WoW Cataclysm - Darkmoon Island Overview


The revamped Darkmoon Island now hosts a spectacular fair, filled with extravagant details, fun games, and a wide variety of toiletries for all tastes. This guide will take you through all the new attractions, achievements, games, rewards, and currencies, with numerous screenshots organized by attraction.

Fair Highlights:

1. Replica Vanilla WoW Dungeon Armor for Transmogrification: Relive the old days with exact replicas of the classic World of Warcraft dungeon armor! Perfect for transmogrification enthusiasts looking to recreate their nostalgic appearances.

2. Numerous New Mounts and Pets for Purchase: Explore the exciting new mounts and pets available at the fair. From mystical creatures to themed mounts, there's something for every collector.

3. A Free-for-All PvP Arena: Prove your combat skills in the new PvP arena, where all players can engage in an exciting battle with no alliances. Only the strongest will survive.

4. New Quests Associated with Minigames and Professions: Participate in a variety of new quests that take you through fun minigames and challenges related to your professions. Earn unique rewards and improve your skills while having fun.

5. Vendors Selling Heirlooms: Obtain heirlooms to help level your alternate characters faster and more efficiently. These vendors offer a variety of heirlooms for different classes and roles.

6. A Petting Zoo!: Visit the petting zoo to see an impressive collection of exotic creatures. Interact with them and learn more about each species while enjoying this charming addition to the fair.

WoW Cataclysm - Darkmoon Island Overview

How to Get to Darkmoon Island

To reach Darkmoon Island, find a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage in any capital city. They offer portals to Elwynn Forest (for Alliance) or Mulgore (for Horde) and provide an introductory quest that gives you 5 Darkmoon Prize Tickets and the essential Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide. After paying for the teleport, use the portal at the old fairgrounds to transport to the new island. Ride through the woods to discover the Faire at the bottom of the hill. Enjoy the attractions and rewards!

Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage:






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Darkmoon Faire Quests

The new Darkmoon Faire offers a variety of quests, including daily minigames and monthly turn-in quests. Completing these quests rewards you with Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which can be used to purchase various prizes.

Darkmoon Despoiler Quests

To complete the Darkmoon Despoiler achievement, you need to turn in nine specific books. You must have the Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your inventory, which you receive from Selina Dourman or the introductory quest, to be eligible to loot these books. Turning in all nine books will earn you 80 Darkmoon Prize Tickets and the Darkmoon Despoiler achievement.

Books Required for Darkmoon Despoiler:

1. Fallen Adventurer's Journal:

- Looted only in battlegrounds.

- Counts towards the Darkmoon Defender achievement.

2. Captured Insignia:

- Looted only in battlegrounds.

- Counts towards the Darkmoon Defender achievement.

3. Soothsayer's Runes: Looted from the first boss in any raid.

4. Imbued Crystal: Drops from level-appropriate 5-man bosses.

5. Monstrous Egg: Drops from level-appropriate 5-man bosses.

6. Mysterious Grimoire: Drops from level-appropriate 5-man bosses.

7. Ornate Weapon: Drops from level-appropriate 5-man bosses.

8. A Treatise on Strategy: Drops from level-appropriate 5-man bosses.

Faire Favors 

Players can complete five profession quests per month: two for primary professions and three for secondary professions. Completing all five quests rewards you with 17 Darkmoon Prize Tickets and the **Faire Favors** achievement.

To access these quests, you need at least 75 skill points in your chosen professions.

Required Materials for Profession Quests:

- Alchemy: 5 Moonberry Juice

- Inscription: 5 Light Parchment

- Leatherworking: 10 Shiny Bauble, 5 Coarse Thread, 5 Blue Dye

- Tailoring: 1 Coarse Thread, 1 Red Dye, 1 Blue Dye

- Archeology: 15 Fossil Fragments (must be gathered, commonly found in locations such as Un'Goro Crater and Desolace)

- Cooking: 5 Simple Flour


Maxima Blastenheimer: The Humanoid Cannonball

Accumulate 5 Cannon Target Points by landing near the target in the water.

Click off the wings to land in the marked area in the water. You'll be awarded 1, 3, or 5 points based on accuracy.

Landing perfectly in the center awards Blastenheimer Bullseye.

Use Teleportologist Fozlebub to quickly return to the cannon.

Jessica Rogers: Target: Turtle

Land 3 rings on the Darkmoon Turtle.

Aim downwards towards the ground for better accuracy.

The turtle wanders in six directions and then returns to the center. Aim for the middle and throw when the turtle moves back there.

Rinling: He Shoots, He Scores!

Score 25 points in 60 seconds.

Use a temporary gun to hit one of three marked targets.

Targets spawning in your direction can earn you Quick Shot, awarding 2 points instead of 1.

Finlay Coolshot: Tonk Commander

Destroy 30 Tonk Targets in the time allowed using your Darkmoon Tonk.

Keep moving to avoid being tracked by the Zeppelin.

Drive through targets for accurate hits.

Mola: It's Hammer Time

Score 30 points by whacking Gnolls.

Regular gnolls are worth 1 point, Hogger-gnolls are worth 3 points, and babies will stun you.

Target gnolls with steam around their base, indicating they just spawned.

Deathmatch Pavilion

The Deathmatch Pavilion, overseen by Korgol Crushskull, hosts a large-scale arena event reminiscent of the Gurubashi Arena. Every 3 hours, players compete to loot a spawned chest. The match continues until the first person loots the chest, and players of the same faction who are not grouped up also appear hostile to each other.

Deathmatch Pavilion


- Darkmoon Dominator Achievement: Completing this achievement requires turning in 12 Pit Fighter items.

Pit Fighter Items:

- Pit Fighter
- Master Pit Fighter