WoW Cataclysm - Ascendant Council Boss Guide


Deep within the shadows of Azeroth lies the Ascendant Council, a group of the most powerful and sinister cultists of the Twilight's Hammer. These individuals have been twisted and transformed into elemental beings, their mortal forms long forgotten in the dust of history. Each member of the council has undergone a dark ritual of ascension, sacrificing their humanity to gain unimaginable power, becoming avatars of the elements.

From their malevolent sanctum, a place suffused with arcane and corrupt energies, the Ascendant Council is dedicated to the oversight and selection of new candidates for ascension. These aspirants are subjected to extreme trials designed to test their physical, mental, and spiritual endurance. Only the most worthy, those who demonstrate unwavering devotion and an insatiable desire for power, are chosen to join the ranks of the ascended.

The Ascendant Council seeks not only to expand their power but also to shape the future of the Twilight's Hammer. Their influence extends across Azeroth, bringing chaos and destruction wherever necessary to fulfill their dark purposes. Those who dare to oppose them quickly discover they are in the presence of enemies who have transcended the limitations of flesh and blood, now existing as beings of pure elemental energy.

Ascendant Council Abilities

Stage One

At the start of the encounter, Feludius and Ignacious enter the battle. Arion and Terrastra watch from the balconies above. In Heroic Difficulty, Arion and Terrastra assist their fellow councilors.


Ascendant Councillor of Water

1. Glaciate Glaciate: Feludius unleashes a burst of Frost that damages all players in the room. Damage taken decreases with distance from Feludius, and any victims at point-blank range suffer fatal damage. Players afflicted by Waterlogged when Feludius uses Glaciate become Frozen and suffer additional damage.

2. Hydro Lance Hydro Lance: Feludius fires a powerful waterbolt at a random player, inflicting 81,000-99,000 Frost damage.

3. Water Bomb Water Bomb: Feludius lobs a shower of watery missiles throughout the room, splashing down and inflicting 9,750-10,250 Frost damage to players within 6 yards of each impact. Water Bomb afflicts Waterlogged on any enemy damaged.

- Waterlogged Waterlogged: Water Bomb soaks the player in icy water, reducing their movement speed by 25%. Feludius's Glaciate will cause all Waterlogged players to become Frozen. Exposure to the intense heat from Ignacious's abilities removes this effect.

- Frozen Frozen: Feludius's Glaciate causes all Waterlogged enemies to become Frozen solid, stunning and inflicting 25,000 Frost damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

4. Heart of Ice Heart of Ice: Feludius causes an icy chill to envelop a random player's heart, inflicting increasing Frost damage every 2 sec, but also causing nearby players within 10 yards to become Frost Imbued.

- Heart of Ice Frost Imbued: A player with a Heart of Ice empowers other nearby players with Frost energy for 30 sec, causing their attacks to deal additional damage to Ignacious.


Ascendant Councillor of Flame

1. Aegis of Flame Aegis of Flame: Ignacious surrounds himself with a radiant shield of flame, absorbing up to 500,000 damage and preventing spell interruption while active. He begins channeling Rising Flames immediately after Aegis.

- Rising Flames Rising Flames: After shielding himself with Aegis of Flame, Ignacious begins to channel Rising Flames, inflicting 13,500-16,500 Fire damage to all players in the room every 2 sec. Each time Rising Flames pulses, Ignacious increases his damage dealt by 3% for 15 sec. This effect stacks at an increasing rate.

2.  Inferno Rush Inferno Rush: Ignacious leaps to a distant target, knocking away all enemies within 0 yards of the point of impact and inflicting 13,875-16,125 Fire damage. Ignacious then rushes back to his last target, leaving a trail of fire in his wake. Standing within this fire inflicts 4,625-5,375 Fire damage every 1 sec.

3.  Flame Torrent Flame Torrent: Ignacious unleashes plumes of fire from his hands, inflicting 37,000-43,000 Fire damage every 1 sec for 3 sec in an 18-yard, 30-degree cone in front of him.

4. Burning Blood Burning Blood: Ignacious boils the blood of a random player, inflicting increasing Fire damage every 2 sec, but also causing nearby players within 10 yards to become Flame Imbued.

Flame Imbued Flame Imbued: Burning Blood empowers nearby players with Fire energy for 30 sec, causing their attacks to inflict additional damage to Feludius.


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Stage Two

Once either Feludius or Ignacious reaches 25% health, both Councilors retreat. Arion and Terrastra then descend from above to carry on the fight.


Ascendant Councillor of Air

1. Call Winds Call Winds: Arion focuses and agitates the nearby air into a violent cyclone. This cyclone wanders randomly around the room for 50 sec before dissipating. The cyclones knock upwards any player who touches them and inflict the Swirling Winds effect on that player.

- Swirling Winds Swirling Winds: After contact with one of Arion's cyclones, a cloud of swirling air coalesces beneath the feet of a player and lifts them off the ground for 2 min. The Grounded effect cancels the Swirling Winds effect.

2. Thundershock Thundershock: Arion unleashes a massive electrical storm that fills the room with crackling lightning, inflicting 78,000-82,000 Nature damage to all players. Players with the Grounded effect take greatly reduced damage.

3. Lightning Rod Lightning Rod: Arion marks a random player as a target for a forthcoming Chain Lightning attack. In 25-player raids, Arion marks three random players as targets.

- Chain Lightning Chain Lightning: Arion fires an arcing pulse of lightning at all players marked as Lightning Rods, inflicting 13,300-14,700 Nature damage and bouncing to additional nearby players within 15 yards. The damage inflicted by Chain Lightning increases as the pulse bounces to additional players.

4. Disperse Disperse: Arion dissolves into swirling wind and materializes elsewhere in the room, then casts Lightning Blast.

- Lightning Blast Lightning Blast: Arion blasts his primary target with concentrated lightning, inflicting 108,000-132,000 Nature damage.


Ascendant Councillor of Earth

1. Gravity Well Gravity Well: Terrastra creates a pocket of intense gravity near a random player. The Gravity Well periodically inflicts 3,000 Nature damage to players within 7 yards and draws them into its pull for 30 sec. Players pulled into Gravity Wells gain the Grounded effect.

- Grounded: Grounded: After contact with one of Terrastra's Gravity Wells, the player gains the Grounded effect. This lasts for 2 min, but Swirling Winds lift the player from the ground and remove this effect.

2. Harden Skin Harden Skin: Terrastra's skin hardens into solid rock, increasing his Physical damage dealt by 20% and absorbing 50% of all damage taken, up to 500,000 for 30 sec. If Terrastra reaches this threshold before the effect ends, his rocky skin shatters, causing him to suffer all the damage that Harden Skin absorbed.

3. Quake Quake: Terrastra sends massive shockwaves through the earth, inflicting 63,375-66,625 Physical damage to all players. Players with the Swirling Winds effect take no damage.

- Eruption Eruption: Terrastra causes rocky spikes to emerge from the ground around his feet. Each spike impales players within 4 yards of it, inflicting 23,562-26,437 Physical damage and knocking them up in the air.

Stage Three

Once either Arion or Terrastra reaches 25% health, the Councilors grow impatient and place all combatants in a stasis field. All four Councilors combine to form the Elementium Monstrosity, beginning the final phase of the encounter.

Elementium Monstrosity

The combined elemental power of the Ascendant Council

- Health: The initial health of the Elementium Monstrosity equals the combined remaining health of each of the four Councilors.

- Electric Instability Electric Instability: Every 1 sec, the Monstrosity zaps nearby players with electrical bolts for 4,712-5,287 Nature damage. The electrical bolt chains to nearby players. The Elementium Monstrosity is an unstable creature and emanates increasing amounts of electrical energy over time. The increased energy causes the electrical bolts to strike an increasing number of targets.

- Gravity Crush Gravity Crush: The Elementium Monstrosity traps a player in a gravity bubble, lifting them off the ground and crushing them for 6% of their maximum health every 1 sec for 6 sec. When the effect ends, the player falls to the ground. In 25-player raids, the Elementium Monstrosity traps three players in a gravity bubble.

- Lava Seed Lava Seed: The Elementium Monstrosity showers the surrounding area with kernels of pure Flame energy. Each Lava Seed erupts and inflicts 43,750-56,250 Fire damage to any player within the blast radius.

- Cryogenic Aura Cryogenic Aura: The preternaturally cold Monstrosity reduces all damage taken by 25% and freezes the ground beneath it. The Monstrosity continually forms pools of Liquid Ice beneath its feet. These pools inflict 9,500-10,500 Frost damage every 1 sec to players that stand within them. Pools of Liquid Ice expand while they remain in contact with the Monstrosity.