WoW Cataclysm - Maloriak Boss Guide


In the depths of a dark and ominous lair, the tragic tale of Malory, a gifted alchemist, unfolds amidst the machinations of the nefarious Nefarian. Once a beacon of promise in the realm of alchemy, Malory's fate took a harrowing turn when he was abducted by Nefarian, a malevolent force bent on his own sinister designs. Through twisted experimentation that defied the laws of nature, Malory's essence was forcibly melded with the lifeless husk of a dragonspawn, giving rise to a new entity known as Maloriak.

Yet, this unholy fusion came at a grave cost. The brilliance of Malory's mind was overshadowed by the grotesque amalgamation of his new form. Where once there was intellect and ingenuity, now only a dim spark remained, a mere semblance of his former self. Reduced to a stumbling servant in Nefarian's dark domain, Maloriak's existence is a tragic testament to the depths of depravity to which dark powers can descend.

Thus, Maloriak wanders, a pitiful echo of the alchemist he once was, ensnared in a fate that binds him to servitude and shadows, forever haunted by the memories of a life lost to the darkness.

Maloriak Abilities

Stage One: 

In this phase, Maloriak engages in a series of alchemical maneuvers, periodically tossing various vials into his cauldron, each triggering distinct effects. The sequence begins with two vials, alternating between Red and Blue, followed by a Green vial, after which the cycle repeats.

- Arcane Storm Arcane Storm: Maloriak channels an Arcane Storm, dealing 11310-12690 Arcane damage per second to all players for 6 seconds.

- Remedy Remedy: Maloriak heals himself for 25000 health and generates 2000 mana per second for 10 seconds, with the healing amount progressively increasing.

Red Vial:Maloriak tosses a Red Vial into his cauldron, imbuing him with flaming breath for 40 seconds.

1. Consuming Flames Consuming Flames: Maloriak ignites a random player, causing 4500 Fire damage per second for 10 seconds. Additional magic damage taken increases this effect.

2. Scorching Blast Scorching Blast: Maloriak breathes fire, dividing 400000 Fire damage among targets in a 70-degree cone up to 60 yards ahead.

3. Release Aberrations Release Aberrations: Maloriak sets loose 3 Aberrations from their chambers, which then assault the players.

- Aberration: These failed experiments bolster nearby allies' damage and reduce their damage taken using a Growth Catalyst.

- Growth Catalyst Growth Catalyst: Each Aberration enhances nearby allies' damage by 10% and reduces their damage taken by 20%, including Maloriak and Prime Subjects.


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Blue Vial: When Maloriak hurls a Blue Vial into his cauldron, he harnesses freezing magic for 40 seconds.

1. Biting Chill Biting Chill: Maloriak selects a random player, surrounding them with a ring of frost that inflicts 5000 Frost damage to the target and nearby players within 3 yards. This chilling effect persists for 10 seconds.

2. Flash Freeze Flash Freeze: Maloriak plunges the area around a random player into icy turmoil, dealing 56550-63450 Frost damage to all players within 5 yards of the target. Victims are encased in solid ice for 30 seconds. When the ice shatters, it deals 45240-50760 Frost damage to all players within 5 yards, releasing them and breaking any remaining ice in the vicinity.

3. Release All Release Aberrations: Maloriak sets free 3 Aberrations from their growth chambers. These monstrous creations immediately join the fray, utilizing their Growth Catalyst to bolster nearby allies and reduce incoming damage.

- Aberration: These twisted experiments utilize a Growth Catalyst to enhance the damage output of nearby allies and diminish the harm they endure.

- Growth Catalyst Growth Catalyst: Each Aberration augments the damage dealt by other Aberrations within 0 yards by 10% and reduces their damage taken by 20%. This effect is cumulative and extends to Maloriak and Prime Subjects as well.

Green Vial:Maloriak throws a Green Vial into his cauldron. The mixture explodes and cancels the Growth Catalyst on the Aberrations. The effects of the Green Vial last for 40 seconds.

1. Debilitating Slime Debilitating Slime: Slime sprays out from the cauldron, coating every unit in the room. The slime increases all damage taken by 100% and temporarily suppresses any Growth Catalysts. Lasts 15 sec.

Stage Two:

After reaching 25% health, Maloriak enters Stage Two: Unpredictable Results. In this phase, he ceases vial tossing, intensifies melee strikes, acquires new abilities, and promptly releases all remaining experiments from their chambers.

1. Release All Release All: Maloriak sets free all remaining Aberrations and two Prime Subjects.

2. Magma Jets Magma Jets: Maloriak unleashes small fire fissures, dealing 38000-42000 Fire damage to nearby players and leaving a burning effect.

3. Absolute Zero Absolute Zero: Maloriak summons a freezing sphere, exploding near players to deal Frost damage and knockback.

4. Acid Nova Acid Nova: Maloriak inflicts Nature damage per second to all players.

- Prime Subject: These experimental drakonids augment allies' damage with Growth Catalyst.

- Growth Catalyst Growth Catalyst: Each Prime Subject enhances other Prime Subjects' damage and reduces their damage taken, affecting Maloriak and Aberrations too.