Ravendawn - Double XP Event and New Updates


The long-awaited Ravendawn patch has finally arrived, and while it primarily focuses on bug fixes and general changes, it's not without its share of exciting adjustments that are sure to impact the gaming experience. Join us as we delve into the key enhancements and modifications this patch brings, meeting the expectations of many players eagerly awaiting updates. Below we will be showing you the most relevant part of this update.

Trade Packs Changes

1. Trade packs will no longer require 500 effort to sell a trade pack.

2. Trade packs will now require 1000 effort instead of 500 effort when creating a trade pack.

3. The 20% silver that was previously provided to the player who created the trade pack will now be burned from the game economy.

Aether Stones

Aether Stones will now provide additional rewards in the form of Silver and Infusions based on the creatures slain, factoring in any bonus loot obtained!

Previously, these stones only boosted the acquisition of Experience and Creature Loot.

Mining Buff

In response to mining materials lagging behind other gathering professions in output, we're boosting the yield from ore nodes. Instead of the previous range of 1-3 ore per node, players will now receive 2-4 ore, effectively increasing the average amount of ore obtained by +50%.

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New Fishing Skills

To enhance the progression for experienced fishers and empower them to reel in larger catches, we've introduced three new fishing skills at levels 35, 50, and 70. These skills provide enhanced fishing abilities tailored for tackling heavier and larger fish.

Additionally, we've made adjustments to the Harpoon skill, aimed at balancing its impact on both the fish and the durability of the fishing rod:

- Fish damage inflicted by Harpoon reduced from 100 to 75.

- Damage to rod durability caused by Harpoon reduced from 150 to 100.

Channel System Changes

The Channel System has undergone a significant update, now operating automatically in the backend, similar to systems found in games like World of Warcraft.

Upon logging in, players will be assigned to a random channel as before. However, a new feature allows for easy channel switching to join friends or group members. By clicking the "Switch Channel" button next to their username, players can seamlessly transition to the desired channel. This improvement enables players to swiftly respond to urgent situations, such as assisting guild members under attack or joining friends on different channels without the need for manual cross-referencing.

Light Underground

In response to player feedback and to improve visibility and atmosphere inside the caves, they have decided to increase the default light levels underground by approximately 50%. This improvement aims to provide a more immersive and comfortable experience for players exploring underground environments.

Double EXP & Loot Event

From April 26th to April 29th (5:00 AM Pacific Time), Ravendawn is hosting an exciting event where all players will benefit from double Experience and Loot rewards! During this limited time, hunting creatures and gathering resources throughout the world will yield twice the usual rewards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up faster and collect more valuable loot!