WoW Cataclysm - Deepholm Zone Overview


Deepholm is a mysterious and captivating realm reserved for brave adventurers who have reached level 82 or higher in the world of World of Warcraft. This vast and majestic territory, designed for level 82-83 players, offers a unique and challenging gaming experience. Intrepid travelers wishing to explore this elemental enclave must first complete a series of preliminary tasks and missions.

To access Deepholm, adventurers must meet two main requirements. Firstly, they must heed the call of the elements by accepting the "Personal Summons" automatically granted to them in the great cities of Stormwind or Orgrimmar. This mission will lead them to seek out the wise Naraat the Earthspeaker or Farseer Krogar, who will guide them on their journey to the heart of Deepholm.

Additionally, aspiring explorers must attune their senses to "The Eye of the Storm," a visionary experience that will provide them with vital information about the challenges that await them in this subterranean realm. After fulfilling these requirements and reaching the appropriate level, heroes will be ready to embark on the next phase of their adventure.

Once these preludes are completed, brave warriors can pick up the starting quest at the Heroes Board, strategically located in the major cities, marking the beginning of their journey into the depths of Deepholm.

WoW Cataclysm - Deepholm Zone Overview

How to Get to Deepholm

To access Deepholm, adventurers must first travel to either Stormwind City for Alliance players or Orgrimmar for Horde players. Once there, they can locate the portal that leads to Deepholm. This portal becomes available after completing the introductory quests in Deepholm itself.

For Alliance players, the portal is typically located near the Mage Tower in Stormwind City. Horde players can find their portal near the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar. These portals serve as gateways to Deepholm, transporting adventurers to the depths of this mysterious realm once they have completed the necessary prerequisites.

It's important to note that the portal to Deepholm will not be accessible until players have completed the initial quests that introduce them to the zone. These quests are typically obtained from the Heroes Board in Stormwind City or Orgrimmar and serve as the starting point for adventurers embarking on their journey into Deepholm.


Deepholm boasts a dense concentration of quests within a compact area, making it an ideal destination for leveling up swiftly. The zone presents an abundance of opportunities for adventurers to immerse themselves in its rich lore and engaging challenges while progressing through levels efficiently.

Moreover, Deepholm provides a favorable environment for players to increase their reputation with The Earthen Ring faction. By completing quests and participating in various activities, players can swiftly earn the favor of The Earthen Ring, eventually unlocking valuable rewards such as the esteemed Tabard of the Earthen Ring.

For those seeking dungeon experiences, Deepholm offers The Stonecore, a formidable challenge filled with perilous obstacles and formidable foes. Adventurers can test their skills and teamwork as they navigate through this ancient underground labyrinth.

Furthermore, Deepholm is home to numerous rare spawns, each guarding valuable treasures and unique items. Encountering these elusive creatures presents an exciting opportunity for adventurers to acquire rare loot and bolster their arsenal with powerful equipment.


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Characters and rare Creatures

Therazane, The Stone Mother: As the Elemental Lord of Earth and the mother of Princess Theradras, Therazane commands immense power within Deepholm. Players may find her initially hostile due to past conflicts, including the defeat of her daughter Theradras during elemental invasions preceding Cataclysm.

Millhouse Manastorm: This eccentric Gnome Mage is no stranger to trouble, having been rescued by players in Arcatraz. He resurfaces within the Stonecore dungeon, embroiled in new escapades and adding a touch of whimsy to the challenges within.

Aeonaxx: Among the most coveted rares in Deepholm, Aeonaxx presents a unique challenge. Initially friendly, Aeonaxx becomes hostile when players mount him, triggering a frantic battle against spawning whelps. Defeating him rewards adventurers with the coveted Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.

Golgarok: This formidable elemental giant patrols the southwestern reaches of Deepholm, presenting a formidable challenge to adventurers. Defeating Golgarok yields the prized Golgarok's Tenderized Treads.

Jadefang: Known for dropping the companion pet Tiny Shale Spider, Jadefang adds an element of tension to Deepholm as a tameable creature for hunters. Adventurers must be vigilant when encountering Jadefang in the northeastern part of the zone.

Terborus: With his luminous glow, Terborus is hard to miss as he roams near Therazane's Throne. Defeating Terborus rewards adventurers with Terborus's Rotating Bands, adding to their arsenal of equipment.

Xariona: This elusive dragon circles the Earthen Temple at the heart of Deepholm. Defeating Xariona rewards adventurers with Xariona's Spectral Gauntlets and offers a chance to acquire other valuable world drop items and patterns.


In Deepholm, adventurers encounter two prominent reputation factions, each offering unique rewards and opportunities for advancement.

1. Therazane: Situated primarily within Deepholm, the faction of Therazane plays a central role in the zone's narrative. As adventurers progress through the core quest chain in Deepholm, they unlock Therazane's Throne, a daily quest hub where they can earn reputation with the faction. The Therazane Quartermaster, D'lom the Collector, presides over this hub, offering valuable rewards in exchange for earned reputation.

Earning reputation with Therazane is crucial for adventurers, as it unlocks access to powerful shoulder enchants such as the Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone. These enhancements provide significant bonuses to character stats and are highly sought after by players seeking to optimize their gear.

2. The Earthen Ring: Comprising a group of shaman dedicated to restoring balance throughout Azeroth in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, The Earthen Ring offers various quests within Deepholm. By completing these quests, adventurers can quickly reach a friendly status with the faction.

Although reaching friendly status with The Earthen Ring may not unlock specific rewards within Deepholm itself, it contributes to a broader narrative of cooperation and restoration across the world of Azeroth. Additionally, continued engagement with The Earthen Ring faction may lead to further opportunities for advancement and rewards in other zones and expansions.

The Stonecore Dungeon

Nestled within the heart of Deepholm's rugged landscape lies The Stonecore, a formidable dungeon ensconced within the Temple of Earth. Once a pivotal site for Deathwing's ascent, The Stonecore now teems with elemental aberrations and fanatical adherents of the Twilight's Hammer cult.

Adventurers daring to venture into its depths must navigate treacherous caverns fraught with peril. From menacing gyreworms to towering giants and formidable dragonkin, every corner of The Stonecore poses a formidable challenge. Only the most skilled and resilient adventurers will survive the trials that await them within its confines.

At the culmination of this harrowing journey lies High Priestess Azil, a formidable adversary and mastermind behind the dark machinations within The Stonecore. Defeating her will require cunning strategy, precise coordination, and unwavering resolve.

The Stonecore Dungeon