WoW Cataclysm - Atramedes Boss Guide


Atramedes, also known as Experiment 25463-D, represents a dark chapter in the annals of dragon experimentation. Initially conceived as an endeavor to augment the sensory capabilities of a black dragon whelp, the experiment ended in catastrophic failure. The application of a toxic salve intended to heighten his senses instead robbed him of his sight, plunging him into a world of darkness. Bereft of vision, Atramedes was compelled to rely solely on his acute sense of hearing and keen olfactory perception for navigation and survival.

However, what might have been a tragic tale of experimentation gone awry is overshadowed by Atramedes's malevolent nature. Despite his affliction, he emerged not as a sympathetic figure but as a force of darkness, driven by sinister intentions and a thirst for power. His enhanced senses, while initially a curse, became tools of terror as he prowled the depths of his lair, using sound and scent to hunt his prey with ruthless efficiency.

Thus, the saga of Atramedes serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of tampering with forces beyond comprehension, and the unforeseen consequences that can arise from such hubris. In his relentless pursuit of power, Atramedes embodies the chilling reality that even the noblest of intentions can give rise to the most malevolent of beings.

Atramedes Abilities

Atramedes, the blind black dragon, possesses a formidable array of abilities that make him a challenging adversary for any brave adventurers daring to face him:

Grounded Abilities:

1. Sonar Pulse Sonar Pulse: Periodically emits discs of sonic energy to locate players. Being struck by a Sonar Pulse increases a player's Sound level.

2.  Modulation Modulation: Casts a damaging spell that inflicts Shadow damage. The damage scales with the player's Sound level.

3. Sonic Breath Sonic Breath: Targets a random player, breathing fire as he turns towards them. Inflicts Fire damage to all players in its path and increases their Sound level.

4. Searing Flames Searing Flames: Channels flames that fill the room, inflicting Fire damage over time and increasing Fire damage taken by affected players. Interrupting this ability with a Resonating Clash reduces the damage taken.

5. Roaring Flames Roaring Flames: Leaves patches of fire on the ground that continue to damage players who walk through them. Crossing these flames also increases a player's Sound level.

6. Devastation Devastation: Channels devastating fire damage on all players with maximum Sound, posing a significant threat.


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Airborne Abilities:

1. Roaring Flame Breath Roaring Flame Breath: Breathes a fiery gout that follows a random player around the room, leaving behind Roaring Flames. The breath's speed increases over time.

2. Sonar Bomb: Sonar Bomb: Launches bombs at random player locations, inflicting Arcane damage and increasing Sound levels upon impact.

3. Sonic Fireball Sonic Fireball: Follows up Sonar Bombs with fireballs that inflict Fire damage to enemies within range.


- Sound: Atramedes relies on sound to locate and attack players. Players start with 0 Sound and gain Sound when taking damage. At 100 Sound, Atramedes channels Devastation on them. Using Ancient Dwarven Shields resets Sound levels on all players.

- Ancient Dwarven Shields: Striking these shields causes a Resonating Clash, interrupting Atramedes' casting, resetting Sound levels, and causing him Vertigo for a brief period.