WoW Cataclysm - Therazane Reputation Guide


The Therazane faction, named after its formidable leader Therazane the Stone Mother, comprises all the earth elementals inhabiting Deepholm. The narrative that unfolds for players begins with Therazane and her elementals displaying hostility towards all creatures, including the Earthen Ring, and their endeavors to restore the World Pillar.

However, as time elapses, Therazane's lieutenants and eventually the Stonemother herself begin to regard the group of shamans and their chosen champions more favorably. Ultimately, in a significant shift, a select few members of the Earthen Ring and their allies are granted permission to remain in Deepholm. They are entrusted with the continued task of bringing balance to the domain of earth, marking a pivotal moment of acceptance and cooperation between the previously opposing factions.


Achieving Exalted reputation with the Therazane faction holds significant benefits for most characters, akin to the importance of attaining Exalted status with the Sons of Hodir in Wrath of the Lich King. These benefits primarily revolve around access to highly sought-after shoulder enchants, which can provide substantial enhancements to a character's abilities and performance in various activities, including combat, questing, and player versus player encounters.

For players who are not proficient in Inscription or do not have access to suitable alternatives, acquiring Therazane's shoulder enchants becomes particularly essential. These enchants offer valuable stat bonuses and other enhancements tailored to different character classes and playstyles. By obtaining Exalted reputation with the Therazane faction, players gain access to these powerful shoulder enchants, thereby augmenting their characters' capabilities and improving their overall effectiveness in the game.


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How to Get Therazane Reputation

To earn reputation with Therazane, follow these steps:

1. Complete Quests in Deepholm: Start by undertaking quests within the Deepholm zone. Questing is the primary method to reach Friendly reputation with the faction and unlock access to their tabard and daily quests. Progressing through the zone's storyline is essential for advancing your reputation with Therazane. Expect this process to take some time, as you'll need to delve deep into the zone's narrative to reach Friendly reputation.

2. Questing to Revered: By diligently completing all the quests available in Deepholm, you'll steadily progress towards Revered reputation with Therazane. Fully immersing yourself in the zone's storyline and completing its quests will be instrumental in achieving this milestone.

3. Tabard of Therazane in Cataclysm Dungeons: Once you've exhausted the quests in Deepholm and reached Revered reputation, you have two options to continue gaining reputation with Therazane. The first option is to obtain the Tabard of Therazane, which can be purchased once you reach Friendly reputation with the faction. This tabard allows you to earn reputation with Therazane by wearing it while completing Cataclysm dungeons. Whether you're running dungeons for loot, experience, or other rewards, wearing the Therazane tabard will enable you to simultaneously progress towards Exalted reputation with the faction.