WoW Cataclysm - Alizabal Boss Guide


Alizabal, the Mistress of Hate, found herself imprisoned within the formidable Violet Hold of the Kirin Tor shortly after being summoned to Azeroth by corrupt magi. Despite the intricate arcane seals that bound her powers, the inherent malevolence of this shivarra unleashed internal chaos among her guardians, driving them to acts of uncontrollable violence. This unprecedented phenomenon of despair and fury among the custodians was but the beginning of the nightmare that Alizabal represented.

Her transfer to Baradin Hold prior to the Cataclysm only exacerbated the already precarious conditions of this prison in ruins. The darkness surrounding her seems to feed on the desperation and resentment emanating from those who dare to guard her. As time passes, Alizabal's influence appears to expand, corrupting every corner of her prison and sowing chaos among those who dare to approach her. Her mere presence is a constant reminder of the danger she poses to Azeroth and those who guard her.


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Alizabal, Mistress of Hate Abilities

1. Skewer Skewer: Alizabal impales and incapacitates her current target for 8 seconds. Additionally, Skewer deals 9000-11000 Physical damage every 2 seconds and amplifies the target's damage taken by 150%.

2. Seething Hate Seething Hate: Alizabal ignites Seething Hate within a random player, causing 195000-205000 total Fire damage to all players within 6 yards of the target. The damage is distributed evenly among nearby players.

3. Blade Dance Blade Dance: Alizabal initiates a Blade Dance, slashing every player within 13 yards for 11875-13125 Physical damage per second. Furthermore, the Blade Dance deflects all incoming attacks.