WoW Cataclysm - Cho'gall Boss Guide


Under Cho'gall's control, the orcish Twilight's Hammer clan was transformed into a murderous cult obsessed with the Old Gods and their herald, Deathwing. Extended contact with his dark master has hideously warped both Cho'gall's mind and body.

Once a promising member of the Shadow Council, Cho'gall's thirst for power and forbidden knowledge led him to embrace the maddening whispers of the Old Gods. His body, twisted and malformed, now reflects the corruption that has taken root in his very soul. Cho'gall's dual heads, each with its own twisted personality, embody the chaotic nature of his masters. One head is calculating and manipulative, while the other is utterly deranged, driven by a manic devotion to the dark forces he serves.

The transformation of the Twilight's Hammer clan under Cho'gall was swift and brutal. What was once a group of disenfranchised orcs became a fanatical sect, willing to commit unspeakable atrocities in the name of their dark gods. Rituals of blood and shadow became commonplace as Cho'gall sought to usher in the return of the Old Gods to Azeroth.

Cho'gall's influence extends beyond his immediate followers. His mastery of dark magic and his connection to the Old Gods have made him a significant threat to all of Azeroth. Heroes from across the land have tried to stop him, only to find themselves ensnared in his intricate web of deceit and terror. His ultimate goal is to bring about an age of chaos and destruction, paving the way for the Old Gods to reclaim their dominion over the world.

Cho'gall's Abilities Breakdown

Corrupted Blood Mechanics:

Exposure to several of Cho'gall's abilities increases a player's Corruption level. For each point of Corruption, players suffer 2% additional damage from Cho'gall's Corruption of the Old God ability.

-Corruption - Accelerated: Corruption - Accelerated: At 25% Corruption, players gain Corruption: Accelerated, which rapidly increases their Corruption level.

- Corruption - Sickness Corruption - Sickness: At 50% Corruption, players periodically become violently ill, vomiting and dealing 19500-20500 Shadow damage in a 20-degree cone in front of them, increasing Corruption for those hit.

- Corruption - Malformation Corruption - Malformation: At 75% Corruption, a tentacle Malformation erupts from the player's back, casting Shadow Bolts at allies for 24375-25625 Shadow damage.

- Corruption - Absolute Corruption - Absolute: At 100% Corruption, players fully transform into faceless horrors, becoming unhealable but dealing 100% additional damage and casting spells instantly.


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Stage One

1. Conversion Conversion: Cho'gall causes random players to worship him, granting him one stack of Twisted Devotion every 3 seconds.

- Twisted Devotion Twisted Devotion: Each stack increases Cho'gall's damage by 10% for 15 seconds.

2.  Fury of Cho'gall Fury of Cho'gall: Deals 19500-20500 Shadow and Physical damage to the target, increasing their Physical and Shadow damage taken by 20% for 1 minute.

3. Flame's Orders Flame's Orders: Summons a Fire elemental, empowering Cho'gall's hammer with Flaming Destruction. On Heroic, gains one stack of Flaming Destruction for each 10% health remaining on the elemental.

- Flaming Destruction Flaming Destruction: Melee attacks deal an additional 23400-24600 Fire damage and create a Blaze, a 5-yard radius pool of fire dealing 12675-13325 Fire damage per second for 25 seconds.

4. Shadow's Orders Shadow's Orders: Summons a Shadow elemental, imbuing Cho'gall's hammer with Empowered Shadows. On Heroic, gains one stack of Empowered Shadows for each 10% health remaining on the elemental.

Empowered Shadows Empowered Shadows: Every 3 seconds, deals 19500-20500 Shadow damage to players within 50000 yards.

5. Summon Corrupting Adherent Summon Corrupting Adherent: Summons Corrupting Adherents from twilight portals. On 25-player Heroic, activates both portals, summoning two simultaneously.

Corrupting Adherent Abilities:

- Depravity Depravity: Deals 19500-20500 Shadow damage to players within 20 yards, significantly raising Corruption levels.

- Corrupting Crash Corrupting Crash: Lobs a shadow missile, dealing 35100-36900 Shadow damage within 8 yards and increasing Corruption.

- Spilled Blood of the Old God Spilled Blood of the Old God: Forms pools of black bile dealing 14625-15375 Shadow damage per second, increasing Corruption.

6. Fester Blood Fester Blood: Cho'gall festers the blood of all Corrupting Adherents, causing pools of Spilled Blood of the Old God to form into animated oozes. Fester Blood also causes the dark blood of any living Corrupting Adherents to boil, causing the Festering Blood effect.

- Fester Blood Festering Blood: When Cho'gall uses Fester Blood, the dark blood of any living Corrupting Adherents sprays out from their bodies, inflicting 54 Shadow damage every 2 sec to all players within 20 yards. Players damaged by this ability will gain Corruption.

- Blood of the Old God: The Corrupting Adherents' blood congeals into numerous vile oozes, each of which fixates on a random player and moves towards them. The animated Blood of the Old God raises the Corruption level of any target they melee.

Stage Two

- Upon reaching 25% health: Absorbs dark energies, transforming into a more twisted creature.

1.  Fury of Cho'gall Fury of Cho'gall: Same as in Stage One.

2. Corruption - Accelerated: Corruption of the Old God: Inflicts 4875-5125 Shadow damage every 2 seconds to all players, increasing Corruption.

3. Darkened Creations Darkened Creations: Summons tentacles that channel Debilitating Beam.

- Debilitating Beam Debilitating Beam: Reduces healing and damage by 75%, dealing 6240-6560 Shadow damage every second for 10 seconds. On Heroic, also causes Corrupted Blood.