WoW Cataclysm - Halfus Wyrmbreaker Boss Guide


In the dark and twisted world of the Bastion of Twilight's, the terrifying ettin known as Halfus Wyrmbreaker stands out as a formidable and powerful figure. Endowed with unnatural strength and inhuman stamina by the dark gifts of Cho'gall, Halfus dedicates himself to capturing dragons, turning them into sacrifices for the sinister rituals of his sect. His most deadly tool is a colossal enslaved proto-dragon, which mercilessly hunts down its unfortunate winged prey. Each capture not only strengthens the dark rituals of the Bastion Twilight's but also solidifies Halfus's reputation as one of the most lethal and ruthless hunters ever known. Facing Halfus Wyrmbreaker means confronting an overwhelming combination of brutality and dark magic, a challenge that few have survived and many deeply fear.


Halfus Wyrmbreaker Abilities

Each week, three out of Halfus's five captured dragonkin awaken randomly. Each awakened dragonkin empowers Halfus and his enslaved Proto-Behemoth with an ability. On Heroic difficulty, all five dragonkin awaken, empowering Halfus and his Proto-Behemoth with all possible abilities.

Halfus's Abilities

- Malevolent Strikes Malevolent Strikes: Halfus's melee strikes wound his current target, reducing healing received by 6% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks.

- Frenzied Assault Frenzied Assault: Halfus permanently increases his attack speed by 100%.

- Shadow Nova Shadow Nova: Halfus unleashes dark magic, inflicting 22,800-25,200 Shadow damage and knocking back all enemies within 50,000 yards.

Proto-Behemoth's Abilities

- Fireball Barrage Fireball Barrage: The Proto-Behemoth fires rapid volleys of fireballs at random enemy targets. Each fireball deals 20,400-27,600 Fire damage within 8 yards of impact.

- Scorching Breath Scorching Breath: The Proto-Behemoth unleashes waves of flame across the entire platform, dealing 8,100 Fire damage to all enemies every 1 second for 8 seconds.

-  Fireball: The Proto-Behemoth lobs single fireballs at the location of a random player. When the fireball lands, it inflicts 20,400-27,600 Fire damage to players within 8 yards of the impact. This ability is only active when the Time Warden is dormant.

- Furious Roar Furious Roar: When Halfus reaches 50% remaining health, he periodically emits a Furious Roar. This terrible roar inflicts 7,600-8,400 Physical damage to all players, knocks them to the ground, and stuns them for 2 seconds. Halfus roars three times in rapid succession.


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Imprisoned Dragonkin

Halfus has imprisoned a Slate Dragon, a Nether Scion, a Storm Rider, a Time Warden, and a pack of Orphaned Emerald Whelps. They surround him on his platform, wearing bonds of servitude. If freed, they will each turn on their master and weaken him, but Halfus then dominates the dragonkin and forces them to fight against the players.

Nether Scion

- Nether Blindness Nether Blindness: Upon being released, the Nether Scion shrouds Halfus's eyes with a thick fog, impairing his vision and reducing his chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 25%.

-  Dragon's Vengeance Dragon's Vengeance: The Nether Scion curses Halfus as it dies, causing Halfus to take 100% increased damage. This effect stacks.

Orphaned Emerald Whelps

- Atrophic Poison Atrophic Poison: Upon being released, each Emerald Whelp poisons Halfus's Proto-Behemoth, reducing its damage dealt by 750. This effect stacks 8 times.

-  Dragon's Vengeance Dragon's Vengeance: The last of the Orphaned Emerald Whelps curses Halfus as it dies, causing Halfus to take 100% increased damage. This effect stacks.

Slate Dragon

- Stone Grip Stone Grip: Upon being released, the Slate Dragon afflicts Halfus with a creeping paralysis, causing him to occasionally petrify for 12 seconds. While petrified, Halfus cannot move or attack, and players inflict 100% more damage to Halfus.

-  Dragon's Vengeance Dragon's Vengeance: The Slate Dragon curses Halfus as it dies, causing Halfus to take 100% increased damage. This effect stacks.

Storm Rider

- Cyclone Winds Cyclone Winds: Upon being released, the Storm Rider envelops Halfus in a cyclone, slowing his casting speed by 500%.

-  Dragon's Vengeance Dragon's Vengeance: The Storm Rider curses Halfus as it dies, causing Halfus to take 100% increased damage. This effect stacks.

Time Warden

- Time Dilation Time Dilation: Upon being released, the Time Warden warps the flow of time around Halfus's Proto-Behemoth, reducing the velocity of its deadly fireballs.

-  Dragon's Vengeance Dragon's Vengeance: The Time Warden curses Halfus as it dies, causing Halfus to take 100% increased damage. This effect stacks.