Toxic staff of the dead, although some may opt for the Slayer Dart spell. More potent at lower levels, Magic pures are commonly found within the combat level range of 40 to 60. With their focused expertise in Magic and strategic spell selection, these accounts wield considerable power.

75 Attack     70 Hitpoints

40 Strength      1 Defence

Ranged     1 Prayer

99 Magic     65 Combat level

11. Ranged tank: A Ranged tank is a specialized character boasting high levels in both Ranged and Defence. This unique combination enables them to excel in high-level PvP encounters, donning protective gear such as Barrows items or Void Knight equipment while leveraging powerful Ranged attacks. In addition to their formidable ranged prowess, Ranged tanks employ utility spells and prayers like Vengeance and Rigour to bolster their combat effectiveness. Typically, these accounts prioritize Ranged and Defence over Attack and Strength levels, resulting in lower offensive capabilities. The combat levels of Ranged tanks vary, with many falling within the range of 70 to 110. Through strategic stat allocation and gear selection, Ranged tanks establish themselves as formidable adversaries within the competitive landscape of OSRS PvP.

50 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      70 Defence

99 Ranged     74 Prayer

99 Magic     99 Combat level

12. Piety pure: A Piety pure is an account built with 70 Defence primarily to wield powerful Barrows equipment like Dharok's, ideally accompanied by 70 Prayer to unlock the potent Piety prayer. These pures prioritize high levels of Attack and Strength to maximize their damage output in combat. Unlike other pures, the combat level of a Piety pure is often less of a concern, with many players opting to max out all combat skills except Defence and Prayer. Additionally, a minimum of 94 Magic is required to access the Vengeance spell, further enhancing their combat capabilities.

While Ranged skills are rarely emphasized, they may be utilized in team PvP engagements or player-versus-monster scenarios. Piety pures typically fall within the combat level range of 100 to 120, leveraging their balanced combat skills and powerful prayers to dominate in various combat situations.

75 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      70 Defence

99 Ranged     70 Prayer

99 Magic     107 Combat level

13. Granite maul pure: A Granite Maul pure, also known as a "gmauler," specializes in wielding the granite maul, a weapon requiring both 50 Attack and 50 Strength to use. Typically featuring 1 Defence level, these pures leverage Ranged attacks to deliver consistent damage to their opponents.

50 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      1 Defence

99 Ranged     45 Prayer

99 Magic     78 Combat level

Skillers accounts

Skillers focus exclusively on training non-combat skills, avoiding the development of combat-related abilities such as Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, and Prayer. Due to their specialization, they may encounter challenges completing quests and Achievement Diaries that offer combat experience rewards or have combat-related requirements, making certain content inaccessible. While they cannot partake in conventional player-versus-player combat, skillers can still engage in selected minigames like Last Man Standing or Castle Wars. Despite their limitations in combat-oriented activities, skillers can achieve a maximum total level of 1,600 by mastering various non-combat skills, showcasing their dedication to their chosen specialization within the diverse world of Old School RuneScape.

Skill pure - OSRS Wiki

Types of Skillers

1. Prayer pure: A Prayer pure is a unique variation of a skiller who focuses on training Prayer in addition to non-combat skills. Unlike traditional skillers, they may complete quests that offer Prayer experience rewards, such as The Restless Ghost. By unlocking protection prayers, Prayer pures can safely navigate areas with aggressive NPCs, enhancing their exploration capabilities. Additionally, access to prayers like Retribution provides them with a niche but consistent method of dealing damage.

Prayer pures typically maintain a low combat level, often capped at 15, while striving to achieve a total level of up to 1,698. Through their specialization in Prayer and complementary non-combat skills, these pures carve out a unique niche within the community of Old School RuneScape, blending strategic utility with spiritual prowess.

1 Attack     10 Hitpoints

Strength      1 Defence

Ranged     99 Prayer

Magic     15 Combat level

2. Combat only pure: A combat only pure is a distinct variation from traditional skillers, focusing solely on developing combat skills along with the Slayer skill while keeping all non-combat skills at level 1. These pures avoid leveling gathering and processing skills, mirroring the restrictions of other specialized accounts. Consequently, they face limitations in completing quests and Achievement Diaries due to the skilling experience rewards or required skill level prerequisites.

Combat only pures in Ironman Mode encounter additional challenges due to their restricted access to equipment, as many items require non-combat skills to obtain. Unlike combat pures tailored for PvP, combat only pures are often ironmen created with a focus on PvM activities as trophy accounts. They may impose further restrictions, such as limiting Defence or Prayer levels, to increase the challenge.

Despite these limitations, combat only pures can achieve the maximum combat level of 126 and a total level of 807. Through their specialized focus on combat skills and strategic planning, these pures serve as testaments to the diverse playstyles and challenges.

99 Attack     99 Hitpoints

99 Strength      99 Defence

99 Ranged     99 Prayer

99 Magic     126 Combat level

Snowflake accounts

Snowflake accounts represent a unique category of player-created accounts characterized by self-imposed rules or restrictions that go beyond the standard game mode. While they are often created as ironmen, snowflake accounts can encompass various limitations on item usage, core game functions, or even geographical restrictions within the game world.

Similar to skillers or pures, snowflake accounts may impose restrictions on the acquisition or usage of certain items, limiting their gameplay experience. Additionally, these accounts might enforce rules governing specific in-game activities or areas, further adding to the challenge and uniqueness of the gameplay.


Area-locked accounts confine players to specific regions of the game world, often major cities or areas like Zeah or the Wilderness. Due to these restrictions, traditional methods of skill training are unavailable, requiring players to devise unique or unconventional approaches to level up their skills. Occasionally, minor exceptions are made to ensure playability or prevent content blocking, such as completing Druidic Ritual to unlock Herblore training.

Chunk-locked accounts utilize the World Map's division into "chunks," or 64x64 game square sections, to dictate progression and objectives. Players must typically fulfill all skilling tasks within their chunk to advance to the next one. For example, starting in the Lumbridge chunk may require chopping a yew tree before moving on to another chunk.

Mechanic locked

Mechanic-locked accounts impose restrictions on various game mechanics, ranging from movement limitations like tileman accounts to damage constraints like nightmare accounts. Other variations may restrict the usage of specific game features, such as accounts without access to prayer or player-owned houses.

Free-to-play accounts

Some players opt for free-to-play accounts, restricting themselves to free-to-play worlds without access to members' skills or content. This choice presents its own set of challenges and limitations, providing a distinct gameplay experience within the confines of free-to-play content.