OSRS What is the Valuables


In Civitas Illa Fortis, the acquisition of valuables takes a daring turn as players delve into the art of burglary. Within the opulent confines of wealthy citizens' homes, treasures await within chests, wardrobes, and jewelry cases. These valuables, once pilfered, can be stacked for convenience, and each successful theft rewards the adept thief with 45 Thieving experience.

Notably, the cunning burglar may encounter moments of opportunity signaled by a flashing arrow above a particular item in the domicile. This auspicious sign, accompanied by the message "You notice something shine somewhere else in the house" in the chatbox, beckons the player to seize a unique chance. By seizing the gleaming object, the player can claim a one-time boon of 630 Thieving experience and a cache of 14 additional valuables.

However, it's worth noting that the utilization of rogue equipment does not amplify the spoils gained from these covert excursions. Nevertheless, with skill and discretion, the streets of Civitas Illa Fortis can be a lucrative hunting ground for those daring enough to tread the shadowy path of the thief.

What is the Valuables

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Uses of Valuables in Civitas Illa Fortis

In the bustling streets of Civitas Illa Fortis, the acquired valuables serve as more than mere spoils of illicit activities. With strategic finesse, players can leverage these treasures for various advantageous purposes within the city's vibrant ecosystem.

1. Selling to Oriana: Positioned just outside the Fortis west bank, Oriana offers a lucrative deal for each valuable obtained. Players can sell their ill-gotten gains to her for a handsome sum of 55 coins per piece. However, those who have attained the esteemed Gladiator rank at the Fortis Colosseum, achieved through the accumulation of 8,000 glory, enjoy an enhanced rate of 65 coins per valuable.


Oriana Location

Oriana Location

2. Assisting Street Urchins: The street urchins scattered around the affluent residences Lucia, Rufus, and Ava provide invaluable insights for a modest price. By parting with 15 valuables, players can enlist the aid of these urchins to discern which house is presently vacant or soon to be so. Furthermore, upon payment, these resourceful urchins offer detailed directions to the next target, conveniently indicated by a flashing arrow, facilitating seamless navigation through the city's labyrinthine streets.

lucia   ava   rufus

3. Seeking Guidance from Oli: For players seeking alternative sources of information, Oli, stationed outside the bank, offers his services for a fee. Similar to the street urchins, players can exchange valuables for Oli's guidance and insights into the city's dynamics. Once compensated, Oli provides directions to the next target property, ensuring a smooth transition between heists.


Oli Location

Oli Location