WoW Cataclysm - Reforging Guide


Reforging, a system implemented in Cataclysm, enables players to alter the distribution of secondary stats or spirit on their items. With this feature, 40% of one secondary stat or spirit can be converted into another secondary stat or spirit. Notably, reforging is applicable to items with an item level of 200 or higher. However, it's important to note that only one stat per item can be reforged at any given time. This mechanism offers players a degree of flexibility in customizing their gear to better suit their playstyle or optimize their character's performance.

What Stats are Reforgable


Critical Strike Rating

Dodge Rating

Expertise Rating

Haste Rating

Hit Rating

Mastery Rating

Parry Rating


Not Reforgable






Attack Power


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Where to Reforge Items

To reforge items in World of Warcraft, you'll need to visit an Arcane Reforger NPC. For Horde players, Thaumaturge Altha is the NPC to seek out, while for Alliance players, it's Thaumaturge Rafir.

Here's where you can find them:

- For Horde (Orgrimmar): Head to the ethereal area in Orgrimmar, where you'll find Thaumaturge Altha. This area is typically located near your faction's Transmogrifier and Void Storage ethereals.

For Horde (Orgrimmar)

- For Alliance (Stormwind City): In Stormwind City, navigate to the ethereal area where you'll find Thaumaturge Rafir. Similar to Orgrimmar, this area is usually close to the Transmogrifier and Void Storage ethereals for Alliance players.

For Alliance (Stormwind City)

How to Reforging

Reforging your items in World of Warcraft is a straightforward process, here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Check Item Eligibility: Make sure the item you want to reforge has an Item Level of 200 or higher. Items below this threshold cannot be reforged. This includes all types of items, even legendaries.

2. Locate an Arcane Reforger: Head to the ethereal area in your faction's capital city. The Arcane Reforger will be stationed nearby.

3. Initiate Reforging: Have the item you want to reforge in your inventory. Interact with the Arcane Reforger and insert the item into the designated slot. Follow the prompts to select which specific stats you want to reforge.

4. Payment: Reforging comes at a cost, which is equal to the vendor sale value of the item being reforged. Make sure you have enough gold to cover the service fee before proceeding.

How to Reforging