OSRS Zombie Pirate Guide


Zombie pirates are a formidable presence lurking within the desolate Chaos Temple deep in the heart of the Wilderness.  Encountering a zombie pirate is a perilous affair, as they possess an uncommon chance to yield valuable treasures to those brave enough to face them. Among their spoils are adamant seeds, as well as teleport anchoring scrolls.

However, perhaps the most coveted of their possessions are the elusive zombie pirate keys, rumored to unlock untold riches. Beware, though, for the zombie pirates are relentless foes, their decrepit forms concealing an undying hunger for the unwary traveler. Only the bravest and most skilled adventurers dare to challenge these spectral corsairs and claim their treasures as their own.

Zombie pirates

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You can find them in the Temple of Chaos in the Wilderness.

Zombie pirates Location

Drops Uniques

In addition to these unique items they can also drop runite and dragon items so have runes on hand to make High Alchemy.

Adamant seeds.png: Zombie pirate drops Adamant seeds with rarity 8/362 in quantity 5-10 Zombie pirate key11/504,500
Zombie pirate key.png: Zombie pirate drops Zombie pirate key with rarity 1/50 in quantity 1 Adamant seeds5–101/45.252,250–4,500
Teleport anchoring scroll.png: Zombie pirate drops Teleport anchoring scroll with rarity Very rare in quantity 1 Teleport anchoring scroll1Very rare30,000,000