Ravendawn - Paladin Build Guide

Embark on your journey through Ravendawn's PvE content with confidence as you adopt this sturdy and self-sustaining Paladin build. Whether you stand alone against the darkness or join forces with a group, this build prioritizes resilience, aggro management, and invaluable support for your team. Become the unyielding bastion that shields your allies from harm while commanding the attention of your foes. In this guide, we'll delve into the core principles, essential abilities, gear recommendations, and strategic insights that will empower you to excel as a Paladin in the world of Ravendawn.

Weapons & Gear


- Sword: The sword serves as your primary weapon, offering the essential Blade Warding skill (R) that provides a valuable Damage Shield. This skill enhances your survivability by mitigating incoming damage.

- Tower Shield: Pair your sword with a Tower Shield to bolster your defenses further. The Tower Shield provides additional protection, crucial for maintaining your role as a stalwart tank on the battlefield.


- Plate: Embrace the resilience of full plate armor, which offers unparalleled durability. The increased health pool, bonus to healing received, and enhanced weapon defense make plate armor the optimal choice for this build. With plate armor, you'll stand firm against enemy assaults and ensure your longevity in combat.

Jewellery & Trinket

- Rangers Company Shop: Seek out jewellery and trinkets from the Rangers Company shop that align with your desired stats and current level. These accessories should complement your build, enhancing your strengths and addressing any weaknesses. Be sure to prioritize items that enhance your survivability, aggro generation, and support capabilities.

Stats & Attributes


1. Might: 50% of your attribute points should be invested in Might. This stat not only boosts your damage-dealing capabilities but also amplifies your healing output. Through a balanced investment in Might, you'll excel in both offense and support roles, ensuring versatility in combat.

2. Wisdom: Allocate the remaining 50% of your attribute points into Wisdom. Wisdom enhances your healing potency, synergizing with your Paladin abilities to bolster your restorative capabilities. By prioritizing Wisdom, you'll amplify your effectiveness as a healer while still maintaining a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Gear Stats

1. Might: Equip gear that offers bonuses to Might to further enhance your damage output. With increased Might, your attacks will strike harder, asserting your dominance over foes and bolstering your threat generation.

2. Wisdom: Seek out gear that provides bonuses to Wisdom, augmenting your healing prowess. Enhanced Wisdom empowers your restorative abilities, ensuring your allies remain sustained and resilient throughout battles.

3. Vitality: Additionally, consider gear that boosts Vitality, further fortifying your resilience. With higher Vitality, you'll increase your maximum health pool, making you even more durable in the face of enemy assaults.

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Skills & Passives

By synergizing the Warfare, Protection, and Holy archetypes, you'll forge a Paladin build that excels in both offense and defense, while also providing invaluable healing and support to your allies. Prepare to champion the cause of righteousness and justice in the world of Ravendawn, leading your companions to victory against the forces of darkness.

Skills & Passives

Paladin Best Ravencards

Protection Protection

Zorian Shoreguard - Bash

Hoglet - Spirits Resolve

Jackal Moonblade - Spirit Shield

Morningstar Judge - Blessed Earth

Winterborn Guardian - Smiting Smash

Minotaur Warden - Shield Throw

Warhog - Banner of Protection

Minotaur Champion - Provoke

Skeleton Pikeman - Unbreakable

Holy  Holy

Yornish Druid - Flash Heal

Vampire Reaver - Dawn's Light

Brotherhood Mender - Mend

Dwarf Warpriest - Holy Shackles

Hierophant Sigrid - Devotion

Golden Guardian - Circle of Light

Iceforge Winterlord - Generous Influence

Warfare Warfare

Troll - Brutal Strike

Troll Knight - Bladestorm

Dwarf Prospector - Fissure

Dwarf Elementalist - Earthquake

Saltdusk Executioner - Guillotine

Troll Brawler - Pummel

Hog Warlord - Feasting Strike