Primal Tsunami Boss Guide in Halls of Infusion Dungeon

Primal Tsunami Boss Guide in Halls of Infusion Dungeon

Infuser Sariya, fueled by a desire to restore the world to its primal elemental state, has summoned the Primal Tsunami. This formidable elemental being aims to overthrow Keeper Tyr's facility and return the wellspring waters to their natural state. Prepare for a challenging encounter as you face the unleashed power of the Primal Tsunami.

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Primal Tsunami Abilities

Stage One: Violent Swells

1. Infused Globule Infused Globule: The Primal Tsunami releases water globules, dealing 15 Frost damage on impact. Infused Globules linger, applying Waterlogged on contact. After 11 sec, they explode, dealing 45 Frost damage in the vicinity.

2. Waterlogged Waterlogged: Targets hit by Infused Globules experience waterlogged conditions, suffering 30 Frost damage and a 33% movement speed reduction for 5 sec.

3. Tempest's Fury Tempest's Fury: Primal Tsunami summons raging storms, causing 21 Frost damage to all players. Be prepared for widespread damage during this ability.

4. Squall Buffet Squall Buffet: The Primal Tsunami releases a burst of wind, dealing 40 Frost damage and knocking the target away. Be mindful of positioning to avoid falling into hazardous areas.

5. Focused Deluge Focused Deluge: The Primal Tsunami targets a player with a continuous water onslaught, dealing 15 Frost damage every second for 5 sec. Affected players may need additional healing or defensive cooldowns.

6. Undertow: When unable to engage enemies in melee, the Primal Tsunami periodically inflicts 18 Frost damage to all players. Stay vigilant even when at a distance.

Stage Two: Infused Waters

1. Cast Away: Primal Tsunami traps each player in a water bubble, casting them away. Position yourself strategically to avoid environmental hazards upon landing.

2. Primalist Infuser Primalist Infuser:

- Infuse Infuse: The Primalist Infuser channels energy into the Primal Tsunami, increasing its damage by 1% per stack every 5 seconds. Interrupt this channel to prevent a significant damage boost.

- Inundate: Primalist Infuser hurls spheres of infused water, dealing 18 Frost damage to players in proximity.

3. Crashing Tsunami Crashing Tsunami: A massive tsunami crashes over the player, causing 28 Frost damage and knocking them away. Anticipate the knockback and position accordingly.

4. Infused Globule Infused Globule (Repeated): The Primal Tsunami continues to unleash Infused Globules during this stage, maintaining the threat of waterlogged conditions and explosive bursts.

5. Waterlogged Waterlogged (Repeated): Infused waters still inflict 30 Frost damage and slow movement by 33% for 5 sec. Mobility and careful positioning remain crucial.

Tips and Strategy

The Primal Tsunami, dwelling in the depths of the Halls of Infusion, seeks to drown its enemies in the newly Primalist-infused waters. This elemental force employs various abilities, forming Infused Globules and orchestrating dangerous displacements. Upon reaching maximum energy, the Tsunami submerges, allowing its Primalist allies to further empower it.


- Infused Globules and Waterlogged: Infused Globules released by the Primal Tsunami inflict Waterlogged on contact, causing Frost damage and slowing movement. Tanks should be mindful of positioning to minimize the impact on the group.

- Undertow: If there are no players within melee range, the Primal Tsunami resorts to Undertow, periodically dealing Frost damage to all players. Tanks must ensure they maintain proximity to prevent this recurring attack.

Damage Dealers:

- Primalist Infusers and Infuse: Primalist Infusers actively work to increase the Tsunami's damage through the Infuse ability. Damage dealers should prioritize interrupting this channel to mitigate incoming damage.

- Crashing Tsunami during Cast Away: When the Tsunami uses Cast Away and submerges, Crashing Tsunami is unleashed, knocking back and slowing players. Be prepared to adjust positioning to avoid danger zones.


- Focused Deluge: Focused Deluge targets a player, inflicting high Frost damage. Healers need to be vigilant and ready to provide focused healing to mitigate the damage on the affected target.

- Crashing Tsunami during Cast Away: Similar to damage dealers, healers should anticipate the knockback and slow effects of Crashing Tsunami during Cast Away. Positioning and quick response are crucial to maintaining the group's health.