WoW Cataclysm - Mindbender Ghur'sha Boss Guide


In the aftermath of the fierce battle at the Abyssal Breach, the heroic Earthen Ring shaman, Erunak Stonespeaker, found himself at the mercy of a sinister force. Naga warriors, notorious for their cunning and cruelty, captured Erunak and delivered him into the clutches of Mindbender Ghur'sha, a parasitic aberration with terrifying mental powers.

Ghur'sha, known for his ability to dominate and control the minds of his victims, wasted no time in enslaving Erunak. Through his parasitic influence, Ghur'sha has reportedly seized complete control over Erunak's mind and body. The shaman's once formidable powers, which he used to protect and heal, are now twisted and wielded under Ghur'sha's malevolent command.

The transformation of Erunak Stonespeaker from a revered shaman to a puppet of Ghur'sha strikes fear into the hearts of his allies. The Earthen Ring, an organization dedicated to maintaining the balance and healing the world, now faces a dire threat from within. Erunak's knowledge of shamanic rituals and elemental forces, combined with Ghur'sha's dark influence, poses an unprecedented danger.

Efforts to rescue Erunak and break Ghur'sha's hold are fraught with peril. The naga forces are relentless, and the risk of facing Erunak in battle, where he may use his shamanic abilities against his former comrades, adds a layer of complexity to any rescue mission. Yet, the hope of reclaiming their friend and ally fuels the determination of the Earthen Ring and their supporters.

Mindbender Ghur'sha Abilities

Erunak Stonespeaker:

Erunak Stonespeaker

When the encounter begins, Mindbender Ghur'sha has taken control of Erunak Stonespeaker by attaching to his head. Erunak will fight players while Mindbender Ghur'sha has control. When Erunak reaches 50% health, Mindbender Ghur'sha detaches from Erunak's head. Players then fight Mindbender Ghur'sha.

1. Emberstrike Emberstrike: Erunak strikes his current enemy target with both of his enchanted weapons, inflicting Fire damage equal to 100% of his normal weapon swing. The target also takes an additional 1885-2115 Fire damage when any of Erunak's melee swings deal Physical damage. This additional effect lasts for 10 seconds.

2. Magma Splash Magma Splash: Erunak projects a stream of magma in a 90-degree wide and 20-yard long cone in front of him, inflicting 18850-21150 Fire damage to those within the cone. Targets hit by the magma also take 2000 Fire damage every second for 10 seconds.

3. Lava Bolt Lava Bolt: Erunak hurls molten lava at a random enemy target, inflicting 18850-21150 Fire damage and violently knocking them back.

4. Earth Shards Earth Shards: Erunak throws a chaotic mass of earth shards that moves towards the location of a random player. When the earth shards reach the location, they erupt and inflict 1885-2115 Physical damage every 1 second to any enemies within 5 yards for 10 seconds.


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Mindbender Ghur'sha:

Mindbender Ghur'sha

1. Absorb Magic Absorb Magic: Mindbender Ghur'sha erects a protective shield over himself, absorbing all incoming spell damage for 3 seconds. The absorbed spell damage then heals Ghur'sha for three times the amount absorbed.

2. Mind Fog: Mind Fog: Mindbender Ghur'sha creates a fog cloud 10 yards wide and centered at his current location. Any enemy standing in the fog is unable to attack or cast spells and takes 471-528 Shadow damage every 1 second. The fog dissipates after 20 seconds.

3. Unrelenting Agony Unrelenting Agony: Mindbender Ghur'sha channels excruciating pain to all nearby enemies, inflicting 1885-2115 Shadow damage every second for 10 seconds.

4. Enslave Enslave: Mindbender Ghur'sha leaps onto the head of a nearby enemy player, charming them for a short duration or until the player is brought below 50% health. While charmed, the player's damage dealt, healing dealt, and health are all increased. In Heroic Difficulty, if the player is not freed from Mindbender Ghur'sha's control before the charm duration ends, he will kill the player before he leaps off the player's head.