WoW Cataclysm - Corborus Boss Guide


In the twisted depths of The Stonecore dungeon, a creature of titanic ferocity awaits its liberation. Corborus, the massive gyreworm, once enslaved by the corrupt will of Deathwing, now unleashes itself in unbridled fury. Its formidable presence and immense power pose a daunting threat to the brave adventurers who venture into this dungeon.

With each step, Corborus shakes the earth, and its rage unleashes destruction in its wake. Its jaws, capable of shattering solid rock like paper, present a formidable challenge even to the most seasoned warriors. Like an unstoppable force of nature, the gyreworm leaves behind a trail of chaos and desolation.

For the heroes daring enough to face it, Corborus represents more than just an obstacle in their path to victory; it is a test of valor, skill, and strategy. Only those willing to confront this beast with determination and cunning can hope to prevail and continue their quest within the depths of The Stonecore.

Corborus Abilities

1. Crystal Barrage Crystal Barrage: Corborus channels a barrage of crystals on the location of a random enemy player, inflicting 1885-2115 Physical damage in a 5-yard radius around the location every 1 second for 4 seconds. In Heroic difficulty, the Crystal Barrage also summons a Crystal Shard every 1 second within the area.

2. Dampening Wave Dampening Wave: Corborus unleashes a wave of energy, inflicting 2375-2625 Shadow damage to all enemies within 60 yards. The energy wave also inflicts each enemy with a heal absorption effect that will prevent 4000 healing on the target for 6 seconds.

3. Burrow Burrow: After some time, Corborus will burrow into the ground and become unattackable. While Corborus is underground, Rock Borers will periodically emerge from the ground at the location of a random player and begin to attack. Corborus will also violently erupt out of the ground and resubmerge four times with a Thrashing Charge. After the fourth Thrashing Charge, Corborus emerges from the ground and resumes normal combat.

-  Thrashing Charge Thrashing Charge: Before Corborus erupts out of the ground with a Thrashing Charge, the ground where he erupts will be disturbed. Corborus then leaps out of the ground and quickly dives back underground. Any player caught in the path of this movement is dealt 23562-26437 Physical damage and knocked back.


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Rock Borer: Rock Borers have low health. If not killed quickly, they will inflict Rock Bore on their current target.

- Rock Bore Rock Bore: A Rock Borer wounds their current target, inflicting 1000 Physical damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. Rock Bore can stack up to 10 times.

Strategyand Tips for Corborus

1. Dampening Wave: Dampening Wave is a debuff Corborus will use on the entire party. It should be quickly dispelled from the tank but can be ignored on everyone else, as its 6-second duration should not pose a significant problem.

2. Crystal Barrage: Move away from the Crystal Barrage location to avoid damage. Be prepared to quickly use AoE attacks to deal with the adds (Crystal Shards) that spawn from it. Try to kill the adds from a distance, as they explode with a stacking debuff that increases damage taken.

3. Burrow Phase: Periodically, Corborus will burrow underground, becoming unattackable. During this phase, he will attempt to jump at random players. Move away from his path, which is marked by shifting ground and dust. Rock Borers will spawn continuously during this phase and should be killed promptly, even if Corborus resurfaces while some are still alive.

4. Thrashing Charge: When Corborus prepares to use Thrashing Charge, the ground will be disturbed where he is about to erupt. Avoid these areas to prevent taking significant damage and being knocked back.

General Tips

- Maintain situational awareness to avoid Crystal Barrage and Thrashing Charge.

- Prioritize quick add management during both the Crystal Barrage and Burrow phases.

- Ensure the tank remains dispelled of the Dampening Wave debuff to reduce incoming damage.

- Coordinate with your team to handle the continuous spawning of Rock Borers efficiently, minimizing the risk of stacking Rock Bore debuffs.