WoW Cataclysm - Commander Ulthok Boss Guide


In the murky depths of Vashj'ir, a figure of ancient malevolence lurks, his presence an ominous portent of impending doom. Commander Ulthok, known as the Festering Prince, stands as a formidable force in the ongoing conflict for the Throne of Tides. Sent by his enigmatic Old God masters, Ulthok embodies the essence of darkness, commanding legions of faceless ones with unparalleled malevolence.

His appearance is a grotesque testament to his sinister nature, with writhing shadows coalescing around a form bristling with malevolent energy. Countless eyes gleam with an eerie light, reflecting the depths of his ancient malevolence. Armed with razor-sharp claws and a mind steeped in the darkest of magics, Ulthok is a fearsome adversary to any who dare to oppose him.

His powers are as vast as they are sinister, ranging from the infusion of void energies into his attacks to the insidious ability to corrupt and dominate the minds of his foes. Ulthok's very presence taints the waters around him, transforming the ocean depths into a realm of unrelenting terror.

As a key figure in Lady Naz'jar's relentless quest for dominance, Ulthok's strategic brilliance and unwavering loyalty to his Old God masters make him a force to be reckoned with. Those who would challenge him must be prepared to face the full extent of his dark powers and the relentless onslaught of his minions. In the depths of Vashj'ir, Commander Ulthok reigns supreme as the harbinger of darkness and the herald of doom.

Commander Ulthok's Abilities

Commander Ulthok deploys a variety of lethal abilities, from waves of dark energy to the creation of dangerous slime puddles. Players must stay alert and coordinate to counter these threats if they wish to triumph over this formidable adversary.

1. Bubbling Fissure Bubbling Fissure: Ulthok unleashes a wave of dark energy erupting from the ground in a designated area. This fissure deals 73727 Shadow damage, repelling players in the impact zone and leaving behind a pool of Bubbling Slime.

2. Bubbling Slime Bubbling Slime: Players within the Bubbling Slime area suffer 17408 Shadow damage per second and have their haste reduced by 100%.

3.  Slime Awakening Slime Awakening: Ulthok animates all Bubbling Slime puddles, transforming them into Coagulated Slime that chases players for 12 seconds. The Coagulated Slime is repelled when attacked.


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4. Degenerative Shockwave Degenerative Shockwave: Ulthok stomps the ground, releasing a wave of slime that repels all players and envelops them. This ability deals 33792 Shadow damage and 4096 Shadow damage per second for 12 seconds.

5. Crushing Claw Crushing Claw: Targeting the primary target, Ulthok strikes with a crushing claw. This action inflicts 122878 physical damage and increases damage taken by the target by 100% for 10 seconds.

Tips and Strategy for Commander Ulthok

Commander Ulthok presents a single-phase encounter where precise positioning and effective management of his abilities are crucial for success. Below are some tips tailored to each role:

All Roles:

- Focusing Bubbling Fissure Placement: Ensure Bubbling Fissures are strategically positioned close to each other, facilitating easier kiting of incoming Bubbling Slimes. Avoid lingering in ground pools to minimize damage.

- Utilizing Crowd Control: Employ crowd-control effects to prevent Bubbling Slimes from encroaching upon your group, maintaining control of the battlefield.


- Exploiting Bubbling Slimes: Capitalize on the presence of Bubbling Slimes to enhance your damage output. If possible, pull resources from them to bolster your damage against the boss.


- Remain vigilant for Crushing Claw, the tank-buster ability. Prepare appropriate defensive measures and coordinate with healers to mitigate its impact.


- Utilize major healing cooldowns to sustain your group during the knockback phase of Degenerative Shockwave. Prioritize healing to counteract the damage-over-time effect effectively.

General Pro Tip: 

Employ line of sight tactics to mitigate the impact of Degenerative Shockwave's damage-over-time effect, ensuring survival for your group.