OSRS - Wilderness Agiliy Course Update

Recently, the Wilderness Agility Course has received an exciting update. Now, in addition to gaining valuable Agility experience, participants have the opportunity to earn money while progressing in their learning.

The new feature added to the course offers students the chance to generate income while honing their agile skills in such a challenging environment. This means they will not only be able to enhance their knowledge and techniques in agility but also benefit financially.

How to Get to Wilderness Agility Course

The easiest way to get to the Wilderness Agility Course is with an Ice Plateau Teleport spell or tablet that will teleport you nearby.

How to Get to Wildesness Agility Course



New Mechanics

What the new update brought itself is the Agility dispenser, which brings along two new features.

agility dispenser

Here are the two thrilling new features of this revamped course:

1. Agility Token System: At the start of the course, you'll find an Agility Dispenser. Simply click on it to tag it before you begin your training. Now, each time you complete the course, tag the dispenser again to receive Agility Tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged with the dispenser for additional Agility experience. The more tokens you collect and exchange at once, the greater the experience boost you'll receive. Take the risk to stack those tokens for maximum rewards:

Agility Token System

- 1-10 tokens: 200 experience per token

- 11-50 tokens: 210 experience per token (5% experience increase)

- 51-100 tokens: 220 experience per token (10% experience increase)

- 101+ tokens: 230 experience per token (15% experience increase)

2. Loot Collection with Gold Investment: For adventurers willing to invest, bringing along 150K gold allows you to start collecting loot every time you finish and tag the dispenser. Yes, you'll still receive your tokens as well! The longer you stay in the Agility course and complete laps, the more loot you'll accumulate. However, there's a catch:

- Logging out or leaving the course resets your loot streak, requiring another 150K gold investment to start collecting again.

- If you're unfortunate enough to fall victim to a PKer, they won't receive your 150K, but you'll still need to pay again since you've left the area.
Here's what you can expect to earn based on your streak:

- 1-15 laps: 10K average loot

- 16-30 laps: 20K average loot

- 31-60 laps: 30K average loot

- 61+ laps: 40K average loot

The loot includes alchable items and blighted food and potions and rune items ensuring you're well-equipped for your adventures. Once you hit the 61st lap, you'll practically be printing money!

Efficient Agility Training Method

For those seeking a straightforward approach to agility training without any risk, we present a simple yet effective method with experience rates comparable to the Ardougne agility course. To utilize this method efficiently, it's essential to have the Lunar spellbook unlocked.

Here's how it works:

1. Preparation:

- Ensure you have the Lunar spellbook unlocked.

- Teleport to the Ice Plateau using the appropriate spell.

- Equip no items except for an inventory full of food.

2. Training:

- Upon arriving at the course, begin running the agility course.

- Continuously complete laps until your food inventory is depleted.

- Immediately exchange any tokens received for a flat 200 experience points each.

3. Cycle:

- Once you've run out of food, intentionally allow one of the skeletons to defeat you.

- Repeat the process from the beginning: teleport to Ice Plateau, run the course, exchange tokens, and allow yourself to be defeated by a skeleton.

4. Experience Rates: With this method, you can expect to achieve agility experience rates ranging from 55,000 to 66,000 per hour.