WoW Cataclysm - The Bastion of Twilight Raid Overview


Immersed in the shadowy depths of the Twilight Highlands stands the majestic Bastion of Twilight, a twisted fortress serving as the lair of the dreaded Twilight Hammer cult. Within its confines, the dark leader of the cult, Cho'gall, schemes in the shadows, plotting devastation upon Azeroth. Yet, beyond the urgency of defeating this threat, hints linger of even more ominous forces lurking within its deepest recesses.

This bastion of darkness offers brave adventurers two levels of challenge: Normal and Heroic, each with its own secrets and perils. In Normal mode, intrepid explorers face off against four formidable bosses, while Heroic mode reserves a fifth and more relentless battle for those seeking to prove their mettle.

Whether in groups of 10 or 25, heroes must devise careful strategies and deploy cunning tactics to prevail within this dark fortress. The reward for their courage lies in the treasures found within, in the form of tokens that can be exchanged for coveted Tier 11 gear, thus bolstering their power and prestige. The Bastion of Twilight has 2 floors in Normal difficulty and 3 in Heroic. The raid is linear; all boss must be defeated in order. In Heroic difficulty, when Cho'gall is defeated, the floor of his room will fall and the players will be able to confront Sinestra. In Normal difficulty, Cho'gall is the final boss.

In summary, the Bastion of Twilight awaits as an epic challenge, with its mysteries shrouded in darkness and its tempting rewards awaiting those bold enough to confront the lurking shadows within.


The Bastion of Twilight is situated in the southwestern reaches of the Twilight Highlands. Adventurers seeking to delve into its depths can find the raid entrance atop a twisted tower, precisely located at coordinates /way 34.2, 77.7. From this vantage point, they can embark on their journey to confront the darkness that resides within.

The Bastion of Twilight location


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Bosses Overview

1. Halfus Wyrmbreaker: The inaugural challenge in The Bastion of Twilight raid, Halfus Wyrmbreaker commands the enslavement of wyrms to bolster the bastion's defenses. Overcoming him demands strategy to navigate his control over these drakes and to neutralize his empowering tactics.

2. Valiona & Theralion: The second encounter introduces a dynamic battle against the sibling dragons, Valiona and Theralion. Players engage in a tactical dance, contending with one dragon on the ground while the other assaults from the skies. Coordinated efforts are key to managing their alternating assaults and emerging victorious.

3. The Ascendant Council: Serving as the third challenge, The Ascendant Council presents a complex encounter divided into three phases. Players confront five bosses, each with distinct abilities, requiring adaptive strategies and coordination to navigate the evolving threats and emerge triumphant.

4. Cho'gall: As the ultimate adversary in normal difficulty, Cho'gall presents a formidable test for raiders. His encounter is a culmination of numerous mechanics, including adds, resource management, and a high-stakes DPS race against encroaching corruption and spawning tentacles. Victory demands precise execution and unwavering focus.

5. Sinestra: Unlocked only in Heroic Difficulty after conquering all preceding bosses, Sinestra stands as a bonus challenge. While not the most mechanically intricate encounter, defeating her requires unparalleled DPS and healing output across three demanding phases, testing the raid's endurance and coordination to the limit.


The Bastion of Twilight offers more than just challenges; it holds coveted rewards for those who prove their mettle within its darkened halls. Raiders who conquer its trials contribute to the metas for Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, a prestigious achievement that bestows valuable prizes.

Completion of Glory of the Cataclysm Raider unlocks the Reins of the Drake of the East Wind, a majestic mount that symbolizes mastery over the tempestuous skies. Additionally, it grants the esteemed title of "Defender of a Shattered World," recognizing the valor and skill of those who have braved the dangers of Cataclysm's trials.

For guilds that achieve Glory of the Cataclysm Raider collectively, the rewards extend further. The Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta unlocks the Reins of the Dark Phoenix, an awe-inspiring mount that serves as a testament to the collective triumphs of the guild's members.

These rewards not only showcase individual and collective achievements but also serve as tangible symbols of prowess and perseverance amidst the chaos of Cataclysm. As adventurers strive to conquer The Bastion of Twilight and other challenges, they do so with the promise of glory and prestige awaiting those who emerge victorious.