WoW Cataclysm - Dragonmaw Clan Reputation Guide


The Dragonmaw Clan was among the many orc clans that invaded Azeroth and swore fealty to Warchief Blackhand. This clan wielded a powerful artifact called the Demon Soul, created by the treacherous Deathwing. The Demon Soul granted them the ability to capture and enslave Alexstrasza the Life-Binder and her kin, the Red Dragonflight, compelling these majestic dragons to fight for the Horde against their will. The mage Rhonin eventually liberated the dragons by destroying the Demon Soul, ending their forced servitude.

In contemporary times, members of the Dragonmaw Clan are primarily located in Bloodgulch and Dragonmaw Port, both situated in the Twilight Highlands. These regions serve as their strongholds, where they continue to plot and exert their influence. Despite their dark history, the remnants of the Dragonmaw Clan remain a formidable force, their legacy marked by the shadow of their past deeds and their association with powerful, ancient dragons. The clan's actions have left an indelible mark on Azeroth’s history, reflecting their ruthless pursuit of power.


Most Horde players will find valuable items at the Dragonmaw Clan Quartermaster, especially if they aren't fully equipped with raid gear. Here are some examples of what different classes and specializations can look forward to:

- Strength DPS: Reaching at least Revered is essential to acquire the Arcanum of the Dragonmaw helm enchantment, which provides Strength and Mastery, boosting their damage output significantly.

- Agility DPS:Liar's Handwraps are a crucial addition to their pre-raid set and can be obtained by reaching Exalted, providing a significant upgrade in their gear.

- Caster DPS: The Yellow Smoke Pendant is highly sought after for pre-raid gear, requiring players to achieve Exalted status for its powerful stats that enhance spellcasting abilities.

- Tanks: Boots of Sullen Rock are ideal for pre-raid sets, offering superior protection and durability. These boots are also available upon reaching Exalted.

- Resto Druids: The Withered Dream Belt is perfect for their pre-raid gear, offering vital stats that improve healing performance. This belt is obtainable once Exalted reputation is achieved.


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How to Get Dragonmaw Clan Reputation

To increase your reputation with the Dragonmaw Clan, follow these steps:

1. Complete Quests in Twilight Highlands: Begin by undertaking quests in the Twilight Highlands zone until you reach at least Friendly reputation. Progressing through the first half of the zone's storyline can advance you well into Honored status. Note that there's limited reputation available in the second half of the zone.

2. Wear the Tabard of the Dragonmaw Clan: Once you attain Friendly status, you can further boost your reputation by wearing the Tabard of the Dragonmaw Clan in Cataclysm dungeons. This tabard becomes available for purchase at Friendly reputation and remains effective all the way through Exalted status.

3. Engage in Daily Quests: Upon completing the initial portion of the Twilight Highlands quest chain, you'll unlock a series of daily quests that yield Dragonmaw Clan reputation. These quests provide a consistent source of reputation points and will be covered in detail in a separate section.

Dragonmaw Clan Daily Quests

After completing the quest "Fury Unbound" in the Twilight Highlands, you'll unlock access to a series of daily quests that offer opportunities to earn reputation with the Dragonmaw Clan.

These daily quests include:

- Another Maw to Feed

- Crushing the Wildhammer

- Hook 'em High

- Total War

Each of these quests rewards 250 reputation points with the Dragonmaw Clan upon completion.

Additionally, there's a more challenging daily quest called "Bring Down the High Shaman," which offers a greater reward of 350 reputation points with the Dragonmaw Clan.

By undertaking these daily quests consistently, you can steadily increase your standing with the Dragonmaw Clan while also gaining valuable rewards to aid you in your adventures within the Twilight Highlands.