WoW Cataclysm - Al'Akir Boss Guide


Al'Akir the Windlord is a key figure in the rich mythology of World of Warcraft, known for his great intelligence and cunning. As one of the four Elemental Lords, Al'Akir ruled the elemental plane of air and served as the chief strategist of the Old Gods' armies, malevolent primordial beings who sought to dominate Azeroth. After the Old Gods' defeat by the Titans, Al'Akir was banished to the Elemental Plane, where he remained imprisoned for millennia.

With the Cataclysm, a cataclysmic event that shook Azeroth, Al'Akir allied himself with Deathwing, the corrupted Dragon Aspect, and unleashed his fury upon the world. During this period, he directed his godlike powers against the ancient enemies of the air elementals, the tol'vir, a race of stone-skinned guardians created by the Titans.

Al'Akir appears as a raid boss in the Throne of the Four Winds, an elemental fortress in the Skywall, where players must defeat him to restore balance to the elemental planes. His control over wind and storms, combined with his tactical prowess, makes him a formidable adversary and a fundamental character in World of Warcraft's narrative.

Al'Akir Abilities

Stage One

1. Wind Burst Wind Burst: Al'Akir unleashes a powerful Wind Burst, dealing 22620-25380 Nature damage to all players and knocking them back.

2. Squall Line Squall Line: Summons rotating wind funnels that deal 5000 Nature damage per second for 5 seconds to players within 4 yards.

3. Ice Storm Ice Storm: Creates Ice Storms that move slowly, leaving behind ice patches dealing 2000 Frost damage per second and slowing movement speed by 50%.

4. Lightning Strike Lightning Strike: Strikes a random player with Lightning, inflicting 19000-21000 Nature damage and 9500-10500 Nature damage to nearby players. In Heroic mode, deals continuous Nature damage for 16 seconds.

5. Static Shoc Static Shock: Targets any player in melee range with Nature damage.

6. Electrocute Electrocute: Channels increasing Nature damage over time to his target if out of melee range, ceasing when the target returns to melee range.


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Stage Two

Transition (At 80% Health):

1. Squall Line Squall Line: Al'Akir summons a line of wind funnels that move around the platform in a circle. The squalls catch any player that stands within 4 yards, and inflict 5000 Nature damage per second for 5 sec.

2. Electrocute Electrocute: Al'Akir channels a bolt of electricity to his current target if he is unable to reach that target with his melee attack, inflicting increasing Nature damage over time.He stops channeling Electrocute when his target returns to melee range.

3. Acid Rain Acid Rain: Al'Akir inflicts 500 Nature damage per second to all enemies. The damage dealt increases by 500 every 15 sec.

Stormling: Al'Akir summons a Stormling every 20 seconds. Stormlings inflict 2375-2625 Nature damage every second to all players within 5 yards. When Stormlings are killed they cause a Feedback effect on Al'Akir, increasing his damage taken. On Heroic difficulty, the Nature damage caused by Stormlings also causes players to take 2375-2625% additional Nature damage for 0 sec. This effect stacks from multiple Stormlings.

- Feedback Feedback: A Stormling's death causes a feedback effect on Al'Akir, increasing the damage he receives by 10%. This effect stacks and lasts 30 sec.

Stage Three

Transition (At 25% Health):

- Al'Akir shatters the platform, granting players the ability to fly.

1. Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm: Enables players to fly at 300% movement speed.

2. Wind Burst Wind Burst: Returns, knocking players back and inflicting Nature damage.

3. Feedback Lightning Rod: Electrifies a player, emitting lightning to nearby players for 5 seconds, dealing Nature damage.

4. Lightning Cloud Lightning Cloud: Summons clouds, erupting in electrical storms after 5 seconds, inflicting Nature damage per second within the cloud. Lasts 30 seconds.