WoW Cataclysm - Argaloth Boss Guide


In the depths of Azeroth, where the power of demons clashes with the resolve of the light’s defenders, looms the terrifying figure of Argaloth, the Pit Lord. This colossal demon, known for his brutality and devastating magic, posed such a grave threat that not even the reinforced cells of Dalaran's mighty Violet Hold could contain him. The magi of the Kirin Tor, guardians of arcane secrets and protectors of the world, faced an insurmountable dilemma. With their powerful spells unable to imprison Argaloth, they made a desperate decision.

Thus, Argaloth's fate was sealed in the dark confines of Tol Barad, an ancient prison surrounded by tumultuous seas and protected by ancient magical barriers. This place, feared and avoided by many, became the only hope to prevent the fury of the Pit Lord from being unleashed upon the world. The battle to keep Argaloth confined is a constant struggle, a dangerous dance between chaos and order, between darkness and light.


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Argaloth Abilities

1. Consuming Darkness Consuming Darkness: Argaloth envelops three players with Consuming Darkness, inflicting Shadow damage over time. The damage inflicted by Consuming Darkness significantly increases as time progresses. In 25-player raids, Argaloth targets eight players with this ability.

2. Meteor Slash Meteor Slash: Argaloth slashes at his current target, dealing 200,000 Fire damage and increasing the Fire damage taken by 100% for 20 seconds for all players within a frontal 120-degree cone. The damage is divided amongst all targets hit by the slash.

3. Fel Firestorm Fel Firestorm: Argaloth unleashes a Fel Firestorm, rapidly creating Fel Flames with a 3-yard radius around his cell for 15 seconds. Fel Flames inflict 11,700-12,300 Fire damage every second to any player standing within them.