WoW Cataclysm - New Zone Kezan & The Lost Isles


The starting zones for Goblin characters are designed for levels 1-12, offering a unique experience that immerses players in the rich history of this race. While it is possible to exceed this level range, doing so would require an excessive amount of time and effort, making it inefficient. As players progress through the main questline, they can take advantage of the abundance of early gathering nodes to easily level up their initial professions. Additionally, there are numerous interesting items, such as Kaja'Cola, which grants a 2 Intellect boost and can be helpful for leveling.

The quests are not only exciting but also reveal how the Goblins took control of their homeland from the Jungle Trolls, thanks to the intellectual boost from Kaja'mite. Through these quests, players witness the narrative showing how most Goblins come to join the Horde. After their homeland is destroyed, the Goblins are forced to establish a new home in Orgrimmar, coincidentally saving Thrall along the way. This introduction provides a fascinating glimpse into the origin and evolution of the Goblins within the game's universe.

WoW Cataclysm - New Zone Kezan & The Lost Isles


In Kezan and The Lost Isles zones, there are several activities to engage in while leveling your Goblin character:

1. Complete Every Questline: Both zones offer comprehensive questlines that are essential for leveling a Goblin character. Make sure to complete all quests to gain experience and uncover the rich lore of the Goblin race.

2. Visit Class Trainers: You'll find class trainers readily available in both zones. Take advantage of their services to learn new abilities and improve your character's combat prowess.

3. Learn Professions: Once you've completed the quest "It's a Town-In-A-Box," you'll gain access to KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe. This NPC can teach you any profession and provide you with the necessary tradeskill materials and tools.

4. Level Professions Early: Utilize the abundance of mining and herbalism nodes in the zones to level up your professions quickly. With excessive spawn rates for resources like Copper Ore and Silverleaf, you'll have ample opportunities to gather materials.

5. No Dungeons or Raids: Keep in mind that neither zone features dungeons or raids. They are solely designed for leveling purposes, so focus on completing quests and improving your character's skills.


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Characters in Kezan and The Lost Isles zones

In Kezan and The Lost Isles, you'll encounter a diverse cast of characters who play significant roles in your Goblin character's journey:

1. Trade Prince Gallywix: The leader of the Bilgewater Cartel and your main competitor on Kezan. Despite your efforts to overthrow him, he remains the figurehead of the Goblins after various schemes and events unfold.

2. Deathwing: The Cataclysm-wrought dragon wreaks havoc across Azeroth, including Kezan, prompting the Goblins to seek refuge elsewhere.

3. Gobber, Ace, and Izzy: Your loyal friends who accompany you throughout the main questlines, providing support and camaraderie along the way.

4. Sassy Hardwrench: Your former executive assistant who guides you through the majority of your introductory questlines, offering assistance and advice as needed.

5. Aggra: The initial point of contact for the Horde whom you meet on The Lost Isles. She plays a pivotal role in introducing you to the Horde's cause and establishing a connection between your Goblin character and the faction.

6. Thrall: The former Warchief of the Horde, who you coincidentally save during your questlines on The Lost Isles. Your favor earns appreciation from the Horde, leading to your acceptance into the faction and opening up new opportunities for your character.

Reputation Factions 

1. Bilgewater Cartel: As the primary faction for Goblins, players will gain significant reputation bonuses from completing quests in both Kezan and The Lost Isles. Building reputation with the Bilgewater Cartel can lead to valuable rewards and discounts, including:

- Goblin Turbo-Trike Key: Unlocks the Goblin Turbo-Trike mount.

- Bilgewater Satchel: A useful bag for additional inventory space.

2. Orgrimmar: The central city of the Horde, Orgrimmar's reputation is crucial for Goblin players. However, reputation gains with this faction do not begin until the completion of the quest "The Enemy of My Enemy." After this quest, most subsequent quests will provide reputation rewards with Orgrimmar. Building reputation with Orgrimmar offers access to various rewards, such as:

- Swift Burgundy Wolf: A mount available for purchase.

- Mantle of Orgrimmar: A beneficial item that can aid in your adventures.


1. Utilize the Keys to the Hot Rod: While on Kezan, always use the Keys to the Hot Rod. This vehicle allows you to pick up items during quests without dismounting and has an instant cast, making travel and quest completion more efficient.

2. Stock Up on Kaja'Cola: Kaja'Cola is scattered throughout Kezan and provides a free 2 Intellect buff. Collect as many as possible to boost your character's performance during quests.

3. Use Gobber for Storage: Gobber can store early profession items like Peacebloom and Copper Ore. He acts as a mobile bank and can be summoned anywhere with the Pack Hobgoblin ability, helping you manage your inventory effectively.

4. Power Level Gathering Professions: On The Lost Isles, take advantage of the abundant and quickly respawning nodes like Peacebloom and Copper Ore to power level your gathering professions early.

5. Make Use of Racial Abilities:

- Rocket Jump: Use this ability for subtle mobility advantages, allowing you to navigate terrain and avoid obstacles more efficiently.

- Rocket Barrage: Employ this ability for burst damage in combat situations, giving you an edge in battles and helping you complete combat-related quests more quickly.