WoW Cataclysm - Ozumat Boss Guide


Tales of the monstrous kraken that terrorized Azeroth's high seas were once dismissed as mere legends... until now. Through some dark and sinister means, the naga have managed to subjugate Ozumat, the patriarch of all kraken, and have turned him into a deadly weapon at their command. This colossal creature, with its endless tentacles and overwhelming strength, has been unleashed against Neptulon, the guardian of the deep, and his loyal followers.

Neptulon, renowned for his mastery over the waters and his immense power, now faces an unprecedented threat. Ozumat is not merely a monster from the depths; he is the embodiment of ancient maritime terrors, a being whose mere presence can alter the course of battle in the oceans. The alliance between the naga and Ozumat not only endangers Neptulon's underwater realm but also threatens to unleash chaos upon all creatures that inhabit the seas of Azeroth. The war in the depths has begun, and the fate of the oceans hangs by a thread.

Ozumat Abilities

Stage One

Players initiate this encounter by conversing with Neptulon, agreeing to defend him while he purges the waters around him. If Neptulon perishes, the encounter resets. Stage one lasts 60 seconds.

Deep Murloc Invader:

Deep Murloc Invader

- Spawn: At the start of the encounter, a group of six Deep Murloc Invaders swim into the room and assault Neptulon. Two additional packs will arrive during this stage.

Vicious Mindlasher:
Vicious Mindlasher

- Spawn: Five seconds after the encounter commences, a Vicious Mindlasher enters the room. Two more will join during this stage.

- Abilities:

1. Shadow Bolt Shadow Bolt: Hurls a bolt of dark magic at its current enemy target, dealing 4712-5287 Shadow damage.

2. Brain Spike Brain Spike: Releases waves of psychic energy, dealing 6597-7402 Shadow damage to all enemies within 40 yards and causing targets to lose 1000 mana due to mental feedback.


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Unyielding Behemoth:
Unyielding Behemoth

- Spawn: Approximately 15 seconds into the stage, one Unyielding Behemoth enters the room.

- Abilities:

1. Shadow Blast Shadow Blast: Leaps into the air and crashes down, releasing a charge of dark energy that inflicts 23562-26437 Shadow damage to all enemy players within 5 yards, knocking them away.

2. Blight Spray Blight Spray: Channels a 25-yard long stream of blight in a frontal 90-degree cone for 4 seconds. Enemies suffer 3298-3701 Shadow damage per second while inside the blight spray.

Stage Two

At the onset of stage two, three Faceless Sappers descend from the ceiling and begin channeling on Neptulon. Ozumat then attaches himself to the room but remains unattackable during this stage. Eliminating all three Faceless Sappers concludes this stage.

- Blight Beast: Moves slowly.

Stage Three

Stage three initiates upon the destruction of the three Faceless Sappers. Ozumat starts injecting blight into the entire room and becomes attackable. When Ozumat's health drops below 10%, he retreats, and the players emerge victorious.

- Ozumat:

- Status: Ozumat becomes attackable.

- Abilities:

1. Blight of Ozumat Blight of Ozumat: Constantly spews blight into the room, inflicting 200 Shadow damage on every player per second for 6 seconds. This effect stacks every second until the end of the encounter.

- Neptulon:

- Abilities:

1. Tidal Surge Tidal Surge: Upon liberation from the Faceless Sappers, Neptulon imbues players with Tidal Surge, increasing their maximum health by 500%, healing dealt by 500%, and damage dealt by 2000% until the encounter's conclusion.