Warlord Sargha Boss Guide in the Neltharus Dungeon


Warlord Sargha, the formidable leader of the Qalash djaradin, has dedicated herself to the pursuit of power for her clan, driven by the desire to defeat their draconic adversaries. In her relentless quest, she scours the lands for any means to bolster her clan's strength and secure victory. 

Rumors whisper of an ancient hoard concealed within the depths of Neltharus, a treasure trove that could potentially provide the edge Sargha seeks. With determination burning in her heart, she sets her sights on this elusive prize, ready to claim it for the glory of her people. 

As she ventures into the heart of danger, Sargha's resolve remains unshakable, fueled by the conviction that within the depths of Neltharus lies the key to turning the tide of battle in favor of the Qalash djaradin. With every step she takes, the anticipation of what awaits her grows, for she knows that within that hoard may lie the ultimate weapon to vanquish their draconic foes once and for all.

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Warlord Sargha Abilities

Warlord Sargha possesses an array of formidable abilities, both magical and physical, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield:

1. Magical Implements:

- Wand of Negation Wand of Negation: Deals 37,627 Arcane damage to damage absorb shields.

- Anti-Magic Bomb Anti-Magic Bomb: Inflicts 37,627 Arcane damage to damage absorb shields within 8 yards of impact.

- Azure Stone of Might Azure Stone of Might: Launches herself at an enemy, dealing 37,627 Arcane damage to damage absorb shields.

- Rose of the Vale Rose of the Vale: Unleashes mystical energy, dealing 37,627 Arcane damage to damage absorb shields to all enemies within 12 yards.

2. Magma Shield Magma Shield: Envelops herself in a shield of magma, absorbing 75,584 damage and triggering Flame Eruption every 3 seconds for 45 seconds.

- Flame Eruption Flame Eruption: Erupts with fire, dealing 1,394 Fire damage and applying Flame Vulnerability to every player. Flame Vulnerability causes players to take 50% more damage from subsequent Flame Eruptions for 4 seconds (stackable).

- Burning Ember Burning Ember: Launches an empowered fire ember, dealing 8,361 Fire damage to all players within 7 yards of impact. Creates Burning Ground and summons a Raging Ember.

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3. Burning Ground Burning Ground: Inflicts 2,788 Fire damage to an enemy every 1 second until canceled.

- Raging Ember Raging Ember: Fixates on a random player, pursuing them relentlessly.

4. The Dragon's Kiln The Dragon's Kiln: Unleashes a cone of fire, dealing 9,755 Fire damage to all players in front of her.

5. Molten Gold Molten Gold: Hurls Molten Gold at a player, inflicting 4,178 Fire damage every 3 seconds.

Tips and Strategy

Warlord Sargha presents a formidable challenge, utilizing a combination of fiery attacks and defensive maneuvers. She hurls Molten Gold at players, leaving Hardened Gold in her wake. Upon accumulating 100 Molten energy, she channels Magma Shield, bolstering her defenses. Players must search through treasure piles for magic items to aid in damaging the shield.


Tanks should focus on managing Warlord Sargha's attention while also utilizing magic items from treasure piles to weaken her Magma Shield. Beware of Flame Eruption, which deals heavy damage, especially during the Magma Shield phase.


Healers should prioritize keeping the raid alive while also utilizing magic items to weaken Magma Shield. Be prepared for intense healing during Flame Eruption, particularly when Magma Shield is active.

Damage Dealers

Damage dealers must swiftly dispatch Raging Embers and utilize magic items to weaken Magma Shield. Be cautious of the Burning Ground left by Raging Embers and brace for the heavy damage of Flame Eruption, especially during the Magma Shield phase. Cooperation and efficient use of resources from treasure piles are essential for victory against Warlord Sargha.